1. Overview

Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, is not only famous for its massive Buddhist architecture but also known for its rich cuisine. This place is home to countless street eateries and night markets. The best street food in Phnom Penh has become a longstanding cultural feature. The meal comes to life when portable plastic tables and chairs are displayed on the sidewalks of the capital because of the rustic food stalls that contain bold and unforgettable flavors.

If you are visiting Phnom Penh, then you should enjoy the best Khmer food in Phnom Penh’s street food. Let’s discover the attractive dishes in Phnom Penh and the famous culinary addresses that visitors cannot miss in the article below!

2. The Top 10 Best Phnom Penh Street Foods

2.1. Nom banh chok

This is a rustic street food, a dish considered the “national real” of Cambodia, and the most popular dish in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. When you come here, you will often encounter street vendors selling a certain dish, which is Nom Banh Chok, Cambodian-style rice noodles.

The light poles on one side are filled with delicious curry broth rich in flavor and color, along with baskets of fresh vegetables. Besides, the seller will also prepare noodles that have been blanched in boiling water. When eating, you will put rice noodles in the bowl first, then add toppings such as cowpeas, thinly sliced papaya, bean sprouts, banana flowers, meat, shrimp, etc., then pour the broth over. The delicious, greasy taste will surely make you remember it forever.

  • Suggested places for you to enjoy Nom Banh Chok: Russian Market, Road 440, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Price: 1 USD–2.5 USD/bowl.

See more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcXbR5LAouw

2.2. Num Plae Ai

Num Plae Ai, or Cambodian rice cake, is a popular dessert in Cambodia. This type of cake is quite similar to Vietnamese floating cakes. Num Plae Ai is made from finely milled rice, then molded into balls with sugar and soaked in palm sugar.

This dish is not only delicious and attractive, but also has a beautiful color. When presented on a plate, diners will see behind the greasy coconut fibers covered with a cake made from rice flour that is flexible, smooth, and has many beautiful colors. Just take a bite; the softness and smoothness of the crust combined with the sweet aroma of the cake will make diners want to eat more. Visitors can find and taste this dish easily at any street food stall in Phnom Penh.

  • Suggested places for you to enjoy Num Plae Ai: Orussey Market, Phnom Penh; or Road 258 and Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh.
  • Price: from 0.5 USD 

2.3. Bai Sach Chrouk

Bai Sach Chuk is the name of the dish made from grilled pork and served with rice. This is a very famous street food in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You can enjoy this dish at the corner of 13th and 100th streets in Phnom Penh, opposite the Post Office, or at street 19. Vendors will marinate pork with coconut milk and garlic, then grill it over charcoal. Grilled meat and rice are served with a fried egg, cucumber, and chili. Locals and tourists especially come here to enjoy this dish. The reference price is about 1 USD.

2.4. Mi char

Mi char, or Khmer fried noodles, is a popular Phnom Penh street food. Vendors here use a variety of noodles to stir-fry: instant noodles, yellow egg noodles, rice noodles, etc. Noodles are stir-fried with soy sauce or fish sauce for a bold flavor. Next, we will add ingredients such as beef and green vegetables, accompanied by fried eggs. Phnom Penh has a wide variety of fried noodle stalls, with the best shops located on the corner of Street 135 and Street 450 near Russian Market, for as little as 1 USD per piece.

2.5. Num Sang Khya l‘peou

Num Sang Khya l‘peou is a unique dish made from pumpkins. After removing the seeds, the processor will fill the intestines with egg whites, jaggery, and coconut milk. After that, the pumpkin pieces will be steamed for about 30 minutes. When finished, the dish will be sliced into separate layers of color. You will feel the soft, sweet, and spongy taste of eggs, pumpkin, and coconut milk when enjoying the dish. Suggested places for you to enjoy Num Sang Khya l‘peou: Orussey Market, Road 182, Phnom Penh.

2.6. Num Pang

Num Pang sandwich is a dish of French origin that is one of the most popular and typical street foods in Cambodia. Bread with a crispy outer layer that is easy to melt in the mouth has an attractive taste. This delicious dish of Phnom Penh attracts visitors because it has a distinct aroma unlike other places. The filling of the cake is sandwiched with grilled meat, herbs, and slices of papaya or fruit. In particular, the bread is covered with a special sauce that makes the grilled meat in the bread flavorful. Suggested places for you to enjoy Num Pang: Kandal Market, Street 5, Phnom Penh; or Street 380, Phnom Penh.

2.7. Amok

Amok is a typical dish of Khmer cuisine and an attractive dish that visitors should enjoy. Amok is made from prohok fish sauce, coconut water, and jaggery. Then wrapped in banana leaves, steamed, and ready to serve diners. Amok specialties are usually made from many different types of fish or chicken, but the most delicious is catfish or snakehead fish. When enjoying the amok dish, visitors can use it with dipping sauce or eat it without because it is seasoned to taste. Suggested places for you to enjoy Amok: Orussey Market, Phnom Penh.

2.8. Ngeav Chamboy

Ngeav Chamboy is actually a steamed scallop with lemongrass, chili, lime leaves, and shiitake. Steamed clams with lemongrass and lemongrass Ngeav Chamboy is a familiar street food sold by street vendors in Phnom Penh. If you visit Phnom Penh at night with friends, you should not miss the opportunity to immediately enjoy a plate of hot oysters with a glass of cool beer. Just chatting with friends and raking this tropical specialty will give visitors an extremely interesting experience! Suggested places for you to enjoy Ngeav Chamboy: Orussey Market, Phnom Penh

2.9. Kralan (Bamboo sticky rice)

Kralan is a special street food in Phnom Penh, cooked on bamboo sticks and grilled on fire. Rice is usually cooked with a mixture of beans, grated coconut, and coconut milk. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This is one of Phnom Penh’s most famous street vegetarian dishes. The rice used to make this dish is a special, fragrant glutinous rice from the rice fields of Battambang and Kratie provinces. Price: 0.49 USD–0.97 USD/tube.

2.10. Yakitori

Yakitori is chicken skewers and is also the top favorite street food in Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh’s stall on Street 123 is famous for its delicious Yakitori Roasted Chicken, which is only sold during dinner time. The skewers are available with options of chicken thighs, hearts, vegetables, mushrooms, eggplant, and cheese. Besides skewers, the restaurant also serves many other dishes such as chicken, rice, fries, and salad throughout the day. The price of meat skewers is about 0.49 USD per stick. Suggested places for you to enjoy Yakitori: 52 Street 123, Phnom Penh

3. Famous places to discover Phnom Penh street food

Some places you cannot miss when experiencing Phnom Penh street food:

3.1. Markets in Phnom Penh

It can be said that Cambodian food is encapsulated in the famous market in Phnom Penh. Just going to the beginning of the market, you will feel your stomach rumbling right away from the smell of delicious food being fried on the blazing red stoves. It can be said that visiting Phnom Penh markets and tasting the specialties here is an unforgettable experience for many tourists. On the other hand, you can find the best food with prices starting at just 50 cents. Famous markets for Phnom Penh street food include the Central Market in Phnom Penh, the Russian Market, the Phnom Penh Night Market, Orussey Market, etc.

3.2. Street 123

Street 123 is one of the biggest street food centers in Phnom Penh. Unlike other places, the vendors here are enthusiastic about everything related to skewers, especially the yakitori skewers. However, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: grilled chicken skewers are only available at night, while other dining options may be open throughout the day.

4. Conclusion

Above are the top 10 most famous dishes that make Phnom Penh street food great that Metta Voyage shares and hope you will have the most unique street food experience when coming here. For any information or questions about the trip, you can contact us directly.

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