A budget traveler, for example, can stay overnight in budget accommodation or hostels, enjoy cheap meals and fly in the off-season. Budget travelers are different from backpackers in the sense that they may not stay for a longer period of time. They tend to go to budget hotels / motels rather than hostels, and their travel is usually not indefinite.

Couples Holidays

Any time of the year you should treat yourself and your partner to a truly romantic and healthy getaway to warm up your love. Our couples healthy holidays are designed for you two to ensure that after the trip, you will board the flight home not only relaxed but rejuvenated as well. They all offer a range of vitality-boosting activities and spa treatments that will make your trip unforgettable. With balmy temperatures, beautiful beaches, and lush jungles, it’s hard not to feel the romance in the air in Southeast Asia. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to jet off somewhere exotic with that special someone. We know that no two couples are alike when it comes to traveling styles, so we’ve put together a list of the most romantic getaways in the region for all types of lovebirds. If it’s an intimate escape you’re after, these seductive spots won’t disappoint!

Family Holidays

Every year, you are wondering where to take your little angels to go to explore the world… Amusement park or beach again? Maybe this year, you will expect to create unforgettable memories for your dear babies, not perfunctory. It is a good choice to embrace the new world, explore the beautiful scenery, and spend time with the local people. This will convey the child’s concept of courage to explore new things and develop the child’s ability to adapt to the new environment. For children, travel is the best way to learn. It is a silent school! Of course, you may want to have an adventure trip, but you are also concerned about the safety of you and your family. This may be a difficult decision for you … Our team has the experience to solve this concern for you! Our local consultant team knows their area well, which is a decisive factor in guaranteeing your travel success, allowing you to feel at ease and calm in your family journey. Because each child is different, and children at different stages have different expectations of travel, we will adjust the pace of travel according to your child’s age and recommends activities that make every family member happy.

Honeymoon Holidays

You want to create an unforgettable trip for your newly married lover and yourself, but you don’t have time to plan your honeymoon trip. Why not delegate this honeymoon trip to an expert who knows where your honeymoon is? Coincidentally, Metta Voyage will be your best choice. Our trip expert, who know their country well, will be the most loyal allies in your journey and work with you to create an exclusive trip that perfectly matches the temperament of your husband and wife. Because no one wants to celebrate the knot in a mediocre and standardized honeymoon! Local travel agencies have a keen sense of detail. They understand the situation clearly, can weave unique activities for you, try to meet your expectations, and avoid all mistakes. You may want to have an unforgettable honeymoon in this intact natural area. Explore wildlife, climb mountains, and experience local culture … in Malaysia. Or Just want to have a beautiful sea view? Then why not go for a honeymoon in Hoi An! This is a place in harmony with nature in the heart of Vietnam, it is the ideal destination for your sweet journey …

LGBT Tours

Relating to homosexuality, some areas of Southeast Asia stays at top rank among the most progressive regions in the world: Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines are the most LGBT friendly countries. However, in the other regions, the local attitudes are less acceptable, particularly in Muslim-dominated countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, where homosexuality may be a force to the death penalty. There are always have a gay community in the big cities, and attitudes towards same-sex relationships may be acceptable here, though it’s still sound advice to limited to show in the public area. Metta Voyage is one of the first tour operators for LGBT wellness travel and proudly endorses healthy holiday experiences that cater to all personal wants and needs. We understand and respect you as who you are so we can provide the most friendly and suitable for your needs.

Solo Holidays

When traveling solo, the world is all for you to explore. Solo Travel needs arise from people’s growing desire for independence. The joy to travel without having to negotiate with others on choices of destination, itinerary, activities, and excursions. You won’t need to worry if your partner is going to be bored to tears if you stayed another hour at the Ethnology Museum in Ha Noi. You won’t feel guilty either if you prefer lounging by the pool and reading the Elizabeth Gilbert novel Eat Pray Love over canoeing or hiking with a friend.