Are you looking for a trip to Southeast Asia? Want to book tours on Metta Voyage? Let’s check our guideline below.

Metta Voyage offers you an easy way to book our tours with well-prepared and professional services, as well as tailored trips according to your specific needs and preferences.

1. What we have on Metta Voyage

  • Tailor-made packages
  • Day tours and excursions
  • Car rental and travel guide
  • Expertise
  • Financial Protection
  • Commitment to providing worry-free services standard
  • Cruise in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Multi-Country)
  • Responsible Travels
  • Southeast Asia Culture Tours
  • Private tours/SIC tours
  • 24/7 Travel consultant & experts 
  • Vietnam Visa approval letter

2. Choose and book tours on Metta Voyage

Step 1: Visit Metta Voyage’s official website: 

Step 2: Click search bar in Homepage or Travel Style

Step 3: Enter your location you want to visit, duration in search bar and “Search”

Step 4: Choose the tour that suits you from the search results (The price shown in packages are based on groups of 5-6 pax)

Step 5: Enter your travel date and fill up your number of adults (children or infants, if any). Our price will be shown immediately after fill up

Step 6: Click “ Book now”

When all steps are completed, we will send you a confirmation email, and our travel expert will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the service

3. Request a costumized tour according to your preferences

Option 1:

Step 1: Visit Metta Voyage’s official website: 

Step 2: Fill the form in the pop up to start chatting directly with our travel consultant

Option 2: 

Step 1: Visit Metta Voyage’s official website: 

Step 2: Choose a tour that you want costumize

Step 3: Enter your information (name, phone number, departure schedule, number of travelers,..)

Step 4: Click “Send message” 

Option 3: 

Step 1: Visit Metta Voyage’s official website: 

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and leave your email address. We will contact you in 24 hours

4. Get Vietnam Visa approval letters 

Step 1: Visit Metta Voyage’s official website: 

Step 2: Enter your request about Vietnam Visa letter in the pop-up message

If you need any question, please contact us via hotline +84 989 383 572

5. How to book a Vietnam Cruise?

Step 1: Visit Metta Voyage’s official website: 

Step 2: Click Tab “Travel Style” and choose “Cruise Tours” 

Step 3: Go to tab “Cruises in Vietnam” and refer to all tours that we recommend

Step 4: Enter your travel date, number of adults (children or infants, if any)

Step 5: The price will be shown based on the number of travelers

Step 6: Click “Book now”

6. Service and payment confirmation

Step 1: Confirming your booking

Your travel consultant will inform you of the deposit or the final amount required to secure the holiday, and provide options for how to complete payment. If we are booking your flights as part of your holiday, then passport details are essential as we need these to confirm all flight tickets.

Once your confirmation receipt has been sent, you may not be able to make any changes without potentially incurring additional charges.

Step 2: Acknowledgment of your booking

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will issue a confirmation voucher. Your holiday reservation is only confirmed once you have received confirmation from Metta Voyage via email. On receiving your receipt, if you have any queries about your holiday please contact us via phone or email. Subject to availability and receipt of all payments, we will book your holiday, process the payment (full balance payment if booking within 45 days of departure) and send a receipt confirmation. If for whatever reason, we are unable to book your holiday exactly as quoted (due to availability or other issues), we will discuss other options and provide a revised quote. If we are unable to provide a suitable alternative, your initial payment will be refunded in full.

Step 3: Final balance payment

45 days before your holiday departure, the final balance is due. This is subject to exchange rates at the time of final payment and will be re-calculated at the time of payment.