Best place to stay in Vietnam

1. Da Nang city

One of the best places to stay in Vietnam is Da Nang. With well-known tourist attractions like the stunning My Khe beach, the Dragon Bridge, the Linh Ung pagoda in the Son Tra Peninsula, and the breathtaking Ba Na tourist area, this lovely central city combines all the elements that draw both domestic and foreign visitors. Additionally, a large number of contemporary buildings are emerging in the heart of the coastal city.

The welcoming locals of Da Nang also leave a positive impact on visitors from near and far, in addition to the area’s stunning surroundings. The character of the Da Nang people has not altered, regardless of how much the city of Da Nang grows and acquires new architectural works. The folks here are devoted workers with dazzling faces and warm smiles that exude an honest, kind, and genuine appearance. The voice in particular is unmistakable. Many people first have trouble understanding what they are saying after hearing it once or twice, but after listening to it often, they get fascinated by it and drawn to the sound of Da Nang.

Da Nang is famous for cusine with rich flavors, unique preparation but exuding simplicity. When you come to Da Nang, you can’t miss the Quang noodle dish that is second to none. Besides, there is mussel rice, banh beo, banh nam, crispy banh xeo served with raw vegetables… Visitors to Da Nang not only enjoy rustic dishes associated with life here but also definitely enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious seafood from the sea caught during the day.

2. Da Lat city

Da Lat City – one of the best places to stay in Vietnam, which is situated on the Lam Vien plateau, has long been a popular tourist attraction for both local and international visitors. Da Lat city’s chilly climate is frequently compared to a massive air conditioner that runs all year long with incredibly low temperatures. Da Lat is always a fantastic vacation spot because the temperature there rarely goes above 20 degrees Celsius. The city of Da Lat is also well-known for its admirable “3 no’s”: no cyclos, no air conditioning, and no red lights.

Da Lat is also well-known for its flower-filled plateau city. Visitors will have remarkable impressions while here, from the chilly climate to the stunning surroundings. Da Lat is also known as the “City of Love,” “City of Fog,” or “City of Pine Forest” due to its beautiful natural surroundings. Not only that, but Da Lat is frequently picked by bridal couples for outstanding wedding photos as well as by several film crews for filming.

3. Nha Trang City

Nha Trang city is a major “cradle” of tourism in the country with many famous landmarks and exceptionally favorable natural conditions. Located in the center of Khanh Hoa province, Nha Trang is also known as the “Pearl of the Far East” when it owns a series of beautiful beaches, wide open roads, and villas hidden in the woods.

Nha Trang is attractive with a warm climate and lots of sunshine and wind all year round. In addition, the coastline with long white sand beaches is the attraction for millions of tourists coming here every year. Nha Trang Bay has been a member of the “Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World” since June 2003. Over 500 square kilometers of the harbor are covered by 19 large and small islands, the largest of which is Hon Tre Island. This is a unique and rich natural model that is uncommon.

There are many attractive tourist attractions in Nha Trang that tourists should not miss such as Hon Chong rock complex, Vinpearl tourist paradise, Hon Mun island… As a dynamic coastal city, Nha Trang appears in the eyes of tourists full of all good impressions. This is one of the ideal places to stay in Vietnam that tourists cannot miss.

4. Vung Tau city

The Southeast region’s Ba Ria-Vung Tau province includes the city of Vung Tau. Although Vung Tau is not as old as Hoi An or as calm and gentle as Da Lat, it still exudes a lovely, incredibly pleasant atmosphere thanks to its spacious streets and bustling population.

The long coastline is an advantage for Vung Tau to own many beautiful beaches and create tourism revenue for the city. Coming here, visitors can visit and swim at both Front Beach and Back Beach. In addition, some famous tourist attractions here should not be missed such as Shakyamuni Buddha Pagoda, Christ statue, White palace, Linh Son ancient pagoda or lighthouse located on top of Nho mountain. If you choose an ideal place to stay for your summer, you definitely cannot miss Vung Tau.

5. The ancient capital of Hue

Hue, one of the five national cities, is the nation’s main hub for tourism and culture. The WWF Organization also recognizes this city as a sustainable green city or national green city. For thousands of years, the poetic Perfume River, the unspoiled Ngu Binh Mountain, and the calm, clear Lang Co beach have all served as the “material” for poetry.

Hue City is distinguished not just by its breathtaking natural beauty but also by its cultural values that have been maintained to this day and are infused with a sense of national identity. Famous pieces like the Hue Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Khai Dinh Tomb, Truong Tien Bridge, Quoc Hoc Hue, and others amply demonstrate this.

Hue is beautiful because of its slow pace of life as opposed to other cities’ hectic lifestyles. Hue seems oddly uncomplicated and amiable because of the perception of the inhabitants of the former capital as being soft, leisurely, and at ease. For people who want a calm, easygoing lifestyle, this is regarded as one of the most pleasant cities in Vietnam.

6. Ha Noi capital

Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, is renowned for its diverse culture influenced by Southeast Asia, France, and China, as well as its architecture dating back a century. Hanoi is frequently seen as the meeting point of Vietnam and the North’s cultural core. Because of its strategic location, the capital has always been a hub for affluent individuals, traders, artists, and master craftspeople.

In the inner city, along with architectural works, Hanoi also owns the most diverse museum system in Vietnam. The city also has many advantages in introducing Vietnamese culture to foreign tourists through folk theaters and traditional craft villages.

7. Ho Chi Minh City

Everyone who hears the name Ho Chi Minh City will picture energy and youth mixed with modernity. Vietnam‘s largest metropolis, named for Uncle Ho, is located here. There, there is a really active and not very hectic life. When visiting Ho Chi Minh City, we may also take in and be in awe of the magnificent historical remnants of Vietnam, like Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market, and Nha Rong Harbor.

Saigon will be an ideal place to stay in Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the combination of diverse and rich Eastern – Western culture. Besides, the cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City never disappoints visitors. The city always surprises visitors with its diverse cuisine – from street food paradise to authentic Vietnamese cuisine and modern Asian-style eateries.


Above are the top 7 best places to stay in Vietnam that Metta Voyage has compiled and suggested for tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, we hope you will have wonderful experiences in the above key tourist cities of Vietnam. The above cities promise to bring visitors relaxing moments during their trip. Contact Metta Voyage immediately to update more interesting travel information!


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