Ginger, chili, garlic, lemongrass, Lime, Kampot’s pepper, Tomatoes in Inle Lake, Mango and star fruit and durian and papaya, All the ingredients in South East Asia have created the best flavor in the world. From simple fast food to Michelin-starred street vendors, South East Asia’s main attraction is not what you see, but what you eat. In all cultures, culinary life revolves around the dining table, but in SE Asia, it is everywhere. Walking down the street from Hanoi or Bangkok or Bali, your senses are under attacked. Flashing peppers sting your eyes. Roasted duck in Vietnamese style hanging on the window of small stall in an alley in Hanoi. Seafood recently picked from the sea is served by a talented chef like his fisherman ancestor. Although the lives of locals are still street food, the next generation in South East Asia is promoting traditional & international food. Whether it’s integrating international influences from around the world like Peru into New Zealand’s farms to source quality ingredients, Asia can also offer the same cuisine as Europe and North America.