Have you been dreaming of visiting the beautiful Ha Long Bay in Vietnam? Look no further because an Ambassador Cruise Halong Bay experience is the perfect way to explore all that this majestic destination has to offer. These luxurious boat journeys provide a unique, imaginative, and personalized cruise vacation for you with all-inclusive packages that take care of your every need. From exciting activities like seeing Fire Home Villages or kayaking the limestone caves, to delectable seafood buffets and breathtaking stops throughout spectacular Ha Long Bay – this trip will create memories of a lifetime!

1. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is an awe-inspiring natural wonder located in Vietnam’s northern Quang Ninh Province. The bay is dotted with more than 1,600 towering limestone islands and emerald waters that have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Its unique beauty has made it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, drawing millions of visitors every year who come to explore its hidden coves and caves, take boat cruises around its many islands, or simply relax on its tranquil beaches. Ha Long Bay also provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as kayaking and rock climbing. With its stunning scenery and wealth of attractions, Ha Long Bay is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Vietnam!

2. Introducing the Ambassador Cruise Halong Bay

Address: Room 1102, 11th Floor, Hanoi Tower, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: (+84) 19003045

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Experience the beauty of Ha Long Bay in style with Ambassador Cruise. With two luxurious ships – Ambassador Overnight Cruise I and Ambassador Day Cruise II – you can enjoy opulent cabins, deluxe restaurants featuring premium Asian-European cuisine, stylish twin sundecks with a 360° panoramic view of the bay, an open-air Jacuzzi pool, bars, and a spa lounge.

There are 3 types of cruise are available for your choice:

Cruises’ Reference of Ambassador Cruise 

ItemsAmbassador Cruise IAmbassador Day Cruise IIAmbassador Day Cruise III
TypeOvernight CruiseDay Cruise (Optional Overnight Cruise)Overnight Cruise
Capacity46 cabins | 120 passengers45 cabins | 500 passengers50 cabins | 150 passengers
Number of floors555

3. Luxurious Accommodation

3.1. Design style

Ambassador Cruise Ha Long is designed as a famous and unique bay hotel with luxurious white color as the main theme. The yacht appears most prominently and delicately in the Halong Bay area with a length of up to 96m2 and a width of up to 13.2m2.

The Ambassador Cruise Ha Long Bay has five incredibly modern main decks. Each floor features a room system, comfortable and luxurious amenities, a restaurant system, swimming pools, a piano lounge, and an incredibly spacious and airy double sundeck area.

3.2. Rooms on Ambassador Cruise

Cabins’ Reference of Ambassador Cruise 

CabinsAreas (m2)Room SpecsCapacity
Ambassador Deluxe 30Full Side Ocean View



Private Balcony

2 Adults & 1 Child
Ambassador Premium30Full Side Ocean View



Private Balcony

2 Adults & 1 Child
Presidential Suite90Full Side Ocean View


Shower & Jacuzzi

Private Balcony

2 Adults & 1 Child
Ambassador Suite30Non-Smoking



2 Adults & 1 Child
Ambassador Captain Suite30Non-Smoking



2 Adults & 1 Child

All three cabins offer special packages that include a free shuttle bus round trip, Halong kayaking for 3 Days 2 Nights program, and included VAT Tax & Booking fee. These packages are created to provide convenience and savings for you to enjoy the unique experience of a cabin vacation. With the free shuttle bus round trip, you can take advantage of easy access from your cabin to nearby attractions and activities.

3.2.1. Ambassador Deluxe

The Deluxe room is the first and most popular accommodation class on the Ambassador Cruise. The Deluxe room, with its unusually spacious 30m2 area, is suitable for people who value solitude, elegance, and modernity. The room has a large double bed as well as modern and high-class amenities such as a two-way air conditioner, luxury lighting system, coffee maker, hot and cold water dispenser, and so on. Besides, the surrounding room is also designed with a modern glass windows system to take advantage of natural light as well as help you fully enjoy the attractive Ha Long Bay scene right in the room.

3.2.2. Ambassador Premium

Situated on the second and fourth floors of the Ambassador Cruise, guests can select a Premium room with a space full of modern, sophisticated, and luxurious amenities. The room is decorated in a fashionable European style, with deep tones that make every person who comes here feel comfortable, light, and strangely tranquil.

3.2.3. Ambassador Suite

If you prefer greater space and amenities can easily select the yacht’s Suite room. The room provides a beautiful bay view, a private place, and enough of space for comfort and leisure. Furthermore, upon entering the Suite room, you will notice the bathtub next to the glass window with a spectacular bay view. You can unwind in the bathtub while gazing out at the lovely natural environment.

3.2.4. Ambassador Captain Suite

It is the same suite as the Ambassador Suite, with an area of 38m2, but with 180-degree wide glass doors, you can enjoy the complete panorama of Ha Long Bay and lyrical nature. Every line and minor feature of the room is carefully considered, such as the reading chair, tea table, private bathtub next to the glass window, and so on.

3.2.5. Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite, located on the 4th floor of the yacht, is the largest and most unique room level at Ambassador Cruise. The apartment has modern and exquisite amenities as well as a unique panoramic view of the most magnificent international 5-star presidential room.

3.3. Some outstanding utilities

Ambassador Cruise is not only appealing for its convenient, modern, and super luxurious accommodations worthy of the title of a top luxury yacht in the center of the world’s natural wonders, but it also provides numerous amazing and appealing amenities. It is on par with any 5-star hotel or resorts on the mainland.

3.3.1. Twin Sundecks

Ambassador Cruise has a 600m2 double sundeck that is three times bigger than the usual sundeck. You can sunbathe comfortably, watch the sunset and sunrise with family and friends, and sip cool glasses of water or cozy afternoon teas here.

3.3.2. Open-air Jacuzzi pool

This is the most favorite area of all visitors when stopping at Ambassador Cruise. The yacht’s swimming pool is currently the largest outdoor swimming pool in Ha Long area, promising to bring one-of-a-kind experiences.

3.3.3. Premium Cuisine

The restaurant area with a sophisticated fantasy design space is not to be missed when experiencing the 6-star Ambassador Cruise. The restaurant can serve up to 100 people in a cozy and beautiful setting surrounded by glass doors that allow customers to enjoy the scenery as well as the food.

The Ambassador Cruise offers an amazing website cruiser and the opportunity to experience nature’s hidden secrets in all its beauty. From visiting majestic limestone formations and pristine beaches to taking part in thrilling activities such as kayaking and fishing – all while feasting on a deliciously prepared dinner under the stars. Combining that with the unique caves and grottos, this cruise is sure to be an unforgettable journey that you can cherish for a lifetime.  What’s more? You will also get your very own private balcony with every cabin, giving you additional privacy as well as an extraordinary view of Ha Long Bay. So if you’re looking for a truly remarkable cruise adventure for 3 nights 2 days, then look no further! This two-day boutique cruise around Ha Long Bay is jam-packed with activities and stop at some of the Bay’s most gorgeous beaches and natural treasures. Check out the following link to find out the excursion: https://mettavoyage.com/trip/hanoi-halong-bay/

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