Luxury Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City – Our 15 Top Recommendations

The hotels in Saigon all have luxurious design and comfortable furniture with different styles to create their own mark in the hearts of visitors. Here are the Top 10 Four, Five Star Luxury Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City to help visitors have the best experience for their vacation! 1. Exploring Top 8 Four Star […]

Top 10 Best Spa in Danang Vietnam In Quality and Service

Today, when traveling, tourists not only pay attention to the beautiful natural scenery but also pay attention to health and beauty services. This is also the reason why the demand for beauty at Danang Spas has increased. Not only women but also men want to be radiant and healthy. However, Spa grows so much that […]

Top 10 Best Dalat Tour Destinations & Travel Packages (Updated 2023)

Da Lat is known as the city of thousands of flowers. With a favorable location, Dalat weather is cool all year round. It attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Let’s discover with Metta Voyage what’s on the Dalat tour! 1. Overview about Dalat  Tourists would undoubtedly recall charming titles for Da Lat […]

5 ways to get from Halong Bay to Ha Noi

The distance between Ha Long Bay and Ha Noi is relatively short, and there are several types of transportation accessible to move between the two locations. How about traveling from Halong Bay to Ha Noi? Depending on the mode of transportation you pick, your trip will last between 3.5 and 4 hours. The trip will be easier and […]


India is an East Asian country with a unique culture, and its dishes fascinate many people with their extremely special flavors. The harmonious combination of aromatic spices, vegetables, and many different ingredients. The dishes here are also extremely rich, making many diners irresistible. The dishes of this country always give diners a special, unmistakable aftertaste. […]

Top 7 Best Hanoi Day Tours | Metta Voyage

1. A Day Tour In Duong Lam Ancient Village  First on the list of best Hanoi day tours is Duong Lam village. Visit Duong Lam to get a glimpse of life as it used to be. This village collection serves as a living museum, preserving traditional ways of life. There are communes, temples dedicated to […]

All Things You Should Know For Vietnam Fishing Tour 2023

1. Why should you do a Vietnam fishing tour? As previously stated, with over 3600 km of coastline, over 2000 islands, and 400 rivers, Vietnam provides ample opportunities for fishing. From north to south, you can easily find a place to fish in either freshwater (rivers and lakes) or salt water (the sea). Furthermore, fishing […]

11 Destinations Worth Visit In Vietnam Custom Tour

Visit Hoi An in your Vietnam custom tour Drink coffee in peaceful cafes in Hoi An If you want to experience the rich culture of Vietnam in the past, visit Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is also the best destination for a Vietnam custom tour. This city is well preserved. […]

12 Reasons You Should Have A Tour Travel Vietnam

1. THE BEAUTY HIDDEN INSIDE IN HANOI  Many visitors are taken aback when they arrive in Vietnam’s major city – Hanoi due to the noise, traffic, motorbike waves, and limited walking pavements. However, many people change their minds once they begin exploring the city on their tour travel Vietnam, crossing narrow streets or blending in […]

Best 10 Travel Tips For Vietnam Tours From USA You Should Know

After a long time affected by COVID-19, Vietnam has officially opened its borders to welcome visitors once again with simple and easy regulations to enter. Tourists entering Vietnam are not required to quarantine or have a covid-19 test during their time in the country. Plus, most hotels and boat cruises in Vietnam are currently offering […]