Best time to travel to Myanmar

Overall, the best time to visit Myanmar is from October to February which is the cool and dry season of Myanmar. There are 3 separate seasons in Myanmar, including Cool & Dry season, Hot & Dry season and Rainy Season.


Cool & Dry season

This season lasts from October to February. The temperature is pretty cool around 15-26 Celsius degrees. Occasional rains begin in October. This is the best time to travel to Myanmar as the weather is pleasant for all activities.

Hot season

This season begins in March and ends in May. It can get really hot in Myanmar in the summer. The temperature is around 27-31 Celsius degrees. Rain might occur at the end of April and beginning of May.

Transportation in Myanmar 

Within the country

Air travel is a convenient way to get around Myanmar. Daily flights among popular destinations such as Yangon (Rangoon), Mandalay, Heho, Nyaung U and Thandwe are available. Myanmar National Airlines covers most of the destinations in Myanmar.

Long-distance buses and trains are also common. There are a variety of buses including luxury air-conditioned express ones to local buses without air-conditioning. However, buses are likely to be faster and cheaper than trains.

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Within the city

Public city buses, local buses called ka, motorbike taxis, taxis, bicycle rickshaws and trishaws (or saiq-ka) are popular ways of moving around major cities in Myanmar. Others are horse carts (myint hlei), ox carts and little three-wheelers. Hiring a car is also an option although it’s not that cheap to drive on your own. 

You must grant permissions from the government and authority in order to drive in Myanmar. As this might get complicated, you can also hire a private driver that accompanies you the whole trip.

Where to visit in Myanmar


Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon used to be Myanmar’s capital in the past. Now, it is the country’s center of commerce. As the largest city of Myanmar, Yangon has a population of 7 million people. 

Although many tourists don’t think of visiting Yangon while coming to Myanmar, this city often surprises unexpected visitors and wow them with its interesting attractions. You can check out Shwedagon Pagoda. With an impressive height of 99 meters, this might be the most breathtaking pagoda you’ve ever seen. 

Together with the stunning golden statues and building structure, Shwedagon Pagoda has a calming and spiritual beauty with Buddhists.

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Bagan is a must-visit destination in Myanmar. Your adventure to Bagan will be a trip of a lifetime. The city is filled with 2,200 pagodas and temples – an impressive number that amazes many travelers. 

You can enjoy the sunset at Lowka Oushang or North Guni temple to truly immerse in the beauty of Bagan. Some of the popular temples include Shwezigon Pagoda, Bupayathein and Ananda. 

Bagan also offers hot air balloon service from October to April. 


This destination is definitely for nature lovers. There are a lot of trekking tours in Kalaw such as trekking from Bagan to Inle Lake. This experience is a must-try for visitors to Kalaw so please don’t miss it. If you are not into tiring activities, you can opt for a shorter hike. 

At a height of 1320 meters, Kalaw is a cool escape from the hot weather in Myanmar. The climate alone is an attraction to this lovely town. 


Founded at the foot of Mandalay Hill by King Mindon as his royal capital, Mandalay is studded with pagodas. Bombed in WWII, this place almost disappeared. In the 1990s, the city was rebuilt and then underwent a massive change that brought modernization to this city. Today, there are so many motorbikes and cars honking on the streets.
Mandalay is also home to many markets, monasteries, Indian temples, mosques, gold workshops and a bustling riverside. 

What to eat in Myanmar

Tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad is the most popular Myanmar dish. It includes sour, slightly bitter leaves mixed with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, nuts and peas. It can be served as an appetizer or a snack. Tea leaf salad also comes with a plate of rice.

Shan-style rice

This signature Myanmar food is often known as fish rice. Rice is cooked with turmeric and topped with freshwater fish and garlic oil. Served with leek roots, raw garlic and deep-fried pork rinds, this dish is a flavorsome snack. 


Myanmar curry is a mouth-watering food served with fish, pork, shrimp, beef, or mutton at your choice. The dish includes rice, a tart salad, some vegetables, a small bowl of soup and a large serving of fresh vegetables and herbs. 

Tea shop meal

When you visit Myanmar, absolutely don’t miss tea shops. Tea shops are where you can get a cup of milky tea and some signature Myanmar food. Baked sweets, meaty steamed buns and dim sum are popular dishes that are recommended. You can also try deep-fried savory snacks, deep-fried bread with potato curry or baked bread. 

Sweet snacks 

Although it is called sweet snacks, it is not packed with sugar. The sweetness comes from the ingredients such as coconut milk, grated coconut, rice flour, sticky rice, fruit and tapioca.

Deep-fried stuff

Fried foods are popular snacks in Myanmar that at some point you will have to try at least once. Deep-fried stuff can be found on the street or in tea shops. Some dishes you can try include deep-fried samosas, spring rolls, savory fritters, sweets, bread, noodles topped with deep-fried crispy garnishes.


Culinary Tours

Ginger, chili, garlic, lemongrass, Lime, Kampot’s pepper, Tomatoes in Inle Lake, Mango and star fruit and durian and papaya, All the ingredients in South East Asia have created the best flavor in the world. From simple fast food to Michelin-starred street vendors, South East Asia’s main attraction is not what you see, but what you eat. In all cultures, culinary life revolves around the dining table, but in SE Asia, it is everywhere. Walking down the street from Hanoi or Bangkok or Bali, your senses are under attacked. Flashing peppers sting your eyes. Roasted duck in Vietnamese style hanging on the window of small stall in an alley in Hanoi. Seafood recently picked from the sea is served by a talented chef like his fisherman ancestor. Although the lives of locals are still street food, the next generation in South East Asia is promoting traditional & international food. Whether it’s integrating international influences from around the world like Peru into New Zealand’s farms to source quality ingredients, Asia can also offer the same cuisine as Europe and North America.

Fitness Adventure Tours

Consist of a staggering diversity of cultures, landscapes and experiences, South East Asia is a true adventure destination that you can choose for yourself. Anyone coming here, from the beach lovers and history explorers to serious outdoor adventurers will find it difficult to cut down their dream itinerary. Summit enormous mountains, trek through tropical forest and cycle through the peaceful countryside back roads. Dip your toes on white-sand beaches and jungle-clad islands, rafting down mighty rivers, and visit indigenous villages where cultural traditions remain largely intact. With an Itinerary of exciting activities including walking, trekking, climbing, cycling, cruising, kayaking, diving and sailing holidays, each of our South East Asian adventures will give you an authentic introduction to this very special region. Join us as we explore the highlights and hidden gems of some of the world’s most intriguing places!

Honeymoon Holidays

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Relax & Leisure Vacation

To put it simply, leisure tours allow you to decide where you want to go, when you wish to travel, for how long, how you wish to get to your destination and who you want to travel with. The abundance of choice and personal agency are attractive features of free and easy tours. Having to follow a strict schedule and being around strangers can be stifling and uncomfortable. With our relaxing and leisure tours, we just provide the basic services as accommodation, transportation and some basic day trips in each destination then you’re free to go on your own adventure without being heavily monitored or restrained by time. Your itinerary is aligned with your interests which assuredly makes your travel more fulfilling.

Short Break

Ginger. Chili. Garlic. Lemongrass. Kaffir lime. Pepper from Kampot. Sichuan pepper. Tomatoes from Inle Lake. Mangoes and star fruits as well as durian and papaya. Ingredients meet to create some of the best flavors in the world. From bizarre grasshoppers to Michelin-starred street vendors, Asia’s main attraction is not what you see, it’s what you eat.

Life revolves around the table in all cultures. But nowhere is it as ubiquitous as in Asia. Walk down the street from Hanoi or Hong Kong, Beijing or Bangkok or Bali and your senses are under attack. Sizzling woks. Flash fried chili peppers sting your eyes. Leg of lamb on a Mongolian style skewer on a hutong in Beijing. Sushi, recently picked from the sea, is served by a chef as talented as his samurai ancestors.

While local life is still about street food, Asia’s next generation is promoting traditional cuisine. Whether it’s integrating international influences from around the world, such as Peru, into sourcing high-quality ingredients from farms in New Zealand, Asia offers a cuisine that is equal to that of Europe and North America.

Short Breaks in Myanmar

If your time is limited, Myanmar’s short excursions might be your preference. Our clients always choose Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and capital Naypyidaw (also called Nay Pyi Taw) as staging posts for the many trips that can be done.

Besides those popular destinations, you can always combine and extend your Burma day trips to other appealing destinations such as Bago, Syriam, Twante from Yangon; Mount Popa from Bagan; Maymyo, Amarapura, Ava, Sagaing and Migun from Mandalay; Kakku or Inn Thein from Inle Lake, etc.

Special Interests

A budget traveler, for example, can stay overnight in budget accommodation or hostels, enjoy cheap meals and fly in the off-season. Budget travelers are different from backpackers in the sense that they may not stay for a longer period of time. They tend to go to budget hotels / motels rather than hostels, and their travel is usually not indefinite.

Theme Tours

As the number of travelers continues to increase, the “highlights” are exceeded. Twenty years ago, a lot of intrepid travelers got up in the sun to watch them climb over Angkor Wat. In 2016, more than two million travelers visited the legendary Khmer Temple. Similar trends can be found throughout Asia. Once lonely national parks today remind of a jam on weekdays. Islands famous for their lost paradises are currently closed as ecosystems can not cope with the expanding tourism footprint. The “highlights” become a stop on Instagram and lose the essence that made them magical in the first place.

Wellness Culture Tours

Nowhere on the globe can offer a more gratifying array of unique cultural heritage travel experiences than South East Asia. With more than 1,000 languages & accent spoken, over one hundred ethnic groups, a huge number of UNESCO Heritage sites, and thousands of years of history, South East Asia is a colorful carpet woven with diverse traditions, delicious food, colorful arts, striking costumes, mixed religions and cultural beliefs, and spectacular festivals. Each part in Asia can open a unique window into its timeless past, displayed through its dazzling temples, charming landmarks, enormous architectures, long time traditions and elite cultures. For those who eager to learn more about South East Asia’s deep-rooted culture and heritage, the only way is a trip to this charming land can give you a real appreciation of its splendor; and only through the eyes of the traveler can one truly appreciate the mankind diversities. We invite you on a journey that may forever change the way you view the world and enlighten your anima to heights that you never thought possible. Check out our expansive array of exquisite and personalized Asia travel packages and elevate your senses like never before.

World Heritages Exploring

Searching for a touch of the real heritage on your well-deserved vacation? Southeast Asia is home to forty-one of the planets more than one thousand UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites in nine of the region’s eleven countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Cambodia, for instance, already has three UNESCO listings despite having scores of archaeological sites, as well as exquisite Khmer Empire temples in Thailand’s Northeastern Isaan region. This is the right time for exploring the rich heritage of Southeast Asia. From clambering over the temples of Angkor, slurping noodles in Georgetown, or riding a Horse cart in Bagan Myanmar, Metta Voyage shows you the best World Heritage Sites within the ASEAN region so you can plan an unforgettable Southeast Asian Exploring trip!

Other Trips