A spiritual journey to Bali, Lombok, Gili Island in Indonesia

A spiritual journey to Bali, Lombok, Gili Island in Indonesia
Day 1

Arrival, pick up & transfer to hotel & relax at the hotel

Hotel: 4* The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

1.Free daily breakfast

2.Free welcome drink on arrival date

3.Free welcome fruit basket in the room (1x)

4.Free tea and coffee maker in the room

5.Free wifi

6.Free shuttle service based on schedule to Seminyak,Kuta,Legian

7.Free two bottle mineral water in the room

Inclusions: Transfer

Day 2

Explore the beaches of your choice in the Southern part of Bali today:

● Bingin Beach

● Thomas Beach

● Karma Beach

● Green Bowl Beach

● Balangan Beach, Balangan

● Double Six Beach

● Blue Point Beach

● Padang Padang Beach

After that explore the Jimbaran Fishmarket & enjoy the sunset: Enjoy the beautiful

panoramic Jimbaran sunset from the top of the cliffs and get to taste the flavor of the popular

seafood dishes ala Jimbaran on the beach.

Fresh Catch of The Day: Select your favorite seafood from the endless selection which the

fisherman just brought in fresh from the sea.

Hotel: 4* The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

Inclusions: English speaking certified guide, transportation

Day 3
Mount Batur Sunrise Hike

Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano that is concealed inside a larger, older volcano. With a summit point of 5,633 feet high, Mount Batur is the ultimate place to trek on an adventurous hike. During your day tip to Mount Batur, we will show you around a few more magical places, which you didn’t even know of, existed in Bali. We will pick you up at around 1.30 am from your accommodation and will start the hike at around 4 am.

After you have returned from the hike, we will bring you to the natural springs to relax for the rest of the morning. This is Bali’s number one activity, certainly not be missed!

Hotel: 4* The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

Inclusions: English speaking certified guide, English speaking driver, national park entrance fee, breakfast on top of the mountain, entrance to the hot springs & transportation

Day 4

Visit the Balitopia Butterfly Park & Flamingo Beach Club & Enjoy a horse ride along the beach

Explore hidden scenery and experience the thrill of a gallop along the beach with our horse-back excursion along Saba Bay. After a comprehensive safety briefing from our professional guides, you’ll embark on a memorable horse-riding experience over black volcanic sands alongside the crashing waves of this pristine, seldom-visited beach, with the stark cliffs of Nusa Penida Island and the great volcano Gunung Agung in the background.

See the brightly colored jukung boats of the village fishermen and visit the Segara Wilis temple, where offerings are made against the perils of the sea. During the ride you’ll leave the beach to explore gardens of banana, pineapple, bamboo, and alang-alang that forms the roof of traditional Balinese dwellings.

FULL RIDE (1,5 Hours)

How about dinner on a plane? Just let us know what tickles your fancy and we will reserve a table!

Hotel: * The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

Inclusions: English speaking certified guide, transport, Entrance to Balitopia & Flamingo Beach Club, Horse Ride

Day 5


Hotel: * The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

Day 6

Pick up sister – IV Injections


Whether you’re after an energy boost or relief from a hangover or just want to get over your jetlag, this very popular IV injection will bring you back onto your feed in no time.


We say, “Feel better. Fast.” and we mean it. Vitamins and electrolytes delivered via IV fluid go straight into the bloodstream and get to work immediately. The worst symptoms of a hangover, food poisoning or jetlag* are often relieved before the IV has even finished.

Patients simply using an IV as a health boost often report finishing the treatment with more energy and clarity. A strong coffee without the caffeine buzz.

*By jetlag symptoms we mean feeling spacey, dehydrated and bloated after a long flight. An IV drip can’t fix a 12 hour time difference. We wish.


Vitamins are crucial for your body function optimally. One of the great things about administering them by IV drip is they bypass the stomach and intestines. This method allows for a much higher absorption rate than from taking vitamin pills orally.


Most people are dehydrated and don’t even realise it, and this is even more prevalent in a hot climate like Bali’s. A dose of IV fluid can bring you back up to normal levels quickly (curing symptoms like headaches and fatigue when it does).

To maximize treatment results, the fluid combination administered in the top two packages (The Deluxe and The Ultimate) is tailored to your symptoms.


Vitamins, especially combined with glutathione, pack an anti-aging punch for the complexion (and this is on top of all the benefits going on internally). Plus, rehydrating the skin plumps it up, softening the appearance of wrinkles. On top of this, often the whites of the patient’s eyes look brighter and their lips are not as dry after an IV drip.

The glow you leave with after an IV treatment makes it a great pre-event beauty treatment (for best results we recommend The Ultimate package here since it provides the most complexion boosting ingredients).


Vitamin B complex is an excellent stress reliever, but beyond the vitamin hit, getting an IV forces you to sit still for once. If our patients want to work on a laptop or read they can, however, many just sit back and relax (or even nap) during their treatment. Breath in, breath out. We’ll wake you up when it’s finished.


If you’re traveling, an IV can be an excellent pre-flight plan. The vitamin C will give your immunity a boost, and you’ll be well hydrated for the dry plane air.

Hotel: * The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

Inclusions: 2x IV Injections. Our nurses will come to your hotel

Day 7
Nusa Penida (pick up & drop off Bali)

Private Fishing Trip and/or Manta Rays excursion

Take part in a fantastic day out on the water with your private fishing charter. Our experienced captain and crew will take you to all the hot spots around Southern Bali and Nusa Penida.

Bali’s fabled reefs and booming beach breaks are in season between April and October when swell swinging up from the Roaring 40s and Howling 50s march south-west across the Indian Ocean and the trade winds blow from the south-east.

Our crew will stop at the most beautiful snorkel spots, so you can get a taste of the beautiful underwater world Bali has to offer! If you would like, you can have your catch of the day grilled for lunch at Nusa Lembongan.

Get on your own private boat and snorkel with Manta Rays – We Guarantee Visibility!

You will start your day with an amazing snorkel trip around the island, visiting the best spots Nusa Penida has to offer.

Explore Manta Bay and see the huge animals in the morning near the cliffs. After that, we will continue your trip to see more beautiful coral reefs around Nusa, all sorts of different fish, the Buddha Statue, Christal Bay and Gamat Point.

An unforgettable day you will keep in your memory forever!

Please confirm here whether or not you wish to do the fishing & snorkeling trip or just the snorkeling trip.

Hotel: * The Bali Dreams Villa Seminyak or 5* The Kayana

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, Private Boat, Fishing Excursion, Swimming with Manta Rays, Grill your fresh catch of the day at the beach

Day 8

Check-in hotel in Ubud.

1/2 Day Tour around Ubud in a private old-timer VW convertible (Kübelwagen), visiting idyllic and serene spots off the beaten path.

Visit a local coffee farm and learn everything about coffee. Get to try Balinese coffee as well as the most expensive coffee in the world, the Luwak Coffee, tea & tobacco.

Drive through idyllic Balinese rice paddies, pass by local farmers & witness a typical Balinese rice harvest and learn about their irrigation system.

Visit Sangeh monkey forest (off the beaten path, people will be able to enjoy the scenery much more than at Ubud Monkey Forest).

Feed fish and relax at our secret lake before going to the water temple.

Visit the water temple Taman Mumbul for your own purification ceremony and ritual water cleanse.

Hotel: 4* Alaya Hotel or 5* The Viceroy

Inclusions: Transfer Seminyak – Ubud, English speaking & certified guide, VW convertible, driver, entrance to all attractions, cleansing ceremony & ritual

Day 9

2.15 pick up & drive to Yoga Barn

3.00 pm – 4.30 pm Sound healing session at Yoga Barn

Have a smoothie or a meal at the restaurant & relax (excluded)

5.30 pm – 6.30 pm Vibrational Medicine Meditation at Yoga Barn

These meditation sessions are only available on Thursdays and must be booked together with the Ecstatic Dance on Friday (see below).

Hotel: 4* Alaya Hotel or 5* The Viceroy

Inclusions: Transfer to the yoga studio & back to the hotel, all classes

Day 10

8.00/8.30 – 2 pm: Balinese Cooking Class

This Balinese Cooking Class is presented for those people with keen interests in authentic Balinese food and culture. Learn to cook well-known local dishes in a relaxed and friendly environment. Small classes (only 1-12 people) are held in a traditional open kitchen and led by certified Balinese cooks, making for a highly personalized and rewarding experience.

Each class starts with a trip to a local market to buy fresh ingredients. You’ll get a feel of real Balinese culture as you experience its rich colors of tradition and the unique flavors and smells. You will then prepare a complete 5-course set lunch which will be served after the class.

This exciting program is the ideal way to enjoy an authentic cultural and culinary experience. It is also perfect for the serious home cook who wants to learn how to cook authentic Balinese food for their next dinner party, for spouses accompanying husband or wife on a business trip, or the adventurous traveler wanting to explore more than just enjoying the beautiful island.

7.30 pm – 9.00 pm Ecstatic Dance at a Yoga Retreat (MUST DO EXPERIENCE!)

Enjoy this phenomenal host a community Dance. A space for a conscious community to connect and dance, to let loose and shake off anything that no longer serves you. Guided by eclectic DJs and live music the body and mind become absorbed in the beats of the music and free-form movement is used to release energetic blockages, increase body awareness, deepen the breath, de-stress and feel connected to yourself. No alcohol is permitted and it’s strictly no speaking during the session! 🙂 Have fun!

Hotel: 4* Alaya Hotel or 5* The Viceroy

Inclusions: English speaking guide, pick up & drop off, cooking class & market visit, entrance to ecstatic dance x2

Day 11
Bathe & Breakfast + Afternoon Rafting

Bathe & Breakfast with Elephants – Reserve your exclusive opportunity to wash, bathe and ride bareback atop our elephants as they splash and play in their bathing lake, one of their favorite rituals of the day. Afterward, sit back and enjoy a full buffet breakfast with a view in the Park Restaurant as the elephants soak up and dry off in the morning sun.

White water rafting: Get wet and wild with the pioneers of Bali’s adventure industry, and enjoy a thrilling and scenic journey along the enigmatic Ayung River in Ubud. Featuring Bali’s longest white water rafting trip and exclusively providing the only premium experience available on the island from start to finish; including the best facilities, equipment, safety, food and service.

Please confirm whether or not you wish to take part in the rafting or only in the elephant bathing.

Hotel: 4* Alaya Hotel or 5* The Viceroy

Inclusions: English speaking guides, pick up & drop off, Bathe with Elephants, Breakfast, Rafting

Day 12

Morning: Relax at the hotel

Afternoon: Visit a local winery, take part on a private guided tour, and get to taste freshly fermented Balinese wine straight from the tank. After the tasting, we’ll set up a cozy picnic outside in the garden. Enjoy a local cheese platter and taste traditional Balinese snacks.

Babi Guling – A Local Dinner Experience: No matter what the allure of Bali for tourists is, sand, surf or sightseeing when it’s time to eat, few dining experiences are as memorable as Babi Guling – the Indonesian island’s version of the spit-roasted pig, infused with a cornucopia of tropical spices. Let us bring you to the best local restaurant to taste some of Bali’s best Babi Guling. (Optional, own costs)

Hotel: 4* Alaya Hotel or 5* The Viceroy

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, driver & car, wine tasting, cheese platter, free bottles of wine

Day 13

The Spiritual Canyon Experience for a Cleansing & Healing Ritual

Set your intention for your cleansing session in the morning. Our local guide will lead you throughout your entire journey.

We will stop at the local market to get around 20pcs of offerings for you for the ceremony. The local guide will help you prepare the offer for each temple in the canyon.

The guide will lead you through your praying journey through the spring waters inside the canyon and for the cleansing part through the waterfall. Be prepared for a very emotional and maybe slightly draining journey (which is a good sign for releasing stuck energy!)

This is a holy place where the local people come to perform this ceremony, you won’t come across too many traveler, which is really nice when undergoing such a personal experience.

The ceremony involves praying In front of the Canyon for your financial and business luck (prosperity).

You have the option to go into the waterfall to release bad energy and invite good energy to connect with your inner self.

You will be blessed for good luck, health, and happiness.

Lastly, whenever you feel ready, we (may) meet the priest for a final pray and blessing by him.

Hotel: 4* Alaya Hotel or 5* The Viceroy

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide & healer, transport, all entrances, offerings

Day 14
Fly from Bali to Lombok

Fly from Bali to Lombok

This trip shows you a second getaway to the neighboring islands of Gili & Lombok. A combination of enjoyable water activities, sightseeing, and great resorts will give you a fun-filled island getaway.

You will visit untouched parts of the island that connect with nature, hike in jungles, bond with locals and go exploring on an island with non-motorized vehicles only. You will also get to spend significant time by the beach exploring the marine fauna and flora, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and other activities that you may be interested in.


Arrive in style in Lombok, either via boat, plane, or helicopter. Meet our guide at the designated location. Our team will welcome you with our warmest greetings, look out for your name on our sign.

Relax in our luxury transportation while we make sure you will arrive safely at your luxury accommodation in Lombok.

After check-in at your resort, relax for the rest of the day enjoy a 60 min welcome massage.

Relax at the private beach club (if you choose Anema Resort) or try and get involved in a mini-golf game at the rooftop.

Free initiation dive

Unlimited mini-golf sessions at their rooftop

Free access to the sauna

Free canoe & kayak

Free snorkeling equipment

Daily 30-minute massage

Hotel: 4.5* Anema Resort OR 5* The Kayana Resort

Inclusions: Flight from Bali to Lombok (return), 60 min welcome massage, airport pick up

Day 15
Private Waterfalls, Coffee & Cacao Plantations and Secret Lookout Points

Private Waterfalls, Coffee & Cacao Plantations and Secret Lookout Points

Today you will start off with an adventure. Venture down a hidden jungle treck (1.5 hours each way), or take the easier route and ride down on the back of a motorbike with our local guides. (Optional)

Don’t worry, they grew up here, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience for you!

You will visit our hidden secret lookout spot and swim in two private waterfalls in the untouched areas of the island. The only people you will meet there are MAYBE a few local kids who are playing in this beautiful natural setting.

After you rejuvenate your soul and body, we will make our way to a local farm and introduce you to a local coffee farmer. He will share how they operate their small family-owned coffee & cacao plantation. Taste the goodness of freshly picked coffee and cacao beans and take home some freshly produced Indonesian coffee!

Hotel: 4.5* Anema Resort OR 5* The Kayana Resort

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, driver & car

Day 16
Visit a local pearl farm, try some fresh pearl meat and visit a local school.

Visit a local pearl farm, try some fresh pearl meat and visit a local school.

Visit a Pearl Farm

Were you aware that the two largest exports of Lombok are pearls and pumice?

Millions of dollars are yielded yearly solely from pearl farms as Indonesians have developed a covert concept with the Japanese of growing pearls inside oysters.

One of the most famous pearl farms in Lombok is Autore Pearl Farm. Viewing the origin of baby oysters to seeing how they are harvested is extremely detailed work and lengthier than one would expect.

Many people don’t know this, but Lombok is super famous for its pearl farms, with some of the prettiest pearls in Southeast Asia cultivated here, and it’s a must-visit.

On this journey, we will fill you in on everything you want to know about pearl cultivation. There is also a showroom where you can buy some pearl products and support the local pearl farming business in Lombok.

Lombok is a little famous for its pearl farms. Today we will take you to the only pearl farm in the world which is accompanied by its own showroom directly.

Today you will learn about and discover the secrets of pearls. Experience a personally guided tour of a working pearl farm and hatchery where you will see how they nurture oysters before they are ready to actually produce the pearls.

Learn about a once-secret operation of how they seed the oyster’s body and how they harvest the pearls after years of waiting and discover the attributes that make pearls are one unique gemstone in the universe!

Try a pearl meat dish

Pearl meat is the adductor muscle of the pearl oyster, Pinctada Maxima, and while it is a highly regarded delicacy it is a by-product of pearl production.

Only once the oyster is no longer used for producing pearls, it will be removed from the farms and sold.

Only small quantities of pearl meat tend to be seasonal. But don’t worry, we tried our best for customers from Luxury Bali Tours only to keep this delicacy fresh and available when you visit.

Visit a local school & get involved with the local kids

Visit a local school which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) focusing on environmental education. The school stands as a form of social responsibility for the environment and the willingness to contribute to the development of environmental education in a global perspective, generally in Indonesia and particularly in Lombok.

You will have the option to pay a visit, have a look around the property and the classroom, or if you would like, you can get involved and interact with the local kids. Stay as long as you like!

Hotel: 4.5* Anema Resort OR 5* The Kayana Resort

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, driver & car, entrance to pearl farm

Day 17

Free Day

Hotel: 4.5* Anema Resort OR 5* The Kayana Resort

Day 18
Gili Trawangan

Travel via private speedboat over to Gili T & check into our 5* luxury accommodation, Pondok Santi, or 4* Ergon Pandawa.

Gili Trawangan has no motorized vehicles, so you’ll explore the island by bicycle. Take in the stunning views and relax on some of the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Try out some SUP (standing up paddle boarding). The whole world is talking about it! Born in Hawaii, this is now the world’s fastest-growing water sport. Either catching waves or using it for a fun-paddling session on flat water, this new sport makes everybody happy.

Bali has been the Mecca for surfer since the seventies, now SUP opened new endless possibilities. So many new breaks to ride and so many others to rediscover like it was the first time.

SUP doesn’t sound like your sport? Maybe try some kayaking and enjoy the turquoise, transparent sea around this tropical island while getting a great tan and having healthy fun. Make use of the currents to cruise smoothly along the shoreline, or take up the energetic challenge to paddle against them!

Need more action? Try out some more watersports in Lombok, such as Parasailing or take a ride on the banana boat!

Hotel: 4* Ergon Pandawa or 5* Pondok Santi

Inclusions: Speed boat Lombok – Gili

Day 19
Gili Trawangan

Snorkel Trip Around Gili Islands

Today you will discover the beautiful underwater world of Indonesia. You will snorkel around the three Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan, Air, and Gili Meno. Swim with the marine flora and fauna and get to discover a hidden underwater museum.

Be prepared to make friends with the local turtles, the clownfish Nemo, whale sharks, manta rays and other beautiful sea creatures.

You will have enough free time in the afternoon to do whatever you feel like, whether you wish to keep snorkeling, explore the untouched areas of the island or pamper yourself in one of the luxurious spas.

Inclusions: Snorkel Trip

Day 20
Gili Trawangan: Relax at the resort & try out Parasailing

Parasailing is a truly unique experience where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the exhilaration of free flight up to 400 feet in the air whilst you admire the truly stunning views of Gili Islands and the surrounding area.

Launching from the flight deck of our 26 foot, purpose-built parasail vessel, you will enjoy approximately 12 minutes of exhilarating flight time as you soar through the air like a bird. You will take off and land directly from the boat, so no water contact is necessary and no previous experience is required.

Hotel: 4* Ergon Pandawa or 5* Pondok Santi

Inclusions: Parasailing session for 2

Day 21
South Lombok

Arrive at our 4* The Novotel or 5* Selong Selo & head to Buwun Sejati Village where you can immerse yourself fully into the Sasak culture with the following activities:

Buwun Sejati Village

1. Cycling

2. Traditional Musik (learn how to play traditional instruments)

3. Waterfall & rock jumping

4. Wood crafting – Make your own wood art

5. Make a hat from coconut a leaf

6. Cooking class – Learn how to cook traditional Sasak dishes

7. Rice field trip: Learn how to plant rice

8. Lunch

Hotel: 4* Novotel or 5* Selong Selo Residence

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, driver & car, speed boat Gili T – Lombok, all above mentioned activities & entrance fees

Day 22
South Lombok

Explore the Pink Beach by boat & Try Fresh Pearl Lobster

By visiting the Pink Beach by boat, you will have the opportunity to visit Pulau Pasir (The Sand Island) and Pulau Kambing (The Goat Island), enjoy snorkeling and to stop at a lobster pond which is owned by fishermen in the middle of the sea.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the freshest pearl lobster possible. You can buy it directly from the farmer and we will cook it up for you for lunch.

Hotel: 4* Novotel or 5* Selong Selo Residence

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, driver & car, boat trip & national park fees

Day 23
Free Day

Hotel: 4* Novotel or 5* Selong Selo Residence

Day 24

Inclusions: English speaking & certified guide, driver & car, return flight to Denpasar

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