Mui Ne – Phan Thiet has many unique attractions such as white sand dunes, red sand dunes, Poshanu Cham Towers and Fairy Stream. Besides, Mui Ne is also famous for diverse sports activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, golf and even parachuting. With interesting destinations and good accommodation facilities, Mui Ne is becoming a favorite destination of many tourists.

Mui Ne Beach

Many travelers consider Mui Ne to be a tourist paradise when they visit. A crucial step in having the best possible trip is “booking” a “suitable” hotel in addition to finding entertaining things to visit in Mui Ne. Metta Voyage would like to suggest the top 10 popular hotels Mui Ne Beach!

Top 10 Ideal Hotels Mui Ne Beach

1. Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel

Mui Ne Hills Bliss is the first option on Metta Voyage’s list of affordable Mui Ne lodgings. Due to its stunning environment close to the sea, accessible position to explore tourist attractions, and incredibly low pricing for a 3-star fully-equipped hotel, this is a popular stay for many couples.

The hotel is located on a hill more than 300 meters high, near Ham Tien beach. So no matter where visitors stand, they can see and feel the fresh air from the sea.

Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel

“Good Service! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel. The staff were very helpful and friendly, the room was neat and tidy, the pool and facilities were great. We were sad to leave, and we will be back! Highly recommend this hotel.” reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

2. Volga Apartment Hotel

If visitors are looking for a hotel in Mui Ne near the sea, with an outdoor swimming pool, standard rooms, and cheap prices, then Volga Apartment Hotel will certainly be the perfect destination.

The hotel stands out in the center of the city with white houses and red tile roofs, surrounded by green coconut trees and a very romantic flower-filled campus. In addition to the basic furniture, each room here is equipped with a kitchen area so that visitors can cook delicious dishes for their family and friends.

Volga Apartment Hotel

“Good Service! Everything about this hotel is great. The restaurants offer both northern and Asian food. The quality of the food is excellent. Service was excellent although the staff spoke little English. I would go back there in a heartbeat!” reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

3. Suoi Tien Hills Hotel

Suoi Tien Hills Hotel is a beautiful and modern accommodation in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. The hotel is in a great location on the hill, offering guests a great view of the city and Phan Thiet bay. Suoi Tien Hills Hotel has a total of 146 rooms with luxurious design and full equipment, including amenities such as outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, bar, gym, spa and conference center

Suoi Tien Hills Hotel

“Good Service! My whole family stayed here for 2 days. Room is very nice and modern. My family had a really peaceful rest day!”  reviewed on the Facebook platform.

4. Damina Boutique Hotel

Damina Boutique Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Mui Ne with luxurious and comfortable rooms. This hotel is often appreciated for its convenient location, only about 200 meters from Mui Ne beach, near many eateries and shops. Customer reviews about this hotel are also generally very positive, showing that they are satisfied with the professional service, friendly staff and quiet space.

Damina Boutique Hotel

“Good Service! The food was delicious and was included in the room rate. I am very happy with my room. It has all the amenities I need. My room has a very nice view. The back of the hotel is the beach and we are very comfortable because of that.”  reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

5. Bamboo

The Bamboo 4-star standard, near the sea is praised by many tourists when coming here. With a convenient location, full facilities and beautiful, clean, airy space, it is perfectly suitable to come here to relax for visitors’ vacation. The staff is very enthusiastic and hospitable, ensuring that visitors will like it the first time they come here.


“Good Service! My family has also traveled to many places, but Bamboo Village is the place my family likes and has the most memories. This place has a peaceful space, beautiful scenery, well-groomed green trees, near the sea, lovely service staff and delicious food. My family still has pictures taken in the old days at this place. Bamboo is always the first choice of the whole family when summer comes.” reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

6. Nang Hon Rom

Mui Ne Hotel near the sea – Nang Hon Rom with a beautiful view of Mui Ne sea is a place not to be missed. Located close to the sea, Nang Hon Rom will be suitable for customers who love the sea, love the gentle sea breeze. The rooms at the hotel are fully equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, television, hot water kettle.

Nang Hon Rom

“Good Service! The campus is very clean and green, it is very suitable for relaxation and picnic. Staff were friendly and enthusiastic. There is a separate seafood sale area and an area for guests to play and grill their own seafood. A bit far from the center, visitors can contact the reception to call a taxi.”  reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

7. Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne

Muong Thanh Hotel has been very famous in the tourism and hotel industry because it is present in most of the famous tourist destinations with extremely beautiful, luxurious interior design and architecture. Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne is a paradise for travel and rest.

Besides, Mui Ne hotel is close to the sea and it has a gym, a steam room and a cool outdoor private swimming pool. Professional and attentive staff is also a big plus when many tourists come here

Muong Thanh Holiday Mui Ne

“Good Service! I am very satisfied with my stay at the hotel. This place has good service quality. The breakfast is delicious, especially the swimming pool which has a beautiful view. Rooms are very clean. Staff are enthusiastic. Thank you to Ms. Thao and Ms. Le Ba at the front desk for welcoming and taking care of me enthusiastically.”  reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

8. Meraki Oasis Hotel

In Binh Thuan, the Phan Thiet Meraki Oasis Hotel resembles a paradise oasis. The hotel’s address is directly on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, the street that leads to the busy center. Visitors can explore and enjoy the various great restaurants and cafés that surround Meraki Oasis Hotel.

Meraki Oasis is beautifully designed with Greek Santorini style on the beach of Phan Thiet. A poetic beauty that touches people’s hearts. Coming to this beautiful oasis Phan Thiet hotel, at any corner, visitors can own impressive photos.

Meraki Oasis Hotel

“Good Service! It’s nice to be able to stay at the Meraki Oasis. What impressed me the most was the service style of the entire staff. All the brothers and sisters are happy, friendly and attentive. I wish everyone the best of health and keep up the good work. See you again !”  reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

9. Minhon Phan Thiet Hotel

Right on Ham Tien beach is where visitors will find the Phan Thiet Minhon Hotel. The beach’s fine sand is barely 150 meters away for visitors to reach. The hotel has a view of the serene, open sea. Visitors may easily travel the 1.3 kilometers to the Surfpoint Kitesurf Center. The distance to Windchimes Kitesurf School is 5 kilometers.

Visitors can come here to experience refreshing their vacation. Because it is located near the sea, the hotel has designed a sun terrace for guests to relax in the sun. This Phan Thiet hotel has a traditional design and is suitable for the peaceful sea space. The hotel provides a variety of convenient services such as a luxurious restaurant, free private parking, a green outdoor swimming pool, convenient valet parking and free bicycle rental service.

  • Address: 210/5 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Quarter 2, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan
  • Phone number: 0252 6515 178
  • Email: [email protected] 

Minhon Phan Thiet Hotel

“Good Service! Hotel is like a miniature villa. There are quite a few amenities here. All rooms have a pool view. Breakfast is delicious and the staff is very friendly. It is quite close to the sea, especially to the Fairy Stream area. Everyone should come and experience it.”  reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

10. Venus Hotel Mui Ne Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet Venus Mui Ne Resort is located right next to the beach. The hotel in Phan Thiet is just steps from Mui Ne Market and 300 meters from Storm Kiteboarding Center. Windchimes Kitesurf School is 1.2 kilometers from the hotel.

The Venus Hotel on Mui Ne Beach is renowned for its beauty, serenity, and gentle winds. Large windows in all of the Phan Thiet hotel’s rooms take advantage of this, letting in plenty of natural light and cool sea breezes.

This is an option that is extremely close to nature and extremely relaxing. The rooms are fully equipped with amenities such as flat-screen TVs, minibars, etc. The private balconies of the rooms are designed facing the hotel’s green garden or towards the dreamy sea.

Guests at the hotel in Phan Thiet can savor delectable delicacies from the restaurant in the property’s magnificent garden. In addition to providing traditional Vietnamese cuisine, the bar offers a variety of specialty drinks and fine wines. The front desk staff is on duty around-the-clock to help visitors.

  • Address: 202 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Quarter 2, City. Phan Thiet
  • Phone number: 0943 333 333 – 025 7777 7777
  • Website:

Venus Hotel Mui Ne

“Good Service! I am very satisfied with the service here. Rooms are cheap and clean. The hotel cooks very well, you can buy seafood thanks to the kitchen processing. Staff are enthusiastic. Our family will be back.”  reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

Above are the top 10 popular hotels at Mui Ne Beach in Phan Thiet. Hopefully with the above information, visitors will easily choose the hotel that suits their needs and price. Contact Metta Voyage immediately to update more interesting tourist information!

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