Best time to visit

Best time to visit Indonesia is from May to September which is the dry season of this country. The weather will be considerably pleasant as the sky is clear and there are not many rainfalls. The island won’t be too crowded around this time as it is not peak season. 

Seasons in Indonesia vary in different areas as western Indonesia, estern Indonesia and Borneo are influenced by totally different monsoon wind patterns.



Dry season in Bali lasts from April to September when the days are most beautiful with blue skies and sunshine. May, June and September are the best time to visit this island when the weather is idyllic and Bali is not too crowded.

Wet season is from October to March, but it is actually not too rainy. Temperatures of Bali range from 26-29 Celsius degrees all year round.

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Sulawesi has different weather conditions depending on which part of the island you are at. In Toraja and the southern part of Sulawesi, the monsoon season lasts from November to April. On the other hand, Manado city and the northern regions have rainfall year round with July-October the driest months. The temperature is quite hot ranging from 24-34 Celsius degrees. 


Java is in its best shape from May to September when it is sunny and dry. It is an ideal time to climb the mountains of Bromo or Ijen. Rainy season starts from November and ends in March. During this season, East Java experiences less rainfall than the western regions. There are often heavy rains during daytime. Temperatures are about 28-30 Celsius degrees all year round.

Transportation in Indonesia 

Within the country 

Buses, flights and trains are common ways of getting around Indonesia. You can book a long-distance bus in advance to ensure that you will ride in an air-conditioned bus. As local and tourists’ favorite mode of transportation, buses are a cheap way to travel around.

In terms of flights, Garuda Indonesia is the main airline operating domestic flights. Lion Air and AirAsia are also suggested. 

Trains are also a great option as the cities of Java including Jakarta, Surabaya, Probolinggo, Surabaya and Banyuwangi are well-linked by train.

Within the city

There is a bus rapid transit system in Jakarta called Transjakarta Busway. This is the first BRT in Southeast Asia. You need a card to use the Transjakarta Busway. Besides, becak which is a three-wheeled pedal or motor-powered cart is also a popular transportation.

Taxis are available in major cities. Or you can use Grab app to know the fares before booking. 

Where to visit in Indonesia 


This worldwide famous island is truly a paradise on Earth. Bali has a diverse and rich culture including the flower-petal offerings everywhere on this island, the processions of garbed locals shutting down major roads as they march to the myriad temple ceremonies, the traditional music and dance performed.

Bali itself has so many attractions such as Uluwatu Temple, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Seminyak beach and many more. You can swim, sunbath and relax at the most magnificent beach in the World. 


Today, Ubud is pretty crowded. As a cultural city, Ubud is home to many cultural and historical attractions. There are many beautiful temples, amazing caves and awe-inspiring stone carvings. Museums are also great attractions of Ubud. There are many delicious foods for you to try as well. Restaurants, bars and local shops are worth your visit. 


As the heart of Java island, Yogyakarta has an artistic and cultural beauty. This is one of the oldest islands of Indonesia. There are many historical sites in Yogyakarta such as Taman Sari bathing complex and Tugu Yogyakarta. The street art, fantastic art galleries and museums are all lovely to visit. 

There are still many well-preserved local cultures and traditions in this city.


The capital of Indonesia is a dynamic city that will excite every tourist. The streets might sometimes be chaotic, but Jakarta is a welcoming and friendly city. As it is developing rapidly, skyscrapers and high-rises spring up all over the city. But the Indos still do a good job in preserving the Chinatown and Jakarta’s colonial buildings. 

Jakarta has a long list of fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars for travelers to enjoy the nightlife.

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What to eat in Indonesia

Nasi goreng

Nasi goreng is a dish of Indonesian fried rice that you can find anywhere in Indonesia from the street food carts to high-end restaurants. It is a mixture of savoury taste including sweet, spicy and greasy. Locals use palm sweet soy, white rice and any add-on ingredients that they can find such as egg, chicken, sausage, vegetables, mutton, stink bean and the list goes on.

Don’t visit Indonesia without trying the signature nasi goreng.

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Originated from Surabaya (East Java), this dish includes thick beef stew. Rawon is made of the black nuts called kluwak, combined with turmeric, herbs and spices. With all the ingredients, rawon has a color of black and looks a little bit intimidating. The taste is luscious, strong and intense as it looks. 

The beef is chopped then mixed with baby bean sprouts, a squeeze of lime, salted egg and condiment. Rawon is served with rice.


Gado-gado is Indonesian vegetable salad which includes sprouts, long beans, spinach, potatoes, tofu and tempeh. Vegetables will be boiled or steamed, then glazed with peanut sauce. Gado-gado is often served with rice cakes. 

This dish is very interesting to enjoy while providing a large amount of nutrition.


There are many ways to make satay in Indonesia. Satay is skewered meat including chicken, mutton, beef, fish, pork. All marinated with a special sauce and spices of Indonesia, then it will be grilled on charcoal. After, the grilled meat will be topped with condiments like peanut sauce or soy sauce with chilli.


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