1. Overview

Thai cuisine is very diverse and colorful. It’s an intriguing blend of Eastern and Western influences, often with a balance of savory, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. But beyond the usual favorites like pad Thai and mango mango dessert, Thailand has plenty of other mouth-watering dishes to eat. In Northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, the dishes are mostly less spicy than in other Thai cuisines.

Chiang Mai food, with typical dishes from the North of the Golden Temple, is always one of the reasons why many people want to return to this place. Traditional dishes in Chiang Mai always have attractive colors and unique flavors. Come to Chiang Mai, Thailand, you don’t forget to take the time to experience and be immersed in the wonderful taste of the traditional dishes of this place!


The top 12 best foods in Chiang Mai, Thailand, can’t be missed

2.1. Khao Soi

Referring to Chiang Mai cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Khao Soi, one of the traditional dishes of Chiang Mai. Khao Soi is fried egg noodles stir-fried with curry, beef, or chicken with chili sauce, salted cabbage, pepper, and lemon.

Khao Soi appears everywhere, from 5-star hotels to sidewalk eateries in Chiang Mai. Khao Soi is sold at food markets in Chiang Mai, such as Pratu Chang Phueak Food Market. The price of a bowl of Khao Soi to eat at the market is about 1.27 USD; eating in restaurants is a little more expensive, about 2.54 USD.

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2.2. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao

Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao is Chiang Mai’s signature spicy tomato sauce noodle soup. When eaten, it is often served with lemon, sour cabbage, bean sprouts, raw vegetables, and deep-fried pork skin (pork skin) to create a particularly unforgettable taste. You can eat Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao in Chiang Mai at Khao Soy Mae Sai Restaurant. 

Khao Soy Mae Sai Restaurant:

Address: January 29, Ratchaphruek Road, Chiang Mai. 

Reference price: 1.27 USD/bowl.


2.3. Sai Oua – the most special sausage in Chiang Mai

Sai Oua is different from regular sausages in that Sai Oua has more lemon, chili, and ginger to create a sour and spicy taste, along with minced pork. You can eat raw vegetables to reduce boredom. Enjoy the hot Sai Oua grilled on a charcoal stove or steamed when traveling to Chiang Mai.

The suggested address to eat Sai Oua in Chiang Mai is at Talat Ton Payom market, Th Suthep street, or Warorot market, the largest market in Chiang Mai. The price of Sai Oua sausages is about 2,56 USD – 3.41 USD per half-pound pack, which is smoked in vacuum and has a shelf life of 6 months.

2.4. Kaeng Khanun (jackfruit curry)

Kaeng Khanun, also known as jackfruit curry, is an extremely famous curry dish in the entire Northern region of Thailand in general and Chiang Mai in particular. This dish has the main ingredients of young jackfruit, curry, and tomatoes that are stewed until the pieces of jackfruit are soft enough to eat. You can go to Pratu Chiang Mai Food Market on The Bumrung Buri Road to enjoy, Reference price: 1.27 USD/bowl only.

2.5. Miang Kham – the most unique dish in Chiang Mai Food

Miang Kham is a very popular snack in Chiang Mai. Guests can choose for themselves different sour, salty, or sweet flavors. When eating this dish, people just need to take a bay leaf to pack ingredients such as pineapple, dried shrimp, peanuts, dangerous chili, onions, coconut, and lemon. Or if you want to take it away, you can buy Miang Kham from street vendors in prepackaged packages. The sweet and sour sauce is the highlight of this dish.

This is a street food that is sold a lot by street vendors or roadside stalls in Chiang Mai. Suggestions for where to eat Miang Kham in Chiang Mai are to go to Talat Warorot market at Wichayanon Road, Tambon Chang Moi, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, and Chang Wat Chiang Mai, Thailand. This dish costs about 0.85 USD per plate with 5–6 rolls.

2.6. Luk Chup

Walking on the streets of Chiang Mai, you probably can’t take your eyes off the stalls selling Luk Chup, a dish that is extremely eye-catching and piques your curiosity. In fact, this is a cake made from green beans, sugar, and coconut water, then shaped into very eye-catching fruits and vegetables. If you are a fan of sweet dishes, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Luk Chup. You can go to Somphet Market, Si Phum Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand, to try Luk Chup for only about 0.85 USD per piece.

2.7. Yum Moo Yor Salad

Yum Moo Yor is a popular dish in restaurants in Chiang Mai, often used as a delicious appetizer in diners meals. Yum Moo Yor Salad includes Moo Yor spring rolls, onions, herbs, chili, lemon, and fish sauce. This is a fairly popular dish, so visitors can also find food at roadside stalls. They are often rolled up in green banana leaves and stacked like pyramids. You can enjoy this dish at restaurants or stalls in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2.8. Green Papaya Salad – Som Tam Salad

Thai green papaya salad, also known as som tam, is one of the most famous street foods in Chiang Mai as well as in Thailand. Originating from the Isaan region, it is also a popular dish in Laos. It’s simple to make with chili, tomatoes, green beans, fish sauce, jaggery, and fresh lime juice.

For the best flavor, everything is mixed by hand, using a pestle and dummy. There are many variations to this Chiang Mai dish, such as the sour fish and papaya salad called Tum Mou. A portion of green durian salad costs 1.10 USD.

2.9. Pad Thái

Pad Thai is one of the main dishes of the Thai people. This is a traditional fried rice noodle dish. The ingredients of this dish include fried rice noodles with eggs and tofu, red chili, tamarind powder, fish sauce, and jaggery. The plate of noodles is mixed with crushed roasted peanuts, shrimp, garlic, or shallots. When eating, people will squeeze a little more lemon to make the taste less boring. Visitors can find this dish everywhere in the land of the golden temple, as well as in Chiang Mai.

2.10. Mango sticky rice

Perhaps the most popular Thai dish today is mango sticky rice. When making this dish, the chef must ensure that the sticky rice grains are smooth and white. Cooked steamed sticky rice is scooped out and placed on a small plate. Next to it are pieces of ripe, fragrant, succulent, and sweet mango. To add flavor, this sticky rice dish is also served with coconut milk sprinkled on top, black or sesame seeds, and shredded coconut. You will find this dish everywhere in the stalls at Chang Puak market as well as as a dessert in any restaurant in Chiang Mai. Reference price: 1.6 USD/piece.

Cach lam xoi xoai Thai Lan thom ngon chuan vi ban xu 01

2.11. Nam Prik Ong 

Thai people have always eaten Nam Prik with vegetables as part of their daily meals for hundreds of years. Although there are nearly a hundred Nam Prik recipes all over Thailand, Nam Prik Ong is one of Chiang Mai’s specialty Nam Prik dishes.

In Thai, Nam means water, Prik means chili, and Ong in the Northern dialect means to reduce cooking. So, Nam Prik Ong is a bowl of hot chili sauce or chutney that is thickened. Nam Prik Ong is mainly made from minced pork, dried chili, cherry tomatoes, shrimp paste, and herbs. When cooked, Nam Prik Ong is spicy, aromatic, and slightly salty. It always gets its reddish color from the dried tomatoes and peppers. The type of dried chili used will give the dish a different light and dark red color.

Nam Prik Ong is always paired with hot sticky rice, fresh or steamed vegetables, and some deep-fried pork. You can dip vegetables or sticky rice balls in the bowl. Nam Prik Ong is the perfect appetizer to enjoy Chiang Mai’s culinary culture.

2.12. Khao Kha Moo

Khao Kha Moo is a stewed pork leg dish of the Chiang Mai people, usually served with rice, vegetables, and boiled eggs. The special feature of this dish is that the meat is stewed until it separates from the bone, so it has a very rich and greasy taste.

On days when the weather in Chiang Mai is a bit chilly, eating a portion of Khao Kha Moo is an extremely ideal choice because not only are they delicious, but they are also cheap, at only about

3. Conclusion

Above are the suggestions of Metta Voyage about the top 12 most delicious dishes in Chiang Mai to help you answer the question of what to eat in Chiang Mai. Hopefully, when you come to Chiang Mai, you will have the opportunity to taste and experience more new dishes! If you have any questions about the trip, you can contact us immediately.

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