1. Overview

Indeed, the coffee culture in Vietnam is deeply ingrained in the country’s daily life. Usually, people use a coffee cup in the morning before going to work or school, they use coffee when they want to discuss a business or when they reunite with friends. Today, Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee exporter after Brazil, and coffee is a key part of the country’s economy and cultural identity, including Cafe Giang Hanoi. Giang Cafe has been popular over the years and still remains the best flavor that people love. Associated with generations, Cafe Giang Hanoi always attracts people with unique Egg Coffee cups that are unmatched anywhere else.


2. Cafe Giang Hanoi – A Place Popular Over The Years 

2.1. The Ways To Get Cafe Giang

By taxi/ Grab: Taxis and Grab are a convenient way to get to Cafe Giang Hanoi if you are a tourist, extremely quickly for a book in the center. As a rough estimate, a taxi or Grab ride from the central areas of Hanoi, such as Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, or Hai Ba Trung districts, to Cafe Giang Hanoi in the Old Quarter should cost between 40,000 to 70,000 VND.

By motorbike: Going by motorbike is also the best way, because of the coffee in Hanoi Old Quarter, you can easily find the place. If you are a tourist, as an estimated price for a motorbike from your hotel, the daily rental cost for a basic scooter can range from 100,000 to 200,000 VND.

By public transportation: You can take bus number 14 or 8A to go to Cafe Giang Hanoi. Also, you can check the bus schedules and routes online or ask a local for directions. The fare is typically around 7,000 VND to 9,000 VND per person for a single ride.

2.2. History Of Cafe Giang 

Cafe Giang has been present since 1946, which means it has existed for more than 70 years in Hanoi, a characteristic coffee culture worth preserving. This cafe does not need too much advertising, this place has been passed on by word of mouth and has been attached to the capital for a long time.

Around 1930, Mr. Nguyen Van Giang worked as a bartender at the five-star Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. Because of the lack of fresh milk for coffee, Mr. Giang thought of a way to try using eggs to make a concoction. Since then, the brand Cafe Giang began to be born.

When it first opened, the cafe was just a small temporary place, but then thanks to the support of customers, it gradually moved to more spacious premises at 90 Cau Go. Next, Cafe Giang moved to Ta Hien and then to 7 Hang Gai.

Around 1988 – 1989, when Mr. Giang died, his descendants split up and opened their own egg cafes. Today, the main cafe is located at No. 39, Nguyen Huu Huan, attracting many domestic and tourist visitors daily.

2.3. The Space Of Cafe Giang

The space of Cafe Giang is cozy and intimate, with a traditional Vietnamese decor that adds to its charm. The cafe is located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, so the style is also bold in the old Hanoi.

The building that houses Cafe Giang is a narrow, three-story structure with a small alley before entering the shop. Outside there is a black signboard, big enough for visitors to identify. The furniture and decor are simple and functional, with wooden tables and chairs and a minimalist aesthetic.

One thing is that the space is quite small, so you should come during the week instead of the weekend, which is very crowded with no seats.

2.4. The art of making Egg Coffee 

The art of making Egg Coffee is one of the unique and traditional methods of brewing coffee that originated in Vietnam, and Cafe Giang in Hanoi is known for its famous Egg Coffee. The price was only 35,000 VND.

2.4.1. Ingredients and process of making Egg Coffee

The drink is made with strong Vietnamese coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and a frothy egg yolk mixture. Making Egg Coffee requires a certain level of skill, as the egg yolk mixture must be whisked until it is thick and creamy, and the frothed egg whites must be carefully added to the coffee to create a balanced and delicious drink.

2.4.2. Unique flavors and texture of Cafe Giang’s Egg Coffee 

The egg yolk mixture adds a unique texture and taste to the coffee, and the combination of sweetened condensed milk creates a velvety and creamy consistency that is a hallmark of this beverage. Surely, you will feel the bitter taste of coffee, the fat of eggs, and the aroma when it is brought out.

2.5. Other Best-Selling Beverages 

2.5.1. Egg Cocoa 

Egg Cocoa is another popular beverage at Cafe Giang Hanoi, which is a variation of the traditional Egg Coffee. The drink is made with the same frothy egg yolk mixture used in Egg Coffee, but instead of coffee, it is mixed with hot cocoa to create a rich and chocolatey drink. It is the perfect alternative for those who do not prefer coffee or prefer a non-caffeinated beverage.

  • Price: 35,000 VND

2.5.2. Black Coffee 

Black coffee is a classic and simple beverage that is enjoyed by coffee lovers all over the world. At Cafe Giang Hanoi, black coffee is also a popular option for those who prefer a more straightforward coffee experience. For those who prefer their coffee with a bit of sweetness, Cafe Giang Hanoi also offers sugar and condensed milk as an option to add to the black coffee, allowing you to customize your coffee to your liking.

  • Price: 30,000 VND

2.5.3. Egg with Mung Bean 

Egg with Mung Bean has a sweet and savory drink that combines the flavors of eggs and mung beans. The result is a unique and flavorful beverage that combines the creamy and sweet texture of the egg yolk mixture with the nutty and slightly earthy flavor of the mung beans. This beverage is also worth trying when coming to Giang Cafe.

  • Price: 35,000 VND

2.6. Customer’s Review 

Best egg coffee in Vietnam!

Best egg coffee in Vietnam and visited the cafe everyday when I was in Hanoi. The cafe gets really busy but feels very authentic and the staff are friendly. I got the almond egg coffee and normal egg coffee. Definitely worth a visit.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

“Stunning flavor! 

We were recommended to try this drink. Magnificient, the sweet from the cream egg mixed with the bitterness of coffee is totally mind blowing. Super.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

The original Egg Coffee! 

My friends in Hanoi had recommended it. I had no chance to try more egg coffees somewhere else, but I definitely liked this one. Long list of egg coffees to choose from. Part of the experience is the place itself, you enter from a very narrow corridor from the street, and you unexpectedly end up in a very busy multi floor environment, unusually decorated, with extremely small tables and chairs. A bit crazy, I loved it, definitely a must do in Hanoi.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

Thus, Giang Coffee Hanoi not only preserves the long-standing tradition of coffee culture but also keeps its delicious and unique flavor intact, not duplicated anywhere else.

2.7. Notes

You can buy Vietnamese Green Rice sold under the cafe to bring up to eat – a specialty in Hanoi that many tourists enjoy when they come to drink Giang coffee.

At the same time, after paying, you can get a ticket at the counter to get free parking when you leave.

To Wrap Up, Giang Cafe is a place to be noticed on your visit list when you come to Hanoi; with its rich history, welcoming atmosphere, and signature egg coffee, Cafe Giang Hanoi is a true gem. So please treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast, stop by Hanoi’s Old Quarter, and enjoy a long-standing famous coffee flavor – Cafe Giang Hanoi and feel the interesting culture here. If you want to explore other cultures in Hanoi, Metta Voyage will recommend the “Culture & Street Food Tour in Hanoi” tour.

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