Cruises in Laos

Cruises in Laos

Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, and while it does not have a coastline for traditional cruises, it is still possible to enjoy a cruise experience on the Mekong River which runs through Laos.
During the cruise, you will pass by traditional villages, explore caves, and visit famous landmarks. You can also witness the unique culture of the Lao people and sample the delicious local cuisine.
Mekong River cruises in Laos are typically smaller and more intimate than those in other countries, with fewer amenities and a focus on cultural immersion. 

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Cruise Tours Experience

Scenic views

Our tour brings stunning views of the region’s natural landscapes and seascapes. You can enjoy panoramic views of the coastline, islands, and sunsets from the comfort of the ship.

All-inclusive packages

Cruise tours offer all-inclusive packages that include meals, accommodations, and onboard activities. This can provide a confident travel experience and help you stay within your budget.

Unique experiences

Cruise tours offer unique experiences that are not available on traditional land-based tours. You can explore remote islands, visit local fishing villages, or snorkel in crystal-clear waters.

Entertainment activity

Onboard a cruise, you can take advantage of a variety of entertainment activities. You can attend theatrical performances, which provide a unique perspective on the destinations you’ll be visiting.


There are a variety of cruise types available, including ocean cruises, river cruises, luxury cruises, and budget-friendly cruises. Each type of cruise offers a different experience.

Cruise tours offer a wide range of activities, both onboard and on land. These can include sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking and snorkeling, onboard entertainment, and spa treatments.

When choosing a cruise tour, it’s important to consider factors such as the destination, cruise line, itinerary, and budget. It’s also important to read reviews and research different options to find a tour that meets your needs and interests.

The cost of a cruise tour typically includes accommodations, meals, and onboard activities. Land-based activities such as tours and excursions may be an additional cost.

The food served on a cruise in Laos varies depending on the cruise company and itinerary. However, most cruises feature a mix of local Lao cuisine and international dishes.
Lao cuisine is known for its bold flavors and use of fresh ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, and spices. Some popular Lao dishes that you may find on a cruise include laap (a spicy minced meat salad), tam mak hoong (a spicy papaya salad), and sticky rice.
International dishes such as pasta, grilled meats, and salads are also commonly served on Mekong River cruises in Laos, particularly on cruises that cater to Western travelers.
Some cruises may also offer cooking classes or demonstrations, allowing you to learn more about Lao cuisine and how to prepare local dishes.

As Laos is a landlocked country, there are no traditional cruises available. However, if you plan to take a Mekong River cruise that begins or ends in Laos, you may want to pack lightweight, breathable clothing, comfortable shoes, and sun protection. Laos has a tropical climate, so it’s important to pack clothing that is comfortable and suitable for walking and exploring. You should also protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Activities on a Mekong River cruise in Laos may include visiting traditional villages, exploring caves, hiking, and sampling local cuisine. Many cruises also offer onboard activities such as cooking classes, traditional music performances, and cultural demonstrations.

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