The elongated roughly S-shaped country with a north-to-south length of 1,650 km and approximately 50 km wide at the narrowest point, located in the eastern side of southeast Asia, Vietnam has it all: mountainous highlands in the North part, multiple beaches with its 3,444 km coastline, the last part of Mekong River can be accessible, fresh and delicious foods, thousands of years of history, a confused mixture of cultures and more scooters than you can imagine at anywhere in the world. Whether you are searching for Calm & relaxing moment within the emerald waters of northern Ha Long Bay, want to design your own lantern in Hoi An, wish to understand about the Vietnam War from a local perspective, or simply eat your way through the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam promises to keep you well entertained. Although flights from the northern city of Hanoi reach southern Ho Chi Minh in around two hours, if you’ve got under a week to sample Vietnam, it’s best to stick to one area rather than rush to cram the entire country in. Our Short break trips are tailor-made for you to visit the best in each area.