1. About West Lake Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital and one of the two largest cities in Vietnam. With a tropical monsoon climate, when traveling to Hanoi, you can enjoy all four seasons of the year. Hanoi’s West Lake has long been one of the most attractive places for tourists to come here.

West Lake, also known as Kim Nguu Lake, Sac Cao Dam, Doai Ho, Dam Dam, and Lang Bac, is located in the northwest, in Tay Ho district, Hanoi. The lake is surrounded by Thanh Nien, Au Co, Thuy Khe, Lac Long Quan, and Nghi Ham streets. The lake was formerly a section of the Red River, undergoing a process, but the stagnation and flow of the river made it the largest natural lake in the capital. With an area of about 500 hectares, the length of the lake around the lake is about 18 km.

2. Where is West Lake? How to get to West Lake?

West Lake is located in West Lake District, Hanoi City. West Lake is about 11 kilometers from the city center. 

The road to West Lake is not too difficult, and you can move in many ways. If you are in the inner city, you can follow a separate road. If you are far away, you can take a plane, bus, or train to Hanoi and then hire a Grab taxi or bus to go to West Lake.

3. What season is the most beautiful to travel to West Lake?

West Lake has each season’s own scenery and beauty, so you can come here at any time of the year. The ideal period will be in the summer (May to August), when the weather is also very reasonable to travel and experience the attractive games here, or in the autumn (August to October). At this time, the weather in the capital is quite cool; there is no rain or strong sunshine, so it will be very convenient to visit many famous landmarks.

4. Interesting things to do in West Lake

4.1. Going to West Lake Water Park

Ho Ta Water Park attracts a lot of visitors to have fun. The peak season at West Lake Water Park usually falls on summer days from May to July. You can immerse yourself in the cool, clear water or try adventure games such as tube slides and chute slides.

Address: 614 Lac Long Quan Street, Nhat Tan Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City.

Ticket prices: from Monday to Friday are 6 USD/adult, 5 USD/child. Saturday and Sunday are 7.2 USD/adult, 5.9 USD/child.

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4.2. Check in the flower valley of West Lake

West Lake Flower Valley is definitely a familiar place to check in at West Lake. For young people who are passionate about photography, it is impossible to ignore the beautiful shimmering daisy photos here. Admission is 5.1 USD per person for adults and 3.4 USD per person for students.

4.3. Rowing SUP in the West Lake

SUP rowing, or paddle boarding, is a new sport that has been extremely loved by young people in Hanoi in recent years. You will also learn the skills to steer the SUP in the right direction.

For those who are exposed to the sport of SUP for the first time, it only takes 15-20 minutes to listen to the instructor to be able to understand how to paddle and move on the water.

Some addresses for rent rowing paddle sup in West Lake

– Paddle Station Café

  • Address: 29 Nguyen Dinh Thi Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City.

– Hanoi Kayak Club

  • Address: 267 Trich Sai Street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city.
  • The price of rowing SUP paddles in West Lake varies depending on the rental location, usually ranging from 8.5 USD to 10.6 USD per rowing session.

4.4. Ride ducks to discover West Lake

The area of West Lake is 500ha wide, airy, and fresh, making it ideal for you to ride ducks, admire the scenery while chatting, or take pictures. After buying tickets, you will be guided by the marina staff to wear life jackets and follow rules to ensure safety when participating in activities. About 10 minutes before the timer expires, there will be an announcement speaker.

  • Ticket price: 1.8 USD – 2.4 USD/ 1 hour.


4.5. Cycling around West Lake

The West Lake area is quite large, you should rent a bicycle or an electric scooter for convenient walking around the lake, sightseeing, or participating in many other fun activities.

  • Price: 1.3 USD/3 hours, weekend price will increase from 1.7 USD – 2 USD/3 hours.

4.6. Drinking coffee and enjoying the view of West Lake Hanoi 

If you are a coffee lover, enjoying lakeside coffee will be very interesting. At delicious cafes in West Lake Hanoi, there is beautiful and romantic decor and space. You can not only taste the typical coffee flavor but also have a wonderful view of West Lake Hanoi. Around the lake, there are many shops for you to choose from, such as Maison de Blanc, LeMarz Coffee Roastery, Maison de Tet Decor, Platform Coffee & Cake, 6 Degrees, etc.

5. Popular tourist attractions near West Lake Hanoi

5.1. Ancient Village in West Lake Hanoi

You may not know that around the West Lake of Hanoi, there are still many ancient villages. No matter how society changes and develops, these villages still retain their inherent ancient traditions. You can visit: Nghi Tam village in Quang Ba – the hometown of Ba Huyen Thanh Quan; Xuan Tao village with a shock temple – a place to worship Saint Like; Trich village –  where Thien Nien pagoda worships the ancestor of weaving; and Nhat Tan village – famous for the peach blossom on Tet holiday.

5.2. Thanh Nien Street, Trinh Cong Son Pedestrian Street

Trinh Cong Son Pedestrian Street and Thanh Nien Street are two ideal destinations that anyone who comes here wants to experience. In Trinh Cong Son pedestrian street, there are many stalls designed in the architectural style of Hoi An’s ancient town.

Thanh Nien Street, located near West Lake Hanoi, is known as the romantic street” and the cleanest road in the capital. This road was built in 1957 to separate West Lake Hanoi and Truc Bach Lake from a narrow dyke. Thanh Nien Street today is extremely crowded and bustling, with many green trees on both sides of the road. Lost on the road, visitors will feel extremely comfortable.

5.3. Phu Tay Ho next to West Lake Hanoi

An ancient temple built in the 17th century, the work was built according to three-door architecture. This is a place near West Lake Hanoi frequented by locals and tourists. At the beginning of every year’s festival or the beginning of the month, many people come here to pray for good luck and learn about long-standing traditions.

  • Address: 52 Dang Thai Mai Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City.

5.4. Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tan Quoc Pagoda is a small temple located in the east of West Lake Hanoi. With a long history of more than 1500 years, this is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in the Capital region.

With an area of more than 3000 square meters, there is a 15-meter-high Bao Thap right in front of the pagoda. This is not only a place where tourists often come to pray for luck, peace, love, etc, but also to see the beautiful and sharp architecture of Buddha statues and towers. 

  • Address: The pagoda is located on Thanh Nien Street, right next to West Lake and Truc Bach Lake.


5.5. West Lake Hanoi Cuisine

In addition to Ho Tay soup, when coming here, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious and famous dishes such as:

Shrimp cake covered with Tay Ho 

You can see many shrimp cake shops on Thanh Nien Street. In addition to shrimp cakes, there are also pancakes, snails, etc.


Thuy Khue hot snail: The space is a bit cramped but very cozy. In addition to snails, you can also try other dishes such as fried quail with tamarind, fried spring rolls, etc.

Cutisun: Cutisun is a restaurant specializing in beef steak. The steak here is divided into many types with different prices, ranging from 3 USD to 8.5 USD per serving.

  • Address: 3 lanes 120, Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city.
  • Tel: (+84) 247 108 4480

In addition, there are other attractive dishes such as snail vermicelli, fish vermicelli, traditional Chinese medicine chicken, coconut jelly ice cream, West Lake ice cream, hot spring rolls, pancakes, spring rolls Thuy Khue, etc.


Through the article on Metta Voyage, I hope to share some more information about discovering West Lake Hanoi with you. West Lake Hanoi brings a peaceful, gentle beauty to help people relieve the worries and pressures of daily life. At the weekend, come here with your family and friends to discover your ideal destinations!

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