1. Overview of Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is 165 kilometers from Ha Noi, the country’s capital, and is situated in Quang Ninh Province in the north of Vietnam. Halong Bay is the most popular tourist attraction in northern Vietnam. It is a magnificent and exceptional work of nature, having thousands of islands emerging from the emerald ocean. It provides a stunning seascape of limestone pillars, with a surface area of 43,400 acres and more than 1600 islands and islets, which were formed during a warm, humid tropical environment. UNESCO designated Halong Bay as a World Natural Heritage Site two times in 1994, and again in 2000 because to its beauty and geomorphological significance.

Located in the Northern of Vietnam Ha Long Bay is heavily influenced by tropical weather and climate. So to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape here you need to know the best time to visit Halong bay in a year. Read below to know more.

2. When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

2.1. Best time to visit Halong Bay with the great weather

2.1.1. Spring (March-May)

The period from March to May is spring in Ha Long with quite cool weather. The temperature is around 20 – 30°C, but rain is more likely, especially in March. During this time, the humidity will begin to rise. For outdoor activities like swimming and kayaking during the day, the weather remains comfortable and there’s more sunlight. By visiting Ha Long now, you may avoid the busy season while still taking advantage of the pleasant weather.

Spring is one of the best time to visit Halong bay for tourists. Spring is also a time of festivals. Numerous festivals that are cultural and spiritual are conducted after Tet Holiday. Yen Duc village or Yen Tu Religious complex are worthwhile side trips to take if you are visiting Halong Bay during this time.

2.1.2. Summer (June – August)

Although many tourists find the summer to be hot and muggy, it is also when Ha Long is at its most charming, with its clear skies and emerald waters. You can swim for as long as you’d like because the water is between 29 and 32°C. This is the best time to visit Halong bay to take in a clear picture of the bay, particularly by seaplane. Swimming, padding kayaks, and other water sports will be more accessible than in the winter and fall.

However, the time which lasts from June through the finish of September, is when storms and typhoons are most likely to occur in the north of Vietnam. August usually is the month when can rain the most, but don’t worry too much; often, the rain passes quickly, allowing you to unwind at your hotel for the day before continuing your journey under a clear blue sky the following day. You can find some Halong Bay tours in the summer at Halong Bay Day Trip.

2.1.3. Autumn (September – November)

With the excellent weather, September through November is a best time to visit Halong Bay. The temperature is between 17°C and 25°C, and the humidity level significantly decreases. This time of year sees less precipitation. More sunshine that is not as intense as in the summer is available to tourists.

The weather is ideal during this time for taking a fantastic sail across Halong Bay. For water-based activities, be sure to visit well-known Bay attractions as Ba Trai Dao beach, Tuan Chau Island, Vung Vieng Village, etc. If the weather allows, nighttime squid fishing is another worthwhile endeavor. However, bear in mind that Ha Long is likely to be crowded as this is the tourist season’s busiest time.

2.1.4. Winter (December – February)

In the winter, Halong Bay’s temperature, which varies between 12 and 20°C, is very comfortable and ideal for unwinding. While there is sunlight throughout the day, the early and late in the afternoon are when fog and rain are most common. Ha Long Bay is less congested in January and February, and you can visit around Lunar New Year, which is a significant event in Vietnam.

2.2. The peak and off-peak seasons in Halong Bay

In Halong Bay, the peak months are October through December due to the excellent weather and minimal likelihood of rain, and the shoulder months are January through April. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, the best time to visit Halong Bay for you is between May and September when rates are 10–20% lower than they are during the busy season. However, the national holiday on May 1st (Vietnam Labor Day) or Reunification Day on April 4th will see a huge increase in travelers, you might want to avoid going around that time.

3. Best time to visit Halong Bay – time for events and festivals 

3.1. Tet holiday

Tet holiday is the most significant of all Vietnamese national holidays which is primarily a time for family and friends to be together. Traditionally Tet usually falls in January or February every year. During this time, Halong cruises and trips continue to run as usual despite the holiday and are certain to be a blast given the celebratory atmosphere. Coming to Ha Long on New Year’s Day, you will have the opportunity to discover this unique holiday with traditional dishes and traditional customs on Lunar New Year’s Day. Therefore, certainly Tet holiday is one of the best time to visit Halong Bay.

3.2. Halong Bay Carnaval

If you are a lover of the bustling atmosphere of festivals, then Halong Bay Carnaval is a festival you cannot miss. The annual Halong Bay Carnaval event is one of the most thrilling in Vietnam and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe. Street parades, foreign troupe performances, spectacular fireworks, and a fantastic exhibition of local culture are just a few of the highlights. The schedule of the carnival to take place in April or May when the weather is at its peak, so it is one of the best time to visit Halong Bay for you.

3.3. Other festivals

In Halong and the surrounding region, there are other interesting festivals observed such as Yen Tu festival, Cua Ong Festival, Tra Co Festival, Bach Dang Festival. These festivals are usually held at the beginning of the year, after the Lunar New Year. It often lasts between February and April most frequently. Thousands of people travel to the festival, to pray for luckiness and great happiness in the coming year. Coming to Ha Long at the time of festivals, besides admiring the magical beauty of Ha Long Bay, you will witness and experience the unique features of Vietnamese folklore.

4. Tips for traveling Halong Bay 

If you visit Halong Bay in summer, the weather is usually hot so don’t forget to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellent, a swimsuit and extra clothes, caps, flip-flops, and waterproof sandals. Keep your tour operator informed frequently in case the trip needs to be rescheduled or postponed due to inclement weather.

When traveling in the winter, you should pack sweatshirts because the mornings can be chilly. You should also monitor the temperature, because if you come to Ha Long on too cold days, it will not be suitable for swimming and water activities.

If your trip is canceled, you can return through to Hanoi and still have a great time. It takes only two to three hours to go to Hanoi from Halong. Discover a few more useful Halong travel tips at Hanoi – Halong Bay Classical.

Halong Bay can be visited at any time of year. When you miss the best time to visit Halong Bay, don’t worry. You would always find it worthwhile to visit the bay because it attracts visitors with a variety of charms throughout the year. If you want to know more useful information about Ha Long tourism, you can visit our website – Metta Voyage.

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