1. Overview

In the beautiful country of Vietnam, there are countless interesting destinations for tourists up the mountains or down to the sea, but Ha Long Bay is a name that has never stopped captivating the footsteps of travelers around the world. The stone wonder standing in the middle of the clear blue sky and sea is beautiful at any moment of the day, whether it’s foggy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, or gently windy in the afternoon. But perhaps the most attractive and magical moment in Ha Long Bay is the moment when night begins to fall on the bay. So experiencing on the Halong Bay tour 1 night on a cruise is what every tourist wants. Depending on the travel time frame and cost level you choose, the itinerary for the Halong Bay tour 1 night on the cruise will also be different.

2. The Top 10 Best Experiences Halong Bay Tour 1 Night On A Cruise

2.1. Enjoy a new space and experience modern services on a cruise in Halong Bay

If you have stayed overnight at a hotel during your trip, now try the feeling of floating on the sea in Halong Bay to enjoy the new, airy atmosphere. With the experience of a Halong Bay tour 1 night on a cruise ship, it will definitely make your trip more meaningful, impressive, and new amid the vast ocean space.

Ha Long Cruise is like a miniature hotel full of new, sophisticated, and modern experiences. The travel services here are extremely attentive, professional, and attractive. Experiencing 1 night on a Halong Bay cruise, you will enjoy a unique and luxurious space. You can see more travel guides about our top 10 most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay.

2.2. Kayak to explore Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay is really interesting because the water here is calm, and the feeling of the boat gliding gently on the water surface will make you enjoy it. There’s nothing more wonderful than sitting on a small kayak and enjoying the majestic scenery surrounding Ha Long Bay. Each kayak has two people rowing. Islands such as Hang Luon, Ba Trai Dao, Ba Ham, Dau Be, Hang Co., etc. are suitable places for tourists to kayak. You will paddle through each island, feel the clear blue water, admire the beauty of each coral reef, etc.

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2.3. Watch the beautiful sunset in Halong Bay

With a 1-night Halong Bay tour on a cruise, you will step on a luxury yacht to depart into the wonderland of the earth. You will truly feel like you are entering another world. This Halong Bay trip is the time for you to fully enjoy a leisurely and peaceful life in this wonderful natural space. Ha Long Bay is inherently quiet and gentle during the day, but when sunset begins to darken the horizon, it becomes even more gentle and peaceful. Floating on a luxury yacht on Halong Bay during your trip, you will start admiring the scenery of Ha Long Bay in the moment of an extremely magical sunset over the vast sea.

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2.4. Squid fishing at night on Halong Bay

One of the reasons why tourists cannot refuse a Halong Bay tour 1 night on a cruise ship is the night squid fishing activity. When night falls and the lights begin to shine on the sea, it is also the time when people start squid fishing and enjoy the sea breeze. People catch squid and then grill it right on the spot. What’s better than floating in the middle of the sea while enjoying your achievements with a little beer. Night squid fishing on a Halong cruise is still a favorite experience for tourists, especially foreign tourists.

2.5. Join a traditional cooking class

Cooking classes on cruise ships are both fun and useful activities that help tourists learn about Vietnamese cuisine, and overnight tours on cruise ships all organize this program. This class is suitable for all ages, and the cruise chef will lead this activity on deck. One of the most commonly taught dishes is traditional Vietnamese fried spring rolls. You will observe the chef’s meticulous preparation and cooking process, learn how to do it yourself, listen to his cooking experiences, and enjoy your own results.

2.6. Enjoy a premium buffet party

Guests will be treated to extremely sumptuous dishes worthy of the cruise ship’s 5-star class. Here, visitors will be served by the cruise ship with a seafood buffet from 3 regions: North, Central, and South, BBQ, and a variety of desserts, including fruits, sweet soup, ice cream, etc. Especially if you are a vegetarian, you can notify the chef and manager in advance. The cruise ship will respond and prepare meals according to your needs.

2.7. Entertainment in the evening

Some cruise tours will provide live music shows every night, allowing you to both enjoy drinks and listen to lively melodies from top artists, which is truly wonderful. In case there is no live music on the cruise, do not hesitate to join the music party with the guests on this cruise, or simply enjoy the music in the common area and relax.

2.8. Watch the stars at night and welcome the sunrise at sea

Don’t just watch the stars at night and the sunrise at sea through the window of a hotel on the mainland, because this experience will be more interesting than ever when on a yacht. What could be more wonderful than once looking at the stars in Halong Bay, feeling the cool, fresh air of the sea breeze blowing in, and hearing the sounds of the waves crashing. Not only that, wake up in the morning gently and fresh, and welcome the sunrise on the sea. In the middle of the vast ocean, dawn slowly rises, giving us new life with new meanings.

2.9. Participate in morning tai chi practice

This is the first activity in the morning when waking up on the cruise. Practicing Tai Chi on the deck is the perfect way to start your day on Halong Bay. Most Halong cruises have early morning Tai Chi exercises as part of the tour package. You will participate in a Tai Chi session with the dedicated guidance of an expert who will guide you through movements that combine breath and body while also inspiring unique cultural features with all visitors.

2.10. Sunbathe on the terrace

This is a very interesting activity on the cruise. However, this activity takes place in the early morning when the sun begins to shine or in the afternoon when the sunlight gradually fades to avoid periods of intense sunlight, causing skin burns and harmful ultraviolet rays for skin and health. You just need a cocktail or a cup of coffee to lie on a sun lounger on the terrace, sipping and enjoying the gentle rays of sunlight, admiring the beautiful scenery on the sea, and taking beautiful photos.

3. Essential tips for experiencing a Halong Bay tour 1 night on a cruise ship

The best time to experience an overnight cruise on Halong Bay is during the dry season, which usually lasts from October to April. You can see more travel guides about the ideal time to visit Halong Bay. 

The ideal time for an overnight cruise on Halong Bay is usually 2 days and 1 night. This allows you to experience almost all the highlights of Ha Long Bay, including cruising through limestone mountains, exploring caves, participating in activities like kayaking or swimming, and sightseeing Sunset and sunrise on the bay. 

Please consider bringing the most necessary things to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience on a 1-night Halong Bay tour on a cruise: Light clothes and comfortable shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to shield yourself from harsh sunlight, medicine to prevent seasickness, Travel documents such as passports and travel booking confirmations.

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4. Conclusion

Above are the Top 10 Best Experiences Halong Bay 1 Night Cruise Tour that Metta Voyage shares and hope you will have the best trip. Don’t forget to visit our Blog for more interesting travel experiences.

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