1. Hanoi – a culinary playground for aspirational tourists

Gordon Ramsay, a multi-Michelin-starred chef and star of the small screen, has put Vietnamese cuisine high on the top priority of must-try cuisine. During the time he spent in Vietnam to explore the aura of Vietnamese food, he commented: “Thank God I wasn’t born in Vietnam, I’m just a bad cook here” and “Vietnamese people don’t realize how their very cheap dishes have high culinary standards“. That really proves the soul of the S-shaped country’s gastronomy.

By attending Hanoi cooking classes, you will seize the chance to make yourself some famous delicacies of Vietnam. Throughout the itinerary, you would also get a grasp of diverse Vietnamese ingredients and seasonings, and even differentiate them, which is exciting and challenging at the same time. After the class, you would be confident to treat your beloved family and friends to the mesmerizing Viet dishes

2. Typical itinerary of Hanoi cooking classes

2.1. Before the cooking class

By large, cooking classes in Hanoi would last for about 3 hours. You can book the classes online or offline depending on your preference. The cooking classes are suitable for individuals, groups of up to 10 people or families with children as well.

Your journey of learning about Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi will start with your successful enrollment, then you attend the class at the appointed time. English-speaking cooks will welcome you to the class and spend some time getting to know each other before giving you detailed instructions on what you will experience.

Next, you will go to a traditional market nearby where you can buy different types of cooking ingredients and seasonings. Open-air traditional markets are associated with Vietnamese culture and lifestyle and vary according to regions and tastes. In Hanoi, they represent the beauty of the North. Tourists are guided to find needed ingredients for the dishes they will make and particularly, learn how to bargain so that next time, they will not be ripped off. Also, the guide will tell you the distinguishing characteristics of each ingredient.

2.2. During the cooking class

After getting enough ingredients, it’s time to cook some famous dishes. First, you are instructed on the dishes’ principles and cooking methods, then you will get your hand into cooking. Do not worry that you will make a mess because the cook is always standing by your side to help you until you finish cooking. During that process, the stories behind every dish are told in an absorbing way.

2.3. After the cooking class

Having cooked all the dishes you’ve prepared during the class, you can take some photos, enjoy your masterpieces to celebrate your achievement, or bring them home to eat with other people. At the end, you will be awarded a certificate as proof you’ve successfully completed the class.

3. Experience the top 3 cooking classes in Hanoi

3.1. Apron up cooking class – Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem 

  • Price: about $32/Person /Group Tour
  • Ranked 1st by Tripadvisor.

To enroll in the cooking class, tourists can just arrive 15 minutes earlier than the starting time of the class. Specially, you will get the family handed-down recipes and vegetarian versions also.

They provide two types of cooking classes: daily and private. The former includes 5 dishes (Pho, Bun Chả, Nom Du Du (papaya salad) and Cafe Trung) while the latter is much more diverse, including 20 distinctive dishes.

In particular, the cook is explanatory, patient, dedicated and very accommodating to your dietary requirements. Contact Metta Voyage to get more information!

3.2. Hanoi Cooking Class Rose Kitchen in Ba Dinh District

With the price ranging from $39 to $119, tourists can experience the cooking class by Rose Kitchen, ranking 2nd of 192 classes and workshops in Hanoi. Rose Kitchen offers the finest cuisines of Vietnam to serve the pickiest eaters and prepare detailed recipes for learners to cook the most authentic taste of Vietnamese food.

  • 2 class shift options are available:

➡ Morning Class: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

➡ Afternoon Class: 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM

The morning class is recommended because the market tour is more lively earlier in the day and the chance for you to get fresh vegetables and other commodities is higher, which creates a real taste of the dishes.

Together with the certificate, a recipe e-book was sent to tourists’ emails after the cooking class. It’s extremely convenient for them to practice cooking when they return home.

3.3. Excellent Street Food Cooking Class Tour – at Kim Tours’ Building

  • Price: 35 USD/Person /Group Cooking

With the slogan “See and Eat like a Hanoian”, the Street food cooking class tour is an ideal place for tourists to learn how to cook Vietnamese street food & drink, including Banh Cuon, Bun Cha, Bun Rieu Cua, Pho, Hanoi Coffee, Chao Ca (fish soup), Xoi (sticky rice), etc.

Being a good value tour of several establishments in the old town, tourists flocking to this cooking class is not a surprise. The incentive to travelers is that the tour guide is very friendly and passionate about her job. During the course, tourists can taste rice wine, fresh beer and local desserts.

Another plus point of this cooking class tour is that you can try to cook many different dishes and some would be shocked that Vietnamese street food is gluten-free, mouth-watering and wholesome! This experience will boost your confidence to order street food without worrying about your health.

3.4. Blue Butterfly Cooking Class

  • Located at 69 Ma May Street, the Old Quarter, Hanoi, Blue Butterfly

It is a lovely restaurant set in a 100-year-old building. With dedication, the cooks here not only want to offer tasty food but also provide classes for tourists to immerse themselves in the food processing.

The price for cooking classes is approximately $35/person and its recipes are Vegetarian Friendly, including Vegan Options and Gluten Free Options. Along with the aforementioned dishes from other cooking classes, this class also offers Vietnamese banana flower salad, which has been highly recommended by tourists recently.

Are you ready to get a full hands-on experience of discovering Vietnamese cuisine and culture?  CONTACT Metta Voyage to get ready to have a great 3 hours-cooking experience! We make sure that it will leave a good impression on you thanks to the fresh taste and friendly teaching method.

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