Best time to visit

Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has 2 separate seasons like many countries in this region. However, the South East of this country is not significantly different in the 2 seasons, unlike its Western area. In fact, the South Eastern islands barely have a dry season. 

Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines sometimes suffers from unexpected weather patterns such as El Nino and La Nina. They cause alteration to normal weather patterns and result in droughts (El Nino) and flooding (La Nina). As this phenomenon can’t be predicted, it is necessary to check out the weather forecast before you get going. 

In short, the best time to visit the Philippines is between November and April which is the summertime.


Wet season 

The wet season starts in June and ends in October. This is also considered summer in the Philippines. The temperature is kept at warm levels with quite a lot of rain. If you don’t mind some refreshing showers to cool down the hot days during your travel, this can be a great time. 

Dry season 

The dry season lasts from November to April. This tropical archipelago is perfect to visit during this time. However, the temperatures and humidity levels can be quite high in April and May.

Transportation in the Philippines 

Within the Philippines 

Some popular ways to get around the Philippines is by buses, planes and ferries/ ships. For short distances, you are recommended to take boat rides. If you travel further than that, flights are advised. 

Sometimes, flights are a lot cheaper than ferries. Top-flight carriers in the Philippines are Philippine Airlines, AirAsia and Cebu Pacific Air.

Phillipine Travel Guide

Within cities

For traveling around towns and cities, the primary way of getting around is by bus, jeepney and tricycle (which is similar to Thailand’s tuktuk and India’s auto-rickshaw). In big cities, you can use taxis and Grab apps. Manila has the metro system. 

Where to visit in the Philippines


With more than 12 beaches, Boracay is known as the beach capital of the Philippines. Situated in the west Visayas region, this island is great for any beach lovers who are looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Boracay owns White Beach which is one of the best beaches in the Philippines. 

Puka Shell Beach is also interesting for travelers who like to collect beautiful and impressive shells. Cagban Beach is tranquil and less crowded. Diniwid Beach is tiny but worth a visit.


The island of Bohol is famous for its natural beauty. Bohol Island is where the Chocolate Hills in Carmen is located. As a UNESCO-protected site, Chocolate Hills has more than 1200 geological formations that get brown in the dry season, looking like a forest of chocolate candy kisses. 

The sanctuary on Bohol Island is home to the tiny Tarsier primate.


Lies in the central Visayas region, Cebu Island is the best place for diving and snorkeling in the Philippines. If you love underwater activities, Cebu is your must-visit destination to witness whale sharks, coral reefs and sea turtles. 

Cebu is also famous for its amazing sea caves. Nearby, the Sudlon National Park is wonderful for hiking. As a metropolitan area, Cebu City also offers various attractions such as museums and cathedrals. 


As the main city in the South of the Philippines, Davao is an interesting metropolitan area to explore. Besides some big malls like Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang Premier Mall, Davao City is a great destination to explore nature with its Eden Nature Park, Philippine Eagle Center and the Davao Baywalk next to the beach.

As the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo is also a hot tourist attraction. 


Like other metropolises, the capital city of Manila is big and populated. But you will regret it if you miss this bustling city during your trip in the Philippines. There are many interesting and exciting attractions in this city. 

One of them is the old Spanish fortress in Intramuros that helps you to imagine what Manila was like under the Spanish colonization. The Spanish impact is well-shown in the Walled City, particularly in its cobbled streets and restored houses. 

Manila has some of the oldest churches including churches of San Agustin (built-in 1587) and the Manila Cathedral (built-in 1571). Every January, the historic Quiapo Church also holds an interesting event called the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene. 

In Manila, travelers can also enjoy the oldest Chinatown in the World. Or you can experience one of the best sunsets in the Philippines along the Manila Bay at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex.

What to eat in the Philippines 


This popular Filipino dish has meat or seafood cooked in vinegar, black pepper, soy sauce and garlic. Each region might have a different way to prepare and cook adobo by changing a few ingredients but the original taste stays the same. 

Adobo gets its name from the Spanish dish called adobo or adobe which uses the same cooking technique.

Phillipine Travel Guide


Sisig is a type of pulutan (hors-d’oeuvres) served with local beer. This dish includes chopped parts of a pig’s head and liver. Then ingredients such as onions, chili peppers, eggs and calamansi will be added to enhance the flavor. 


This is a must-have in all parties in the Philippines. This dish includes a roasted suckling pig. The pig will be skewered on a long and thick bamboo stick then roasted over burning charcoal. 

It takes hours to finish roasting the pig with occasional basting. After, the roasted suckling pig is served with special Filippino sauce. 


This is a Filippino soup or stew with sour and savory broth. Sinigang is a classic dish of the Philippines as moms will cook their children this dish when their kids are sick. Using tamarind as an ingredient, the Philippines creates the original sour taste of the broth.


Family Holidays

Every year, you are wondering where to take your little angels to go to explore the world… Amusement park or beach again? Maybe this year, you will expect to create unforgettable memories for your dear babies, not perfunctory. It is a good choice to embrace the new world, explore the beautiful scenery, and spend time with the local people. This will convey the child’s concept of courage to explore new things and develop the child’s ability to adapt to the new environment. For children, travel is the best way to learn. It is a silent school! Of course, you may want to have an adventure trip, but you are also concerned about the safety of you and your family. This may be a difficult decision for you … Our team has the experience to solve this concern for you! Our local consultant team knows their area well, which is a decisive factor in guaranteeing your travel success, allowing you to feel at ease and calm in your family journey. Because each child is different, and children at different stages have different expectations of travel, we will adjust the pace of travel according to your child’s age and recommends activities that make every family member happy.

Special Interests

A budget traveler, for example, can stay overnight in budget accommodation or hostels, enjoy cheap meals and fly in the off-season. Budget travelers are different from backpackers in the sense that they may not stay for a longer period of time. They tend to go to budget hotels / motels rather than hostels, and their travel is usually not indefinite.