Ginger. Chili. Garlic. Lemongrass. Kaffir lime. Pepper from Kampot. Sichuan pepper. Tomatoes from Inle Lake. Mangoes and star fruits as well as durian and papaya. Ingredients meet to create some of the best flavors in the world. From bizarre grasshoppers to Michelin-starred street vendors, Asia’s main attraction is not what you see, it’s what you eat.

Life revolves around the table in all cultures. But nowhere is it as ubiquitous as in Asia. Walk down the street from Hanoi or Hong Kong, Beijing or Bangkok or Bali and your senses are under attack. Sizzling woks. Flash fried chili peppers sting your eyes. Leg of lamb on a Mongolian style skewer on a hutong in Beijing. Sushi, recently picked from the sea, is served by a chef as talented as his samurai ancestors.

While local life is still about street food, Asia’s next generation is promoting traditional cuisine. Whether it’s integrating international influences from around the world, such as Peru, into sourcing high-quality ingredients from farms in New Zealand, Asia offers a cuisine that is equal to that of Europe and North America.

Short Breaks in Cambodia

Most first-time travelers to Cambodia will opt out for a trip like this – most of the time will be spent in exploring Angkor Wat then a flash trip to the capital Phnom Penh. Experiencing the magnificent of Angkor and the idyllic charm of Phnom Penh allows first-time travelers the opportunity to see two centers of the Cambodian nation.
In a short trip to Cambodia like this the two main destination will appear at your first list – both of which are conveniently connected by boat, road and air – but there is wide range of options for side-trips and extensions. Both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh have international airports, so if you don’t have time, then firstly book fly in and out of the country. Those with more time can overland in and out of the country – Cambodia also has overland borders with all of its neighbor countries.

Short Breaks in Laos

Timeless culture. Remarkable history. Captivating caves. Taste-bud tingling food. Feel inspired on a short trip to Laos?

Once ravaged by war however Laos still home to serene landscapes and proud identity, with a short trip in Laos throws you into a timeless authentic culture. Explore exquisite Buddhist temples, lively night markets, and food stalls, and charming cafes. Largely forgotten Lao holds a unique feel. Say hello to stunning scenery littered with waterfalls, rivers and cozy caves. Tuck into sticky rice and minced pork salad and blend in lazing with the locals. Hop on a hassle-free tour to the heart of Lao. Let us give you an adventure of a lifetime.

Short Breaks in Myanmar

If your time is limited, Myanmar’s short excursions might be your preference. Our clients always choose Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and capital Naypyidaw (also called Nay Pyi Taw) as staging posts for the many trips that can be done.

Besides those popular destinations, you can always combine and extend your Burma day trips to other appealing destinations such as Bago, Syriam, Twante from Yangon; Mount Popa from Bagan; Maymyo, Amarapura, Ava, Sagaing and Migun from Mandalay; Kakku or Inn Thein from Inle Lake, etc.

Short breaks in Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands, 300 ethnicities and countless natural landscapes just waiting to be explored, Indonesia should certainly be on all of our travel bucket lists. The sprawling archipelago boasts spectacular geographical diversity, and that means plenty of picturesque white-sand beaches, azure blue seas, verdant jungles and rumbling volcanoes. While most visitors usually turn to Bali for a relaxing weekend getaway, there are actually plenty of other amazing destinations that Indonesia has to offer. Each region is unique in itself and many of these destinations are off-the-beaten path – people who have travelled to Indonesia tend to grow more fond of it as it boasts a multitude of hidden gems.

Short Breaks in Vietnam

The elongated roughly S-shaped country with a north-to-south length of 1,650 km and approximately 50 km wide at the narrowest point, located in the eastern side of southeast Asia, Vietnam has it all: mountainous highlands in the North part, multiple beaches with its 3,444 km coastline, the last part of Mekong River can be accessible, fresh and delicious foods, thousands of years of history, a confused mixture of cultures and more scooters than you can imagine at anywhere in the world. Whether you are searching for Calm & relaxing moment within the emerald waters of northern Ha Long Bay, want to design your own lantern in Hoi An, wish to understand about the Vietnam War from a local perspective, or simply eat your way through the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam promises to keep you well entertained. Although flights from the northern city of Hanoi reach southern Ho Chi Minh in around two hours, if you’ve got under a week to sample Vietnam, it’s best to stick to one area rather than rush to cram the entire country in. Our Short break trips are tailor-made for you to visit the best in each area.