1. Overview

Hoi An is located north of the Thu Bon River downstream and very close to the sea in Quang Nam province. The city was formerly an important port and is now a tourist city, attracting a large number of tourists every year. There are no longer merchant ships in this city, but you can see boats wandering along the banks or fishing boats on the sea or rivers a bit far from the town center.

Thu Bon River or Cua Dai River is an ideal place to raise and catch a number of fish species. You can still see local fishermen using traditional fishing methods using large nets or bamboo fishing rod. With the Hoi An fishing tour, you will learn about the lives of local people here. You can take a boat to the river or offshore to fish. Whether you can catch fish or not, the fishing tour in Hoi An will bring you a great experience at each Hoi An fishing location.

2. What will you experience when participating in Hoi An fishing tour?

2.1. You become a fisherman in Hoi An

When going fishing in Hoi An, local fishermen will accompany tourists. You will have a wonderful experience becoming a real fisherman and will better feel the beauty of the work and life of fishermen on the islands. With many years of fishing experience, the fishermen here enthusiastically share with you their fishing skills. Whether you know how to fish or not, you will get a lot of fishing experience for yourself.

2.2. Enjoy fish right after the trip

With the Hoi An fishing tour, visitors can also experience the excitement and thrill of pulling up the rod to see what fish they can catch. After the fishing trip, the spoils you collect will be cooked directly and enjoyed right on the spot. This is definitely the most delicious and meaningful meal on the travel itinerary of many tourists.

3. The right time to fish

Hoi An has two main seasons: the dry season (February–August) and the rainy season (September–the end of January). During the rainy season, the sea is rough and there can be storms, so boats are prohibited from going to the island. Therefore, you should not experience fishing services on the sea or river. You should not go fishing in Hoi An in the last and early months of the year, especially in October, November, and December. The best time for you to join a fishing tour in Hoi An is from March to August. At this time, Hoi An is in the dry season, sunny, no rain. Moving to the island or on the river will be convenient, easy, and not dangerous.

In addition, if you join a fishing tour, choose to go in the morning from about 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., which is a great time to harvest a lot of fish. At noon, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the sun is strong, so the fish will hide and not come out to eat.

4. Top 5 Best Places You Should Choose To Experience A Hoi An Fishing Tour

4.1. Thanh Nam Fishing Village

Thanh Nam fishing village is only 3 km from Hoi An city, next to the beautiful Thu Bon river. From Hoi An, you can get there by bike or boat. The village is one of the very few places in Hoi An where fishermen use traditional fishing methods; even with the emergence of modern fishing, here they still cast nets to catch shrimp, crabs, and fish. Visitors will experience the daily life of an ordinary fisherman, learn how to pull large fishing nets out of the water, and learn how to use tiny basket boats called Thung Chai to scoop fish out of the net.

4.2. Phuoc Hai, Cua Dai fishing village

Another fishing location in Hoi An is Phuoc Hai Fishing Village, Cua Dai. Fishing tours here include experiences like a bamboo basket boat ride, and you’ll cruise along mangroves and coconut groves, hear your tour guide talk about the Vietnam War, and learn how to make hats, flowers, and exotic animals from coconut leaves. More interestingly, you can participate in basket boat racing, try your hand at casting round nets, or cast giant nets from the shore. Once you arrive at the local fishing village, you can walk with a guide through the interesting village, meet the fishermen and their families, observe daily life, and learn about the community’s lifestyle and this rural community and a deep understanding of Vietnamese culture.

4.3. Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham is located 18 km from the center of Hoi An and is one of the best places for sea fishing. It takes about 30 minutes by speedboat to get there. When you arrive on the island, you can board a wooden boat or local speedboat to go to fishing spots on the sea, such as Hon Dai, Hon Ong, Hon La, Hon Tai, etc. While fishing, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of this island. Cu Lao Cham Island, Hoi An City, is not only a world biosphere reserve. This place also preserves very well the vegetation, coral reefs, and rich marine ecosystem. You can see more experiences in Cu Lao Cham here.

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4.4. Bay Mau coconut forest

Bay Mau Hoi An coconut forest, also known as Cam Thanh coconut forest, is located about 3 km from Hoi An city. The opening hours of the coconut forest tour are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. Entrance fee to visit: 1.23 USD per person. This place is an ecological area of Hoi An coconut forest with a peaceful natural landscape. Bringing visitors the experience of the river region on a rustic basket boat, under vast rows of green coconut trees as far as the eye can see Just like the Mekong Delta, the coconut forest has a lot of fish.

Coming here, you will see firsthand people setting nets to catch fish. And you can also immerse yourself in the lives of the people here. You can fish and enjoy the relaxing feeling of waiting for the fish to bite while fishing and enjoying the cool air. Most especially, you will be able to fish on a basket boat, walking around the boat while fishing, admiring the scenery, and enjoying the cool breeze. You can see more of our guide to the Seven Mau Coconut Garden Tourist Area here. 

4.5. Thuan Tinh Ecotourism Area

Thuan Tinh is a rustic natural ecological area in Hoi An, located near the Cua Dai estuary and the Thu Bon River. Thuan Tinh Hoi An eco-tourism area attracts tourists because of its rustic, simple features and poetic beauty that highlight an ancient Hoi An. With only 0.41 USD to 1.23 USD per day, you will be able to rest under people’s huts and tents and experience super fun fishing. Together, let go of the rod and wait for the fish to bite, then enjoy the results after fishing. Here, you can enjoy typical coastal dishes such as shrimp, crab, squid, etc. The restaurants all have extremely affordable prices and very enthusiastic service.

  • Address: Village 1, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province.
  • Tel: (+84) 935 138 939

You can see more details of our Hoi An fishing tour here.

5. Conclusion

Above is information about exploring the top 5 best fishing destinations in Hoi An that Metta Voyage shared. I hope you will have the most meaningful and complete trip. For more details about tours in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, you can contact with us immediately.

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