1. Overview about Sapa

Vietnam is a tropical nation, hence its highlands with moderate climates are always “hot” tourist destinations. One of these is Sapa. This misty village has a lengthy reputation as a magical place for people who enjoy grand natural scenery.

Belonging to Lao Cai province, Sapa is a highland town in the district of the same name located in the Northwest region of Vietnam. The majority of Sapa Town‘s inhabitants are Kinh and members of other ethnic minorities, and the town is situated between 1,500 and 1,800 meters above sea level. The French have been interested in Sapa as a prospective tourist destination since the 1940s, despite the fact that it has just recently “caused a storm” on social media. The government palace, governor’s palace, hydroelectric system, and more than 200 classic villas in Sapa are remnants of the former French aristocracy, adding to the beauty of this mountain town in every direction.

Combined with majestic, lyrical natural scenery, diverse ethnic cultures, sincere and hospitable people, Sapa is a great destination whether you are a tourist who loves to explore or are looking for a perfect vacation spot. In addition to the beautiful scenery of Sapa, visitors will also be amazed by the fairy-like beauty of 10 famous resorts Sapa.

2. Top 10 famous resorts Sapa for tourists

2.1. Sapa Jade Hill Resort

Different from many resorts in Sapa, Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa has a simple and poetic appearance. The resort was built with many red tile-roofed houses located close together on the hill. There’s nothing better than waking up to the chilly weather, watching the sun rise in beautiful small rooms while sipping a cup of hot coffee with the person you love.

2.2. Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa 

Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa is known as a vacation destination you cannot miss if you are planning to travel to the Northwest. Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa is surrounded by peaceful mountains and hills, giving you the feeling of complete harmony with nature.

In addition, the high-class 5-star resort owns a system of cozy and peaceful rooms inspired by traditional wooden houses in the highlands. This resort area possesses a variety of types of relaxation that promise to bring you a truly unforgettable trip.

2.3. Silk Path Grand Resort and Spa

Silk Path Grand Resort and Spa is located peacefully on one of the highest hills in this majestic mountain town. Amidst the magical scenery of nature, you can immerse yourself in a regal space filled with modern colors. From the vacation spot, you can easily visit Muong Hoa Valley in just a few dozen minutes by car!

2.4. The Mong Village Resort & Spa

The H’Mong ethnic culture in Sapa served as the inspiration for The Mong Village Resort & Spa, which bears that name. All of the bungalows have indigo stone walls and Po Mu hardwood roofs, which are typical of the H’Mong people. 

The Mong Village Resort & Spa is an ideal meeting place for tourists with rustic but extremely cozy and clean Bungalow room types. All room types have views of Y Linh Ho village and the romantic Muong Hoa valley. The resort also has a large outdoor swimming pool, A Lu restaurant with a capacity of up to 150 guests, the indoor and outdoor space of the restaurant is extremely airy, offering many dishes with attractive local ingredients for visitors.

2.5. Sapa Eco Villas & Spa

Sapa Eco Villas & Spa is a large complex resort in the middle of Sapa town. From here, you can see the simple, rustic Sapa village, covered with mist all year round. The resort is 16 kilometers from Fansipan Legend Cable Car Station.

The resort, which spans up to thousands of square meters, includes more than 40 rooms with the well-known Bungalow layout. All of the apartments are made of terracotta and have straw roofs to give them a Vietnamese rural feel, yet the interiors are very cozy and contemporary. Don’t overlook Sapa Eco Villas & Spa if you’re looking for a stunning resort in Sapa with lots of space.

2.6. Sapa Cat Cat Hills Resort & Spa

The centerpiece of Sapa Cat Cat Hills Resort & Spa is the infinity pool, which has a sweeping view of the mountains and undulating hills. The precise, elegant, and distinctly “Northwestern” design of the system of rooms is what draws tourists here time and time again. You can freely explore the Square, Sun Plaza, Flower Garden, Stone Church, Love Market (held every Saturday), etc. by taking a short stroll to the town center.

2.7. Topas Ecolodge Sapa

Located about 18 kilometers from Sapa center, Topas Ecolodge Sapa is like a small village hidden among majestic mountains and forests. The resort has a view overlooking the Muong Hoa valley and has a famous infinity pool in Sapa. With this scenery, you can enjoy the fresh air here and take pictures with great check-in angles.

Topas Ecolodge Sapa is a great option if you value nature and live sustainably. The Bungalow rooms in this five-star resort with a valley view are arranged in a row adjacent to one another. Its basic hardwood furniture and white granite construction give guests a cozy, country-style impression.

2.8. Hotel De La Coupole – MGallery Sapa Resort

As a 5-star Sapa resort, Hotel De La Coupole – MGallery has the luxurious and splendid beauty of European architecture and brilliant yellow amidst the green of nature. Possessing more than 200 rooms with 9 room types, visitors residing here will enjoy the moments of living in a royal palace with countless extremely attractive amenities. Everything from dining to health care, entertainment… are integrated right within the premises of this resort.

2.9. Sapa Eco Home

Sapa Eco Home is a gated community with several thatched-roof cottages scattered among four terraced fields. Three primary room types are available at the resort in Sapa: Deluxe Triple, Bungalow Deluxe Double, and Family House. Natural materials like wood and bamboo are used throughout the interior to evoke a sense of intimacy and environmental friendliness that is infused with the mountains and forests.

2.10. Sapa Highland Resort and Spa

  • Address: No. 07 Thac Bac Street, Group 5, Sapa Ward, Sapa Town, Lao Cai
  • Phone number: 02143 771 123
  • Website: https://sapahighland.com/ 

The Sapa Highland Resort & Spa is a location that has been regarded as balancing the enigmatic natural beauty and busy atmosphere of the mountain town. It is located not far from the center of Sapa town and faces the bright Hoang Lien Son range. The Sapa Highland Resort & Spa employs numerous products made of natural materials including bamboo, wood, rattan, and cotton in order to provide a sense of harmony and relaxation. For this location, the beauty is both understated and captivating.

3. Some famous tourist destinations of Sapa

3.1. Ham Rong mountain

Tourists are in droves to Ham Rong Mountain because of its enchanted and foggy surroundings. The mountain’s tallest summit rises above 1,800 meters, and its lowest point is 1,450 meters. Most of Sa Pa‘s well-known tourist destinations, including the Muong Hoa Valley, Ta Van Village, and Cat Cat Village, are visible from the mountain’s summit.

Ham Rong Mountain is suitable for organizing a climbing picnic, combining eating, shopping, and sightseeing because on the way up the mountain there are countless shops and beautiful flower gardens. The price to visit Ham Rong mountain tourist area is 70,000 VND for adults and 30,000 VND for children.

3.2. Sapa stone church

You ascend Ham Rong Mountain and then quickly descend to the town’s center to see SaPa Stone Church. It was begun in 1895 as a symbolic project for the mountain community. The roof, bell tower, dome, and other architectural features of the church were all built in the shape of a cross in the Gothic style, giving the project a flying feature.

3.3. Fansipan peak

To reach Fansipan peak without wasting too much effort, visitors should take the cable car and mountain train. In the morning, you line up to buy tickets at the funicular train station opposite Sa Pa town square. Cable car ticket price is 715,000 VND per adult, 525,000 VND per child, mountain train ticket is 99,000 VND per person.

Follow the mountain train route, take a cable car, then another train, or climb 600 steps to reach Fansipan peak. Each trip on the rail takes around 6-7 minutes, and each trip on the cable car takes about 30 minutes. For those who enjoy strolling, Fansipan has a spiritual complex with the largest bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha in Vietnam, Kim Son Bao Thang Tu, an 11-story tower, and bronze statues of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

In addition, at the cable car and mountain train stops, there are souvenir shops, restaurants… to serve the shopping and dining needs of tourists. Tourists should also wear low-soled shoes and bring a jacket, raincoat, or umbrella in case the weather on the mountain top is suddenly cold and cloudy.

4. Conclusion

Above are the top 10 famous Sapa resorts that visitors can refer to. Hopefully the above useful information will help visitors have a more complete trip. All travel information will be updated directly on Metta Voyage‘s website. Contact us if you want advice as quickly as possible!

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