1. Overview of Hoi An to Hue Jeep Tour

Hoi An is an ancient trading port, outstanding for the beauty of the peaceful river crossing ancient streets, ancient architectural scenery, colorful lantern streets, and traditional specialties. Hue Ancient Capital is a famous destination with a long-standing ancient capital culture rich in historical value and many beautiful cultural and artistic features, such as Hue royal court music, many unique architectural works, and delicious cuisine. really unique. The route from the center of Hoi An city, Quang Nam, to Hue is not too long. Most often, we see tourists choosing to travel by bus or motorcycle. However, there is a type of vehicle that is quite suitable for transportation: the Jeep. You can go sightseeing or take a photo tour to preserve interesting moments with friends.

Taking a Hoi An to Hue jeep tour is one of the most unique experiences. The Hoi An to Hue jeep tour will take visitors through famous landmarks as well as through picturesque mountain passes. With a road about 120km long and taking at least 3 hours to drive from Hoi An to Hue, it will definitely bring you the most wonderful feeling of conquest.

2. What’s interesting about traveling by Jeep?

Jeeps are special vehicles that help you overcome many types of terrain, especially the ability to climb hills and firmly grip the road. Using this specialized vehicle helps you easily overcome mountain passes and bumpy or winding roads in the majestic mountains and forests. In addition, you can also rent a convertible Jeep with the windows down and feel the wind blowing through your hair, awakening the endless inspiration of your travel passion. This type of Jeep travel experience to explore beautiful tourist destinations is being chosen by many backpackers. Moreover, conquering the roads by Jeep will bring the strongest and most new emotions.

3. Explore the top 5 best experiences on the Hoi An to Hue Jeep Tour

3.1. Explore the breathtaking Hai Van pass

The most impressive route on the tour from Hoi An to Hue by Jeep is probably the journey down Hai Van Pass. It’s only nearly 60 km from Hai Van Quan to Bach Ma National Park, but it’s guaranteed to leave a strong impression on you when you see it. This is considered the most beautiful pass in Vietnam and has been included in many poems.

Hai Van Pass is located on National Highway 1A, the longest road throughout Vietnam. Here, what opens before your eyes is a rich and breathtaking natural landscape that is no less poetic. The top of the pass is called Hai Van Quan and offers the most beautiful view of Hai Van Pass. A unique check-in location that everyone wants to experience.

3.2. Admire the beauty of breathtaking Lang Co Bay

When taking a Hoi An to Hue Jeep tour, you should not miss the destination of Lang Co Bay, Hue. This is known as “a real fairyland in real life”, with an extremely lyrical scene. Here, all lagoons, seas, rivers, and mountains converge in an extremely prime location. Going to Lang Co Bay by Jeep, you will be able to fully see the beautiful beach that is more than 10 km long. Pristine space with beautiful clear blue water and romantic winding mountain passes. For those who are passionate about photography, Jeeps are also a great assistant for your “extreme” virtual live photos.

3.3. Visit Bach Ma National Park 

Experience a Hoi An to Hue Jeep tour and try stopping by Bach Ma National Park. This attraction will bring you many interesting surprises and many super-beautiful places in the national park. Visit Hai Vong Dai to see panoramic views of mountains, rivers, and lagoons; visit the fresh, green Ngu Ho waterfall; or trek to the wild and majestic Do Quyen waterfall. In addition, there are many beautiful landscapes that you can visit, such as Cho Den forest, Tri Sao waterfall, Truot waterfall, and Bach Ma Truc Lam Zen monastery located in the middle of Truoi Lake.

3.4. Check-in with the Elephant-shaped stone at Suoi Voi

On the jeep tour from Hoi An to Hue, you will also discover unique experiences at Suoi Voi, such as bathing in cool, clear water, taking commemorative photos with the elephant rock, relaxing with gentle games, etc. People here also call it by another familiar name, Me Stream, which means “giant elephant.” Many tourists have come here to bathe, take a short vacation, and enjoy the rare, fresh space. When talking about Elephant Stream, it is impossible not to mention the famous elephant-shaped stone slab. The stone slab represents this tourist area, so many tourists choose it as a check-in point and freely pose with unique expressions.

3.5. Watch the sunset at Dam Chuon

Chuon Lagoon is also known by another name Cau Hai Lagoon, has an area of ​​more than 100 hectares and is a large part of the Tam Giang lagoon system. This is a quite famous community ecotourism area and attracts many tourists to visit and experience. The scenery of Cau Hai Lagoon is created by the vast water surface, boats gliding gently, fluted fences (a seafood farming system on the lagoon), and unique “nha cho”. This is both a living place for fishermen and a place for tourists to rest, watch the stars, and eat.

Chuon Lagoon has its own peaceful beauty of the river and of the boats floating on the river surface with a bumper fish season. The scenery at Dam Chuon is perhaps multiplied by the embellishment of sunsets and sunrises. The sunlight shines on the water surface, creating an extremely perfect picture of sparkling golden light. Therefore, the experience of watching the sunset at Dam Chuon is a wonderful experience that you should not miss on the Hoi An to Hue jeep tour.

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4. Suggested itinerary for Hoi An to Hue Jeep tour

Departing at 8:00 am, the driver and Jeep will pick you up at the hotel in Hoi An, starting the journey to Hue.

Then move down to the foot of Hai Van Pass and continue to ride a Jeep to visit Hai Van Pass. 

Have lunch at Lang Co Beach, Swim at the beach or waterfall; take photos at Lang Co. Fishing Village. 

Visit Bach Ma National Park: explore Hai Vong Dai, Five Lakes, Do Quyen waterfall, Bach Ma Truc Lam Zen Monastery,etc, or other places depending on your needs. 

Check-in with the elephant-shaped stone and watch the sunset at Chuon Lagoon. 

Arrive in Hue and drop off at a hotel in the city center. End the trip and check in at the hotel.

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5. Conclusion

Hopefully with the sharing about Explore the top 5 best experiences on the Hoi An to Hue Jeep Tour from Metta Voyage, you are ready for this journey. You can also contact us immediately to book some other tours to experience more beautiful scenes of Vietnam.

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