1. Get to know about Hanoi 

Hanoi is the second largest metropolitan of Vietnam where the dynamic economy and cultural charm are woven. Particularly, traditional and modern characteristics of the S-shaped country coexist harmoniously in Hanoi, making it a must-visit destination. Now, let’s give Metta Voyage a chance to recommend you the best time to visit Hanoi!

In earlier times, Hanoi clearly has 4 clear-cut seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, but now, due to cynical monsoon winds and climate change, it is rather framed into three distinct seasons: dry, rainy and hot.

2. Best time to visit Hanoi – Dry season

The period from November to February is the ideal time for travelers to come to Hanoi because it is the peak tourist season. During this time, the temperature is rather mild and pleasant.

When first fly to Hanoi in November, we promise that you will be infatuated with the peaceful and poetic landscapes here in an instant. It is easy for you to see a fine show of blossoms. All kinds of flowers show their colors, especially milk flowers, apricots and peaches. Visitors can take a tour of some beauty spots such as West Lake, the Old Quater, and Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

Entering December, the coolest month, tourists will see the golden leaves slightly fall on the ground, one by one until trees are reft of leaves. It’s quite dreary, right? The winter in Hanoi and other regions in Vietnam is usually wrapped in a blanket of greyish mood. Anyway, it’s still worth visiting!

January and February are months of birth growth, months of rejuvenating life, and months of growth. Vietnamese people believe that spring brings good weather and great hope for a happy marriage with obedient offspring so reaching Hanoi in spring for your honeymoon is incredibly romantic and meaningful.

In February, the Tet holiday, the biggest public celebration in Vietnam is an event that you cannot miss. Tet holds the sacred meaning of reunion, renewal, thanksgiving & hope. No matter how far away people work or study, Vietnamese try to save up time and money during the year for homecoming on Tet as it is the perfect time for family gatherings. Like Westerners, on New Year’s Day, family members gather to recap the old year and make resolutions for the new year, let off firecrackers to keep the evil spirit away and perform unicorn dances as well. So, if possible, ask for locals to welcome Tet with them, or at least, come to Hanoi this time to join the most festive atmosphere here.

3. Other seasons to come to Hanoi

3.1. Heat season: March to May

March to May is also good if you enjoy nature, but of course, the caveat is that it’s the domestic peak season. Somehow the late spring to enter summer, tourists will get to experience a less often-seen side of Vietnam. The weather is foul at times if you are not good at enduring heat waves. We bet that you might wish the rain would start falling to break the heat.

There is a special phenomenon occurring in this season called “Nồm”. It is a phenomenon when everything in houses “sweats” due to high humidity (February to April). The level of humidity can be up to 90% or more. Everything is half dry and half wet. The mere thought of it makes people annoyed.

Hung Kings Commemoration Day (March, 10), Vietnam Reunification Day (April, 10) and International Labor Day (May, 1) are three holidays offering shows of tourism and cultural beauty around the country.

3.2. Rainy season: June to October 

Regarding the rainy season, the highest amount of precipitation includes the hottest months and the temperature can be up to 40 Celcius degrees. Sudden rain showers are the norm and sometimes rainbows appear.

September to November is usually referred to as Autumn time, the most idyllic month. Hanoi’s autumn is just the stuff that dreams are made of. Waking up early to take in that crisp autumn air, going on a scooter ride underneath the beautiful autumn foliage, watching the leaves change to a golden yellow and eating a hot soupy breakfast on the side of the street – that’s the perfect day for not only tourists but also locals.  Also, this time offers tourists many signature delicacies such as “com” (nuggets), Floating Rice Cake, Dracontomelon, and so on.

Mid-Autumn Festival (usually falls in September) is one of the most awaited festivals throughout all year. The fest is considered a special occasion for family reunions and brings joy to children. Kids typically hang around with their well-lit lanterns, chanting traditional folk songs, playing traditional games and admiring the lovely moon.

However, this season is less captivating because sometimes heavy rain results in flooded streets and a moist atmosphere facilitates mosquitoes to grow and spread petechial fever. It’s pity that your trips to Hanoi will be ruined by these unexpected things. So if there is something that strongly urges you to visit Hanoi in the rainy season, careful preparedness is a must.

4. Some useful tips for travelers

To have a smooth journey, these are some useful safety tips for you:

4.1. Bring mosquito nets during the rainy season if you go backpacking

As mentioned above, petechial fever is quite dangerous even though we have treatment for it. If you have a petechial fever, the worst scenario is that you would end up hospitalized. The mosquito sucks your blood to nourish her eggs and our trip sadly ended earlier than expected. A mosquito net will protect you from this bloodsucker.

4.2. Equip yourself with hats, umbrellas, and raincoats to avoid heat in hot seasons

Some tourists prefer to soak up the sun but in Hanoi, Vietnam, the hot season is so extreme that many people get sunstroke. Do not underestimate this problem! Also, without umbrellas or raincoats, you may get soaked to the skin due to sudden showers.

If your immunity is weak, it makes sense anyway that you are ill, have to lie on your bed, take some pills and stare dejectedly out the window. A sense of disappointment arises, for sure.

Weighing up all the pros and cons, Metta Voyage highly recommends tourists visit Hanoi during the dry season (November to April) for the sake of your exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

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