1. Overview

Siem Reap is a city located in northwestern Cambodia, on the shores of Tonlé Sap Lake. It is the most famous tourist city in Cambodia. Not only does it attract visitors with its beautiful natural and architectural wonders such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Tonle Sap Lake, Phnom Kulen National Park, Wat Damnak, Cambodia Cultural Village, etc, but it is also famous for its diverse and traditional cuisine.

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best restaurants in siem reap

Siem Reap is full of great restaurants and quaint cafes that appeal to every visitor. You can find many restaurants serving high-end Mediterranean cuisine along with Khmer dishes made from insects, as well as local, traditional delicacies such as Lok Lak stir-fried beef, Amok fish, Khor pork, etc. There are also restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, including French, Mexican, Italian, Thai, etc.

Cambodia’s local and traditional food is unlike anything in Southeast Asia, so it’s a good idea to experience Cambodia’s unique cuisine at famous restaurants when you’re in the country.

2. The Top 10 Best Restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia

2.1. Malis Restaurant

Malis is an upscale restaurant that boasts ‘Live Cambodian Cuisine’. Malis Cambodian Restaurant is a dining hall located along Siem Reap Riverside that includes a bar and lounge, many large private dining rooms, and an outdoor garden. Especially the stage for Apsara dance performances.

Malis Cambodian Restaurant serves Khmer specialties such as fish amok, chicken or beef curry served in lotus leaves, and Kapot and Khor crab fried rice (Cambodian-style braised pork with bamboo shoots). You can enjoy Cambodian rice and noodle dishes, desserts, or fresh fruit and drinks.

best restaurants in siem reap

Well worth a visit

We sought out this restaurant having visited the sister restaurant in Phnom Penh – this one did not disappoint – just as good as the other one! Beautiful building and atmosphere with superb food. Well worth a visit.” A review of the nickname annetteh437

2.2. Cuisine Wat Damnak

Cuisine Wat Damnak is an award-winning restaurant by French chef Joannes Riviere. This is also one of the few places to eat in Siem Reap that serves Khmer dishes based on the quality criteria of French food.

best restaurants in siem reap

Housed in a traditional Cambodian wooden house in the heart of Siem Reap‘s Wat Damak village, Cuisine Wat Damak offers three distinct dining experiences. Downstairs, the stylish, modern dining room is decorated with local arts and crafts. The upper floor carries the traditional Cambodian style of the wooden house. Outside, the garden is surrounded by lush tropical greenery and local herbs.

The 5-course or 6-course menu here costs between $24 and $28. To make it more interesting, the menu is changed every two weeks. The most distinctive feature at this restaurant is taking traditional ingredients and spices from all over Southeast Asia and combining them in a European style.

“Good Dining Experience

Excellent food, great service and experience. Definitely a gem to be discovered in Siem Reap. We tried the plant based menu selection also besides the regular degustation menu. Well balanced flavors, good execution and very well presented food by well informed wait staff took time to explain the details that we queried.”a review of the nickname Anil A

2.3. Embassy Restaurant

Embassy Restaurant aims to give customers a really fun experience and a new perspective on Cambodian cuisine. The kitchen here serves traditional Khmer dishes. All dishes are carefully selected from different localities and made with seasonal ingredients found in different locations in Cambodia.

The Kimsan twins started this restaurant with only female employees, introducing women’s empowerment in Cambodia. The passion for food and new experiments with dishes have made Embassy Restaurant famous throughout the continent. This place also offers a good choice of drinks.

best restaurants in siem reap

“One of the best in town

The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere, staff is attentive and all friendy. The dessert we had raised the new bar. Perfect! Thank you to restaurant manager who warm welcome us and allow me to enjoy the best of the food.” a review of the nickname 320sarayutp 

2.4. Banlle Siem Reap

Banlle Siem Reap is a vegetarian icon in the field of dining in Siem Reap. Attract vegetarian diners with traditional Cambodian, Asian, and European vegetarian dishes. Housed in a traditional wooden house in the village of Wat Bo, this local restaurant also grows its own vegetables and fruits for your organic, healthy meals.

Standout dishes at Banlle Siem Reap include quesadillas (traditional Mexican cornbread) with guacamole butter sauce, vegetable amok with rice, and eggplant tempura. There are also fruit and juice smoothies, ice creams, and sorbets with scents like vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, coconut, passion fruit, and mango.

best restaurants in siem reap

“Delicious vegetarian

We really enjoyed Banlle- pleasant garden setting, great tasting vegetarian food and good service. Highly recommended”. a review of the nickname Narelle20142014

2.5. Damnak Lounge

Damnak Lounge is located inside the Lotus Blanc Siem Reap resort. Here we offer you the choice of dining in Siem Reap with European and Cambodian dishes, along with a carefully curated wine list. The decor here is extremely stylish; diners can choose from an air-conditioned room or enjoy the cool breeze by dining on the outdoor balcony.

Featured on the menu here are grilled lamb with potatoes and rosemary sauce and cod filet with grilled eggplant, zucchini, and orange cream sauce. There’s also a traditional Khmer-style vegetable curry. If you want to try many local specialties in one go, you should choose the Khmer Savory Taste Menu, which costs from 18 to 25 USD.

best restaurants in siem reap

“Good food

Enjoy beef stack with red wine very good at the same time. food very hygiene and decoration set up very nicely.”  a review of the nickname chanrakk

2.6. Kroya by Chef Chanrith

Kroya Restaurant is a unique restaurant inspired by the heritage of Shinta Mani. The restaurant offers dishes with a blend of international and local ingredients and local herbs and spices for creative flavors.

The signature dishes you can find here are deep-fried fish with pickles and mango, fermented pork with grilled eggplant and papaya salad, etc. And if you can’t decide which dish to choose, you can opt for a 7-course Khmer menu that will allow you to enjoy different cuisines all at once.

best restaurants in siem reap

“Incredible dining experience!

Outstanding tasting menu! The ambiance, the plating of the courses, the delicious food itself, and the thoughtfulness of each aspect of the dining experience were flawlessly executed.”  a review of the nickname Katie_travelbug15

2.7. Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

Khmer Kitchen Restaurant is a family-run business in Siem Reap. And they have many branches in Siem Reap. They are famous for their affordable Cambodian and Thai food.

Main delicacies include beef amok, banana flower and pumpkin salad, and Korko soup. Khmer Kitchen is also known for its selection of beverages, including draft beers, imported wines, and cocktails.

best restaurants in siem reap

Great spot to try Cambodian food

An excellent spot to try some local Cambodian dishes! The Khmer curry is particularly delicious. The staff were really great and we thought it was good value too. Highly recommend!” a review of the nickname siannn14014 

2.8. Olive, Cuisine De Saison

Olive’s Cuisine de Saison restaurant serves French, Mediterranean, and Khmer dishes beautifully presented in an elegant setting. Housed in a restored colonial building right next to Wat Preah Prom Rath. This fully furnished, air-conditioned restaurant features brick walls, many pictures of famous dishes, and fresh flowers.

Olive, Cuisine de Saison changes its menu seasonally, combining flavors of French and Mediterranean fare with local seafood, chicken, and greens. Famous dishes include seafood pasta, goat’s milk cheese salad, foie gras with boiled soybeans, and grilled European sea bass. The restaurant also has a lunch set including a starter, main course, and dessert for less than 20 USD if you want to spend it moderately.

best restaurants in siem reap
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“Lovely little french restaurant

Olive was recommended to us by a local French expat – and so glad it was. Lovely food and atmosphere. Reasonably priced and attentive service.”  a review of the nickname jane m

2.9. Abacus Restaurant

Started operating in 2004, Abacus Fine Cuisine is a stunning restaurant designed by award-winning French Khmer-born duo Ivan Tizianel and Lisa Ros. With a fine dining room with all modern features, this restaurant also has a tropical garden where people can dine and enjoy the evening breeze. In addition, Abacus Fine Cuisine also has a separate dining area so that customers can enjoy their meals privately.

Abacus Fine Cuisine also has a wide selection of international and local drinks. Wine beers as well as a wide range of spirits, cocktails, fruit juices, and soft drinks are available.

“High quality restaurant

A very good quality and welcoming restaurant, excellent service and high quality food. Very pleasant eating outside on a warm evening.”  a review of the nickname davidgW406X

2.10. Mahob Khmer Cuisine

‘Mahob’ means ‘ingredients’ in Khmer, a perfect name for this stylish Cambodian restaurant on the banks of the Siem Reap river. The restaurant was built by converting a traditional Khmer house that once belonged to a governor of the Peak Sneng district of Angkor Thom.

Guests have a choice of seating inside the air-conditioned dining room, on the airy patio, or in the beautiful garden in front of the restaurant. Popular dishes here include the à la carte menu, where dishes are cooked on ‘hot stone’, an ancient technique for grilling meat on volcanic rocks. Mahob Khmer Cuisine also organizes cooking classes for anyone who wants to learn Khmer dishes.

best restaurants in siem reap

“ Perfect garden setting!

We enjoyed a delicious Khmer meal here during our stay in Siem Reap. Great cocktail to start and fresh food full of flavor with great service.” a review of the nickname Fiona M.

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3. Conclusion

Hopefully, the information about the top 10 best restaurants in Siem Reap will help you choose the best places to eat and enjoy delicious Cambodian specialties. You can find out more information about some trips for your vacation and contact Metta Voyage right away!

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