1. Overview of Golden Bridge Hoi An

Golden Bridge Hoi An is a stunning architectural marvel located in the Ba Na Hills of Vietnam. The bridge is suspended by two giant stone hands, making it appear as if it’s being held up in mid-air. It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam and draws thousands of visitors each year. The bridge offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and is a great spot for taking photos. It’s also a popular venue for special events, such as weddings and other celebrations. Golden Bridge provides an unforgettable experience for all who visit it, making it a must-see destination in Vietnam!  ​

2. History of Golden Bridge Hoi An

The Golden Bridge Hoi An was designed and built by the Sun Group with contributions from Đai Phuc company, and it opened to the public in June 2018. The Golden Bridge is suspended between two giant hands, reaching out of the Ba Na Hills mountain range. The bridge is 150 meters long and it has the shape of a curved wave, allowing visitors to slowly walk up and down its length. Along with spectacular views of the nearby mountains, visitors can enjoy special activities such as yoga classes or wedding ceremonies on top of the bridge.

Since it opened in June 2018, the bridge has become one of the most visited spots in Vietnam, attracting thousands of visitors each year. During peak seasons and holidays, the population of the bridge can reach up to 5,000 people in a single day. The population of Golden Bridge Hoi An is made up of both local and international visitors, which makes it a great place to meet people from all over the world. The bridge is popular among travelers looking for an exciting and unique experience in Vietnam.  ​

3. Explore Golden Bridge Hoi An itinerary

3.1. How to get there

Golden Bridge located in Bana Hills is about 35 kilometers from Da Nang’s city center, making it relatively easy to reach. Visitors can travel by motorcycle, bus, taxi, or automobile to get there.

Many visitors, particularly young people, like to travel by motorcycle. Motorcycles cost between 100,000 VND and 150,000 VND a day, depending on the kind of vehicle.

Guests can also easily go by automobile. If you’re traveling with a family that has children, you can book a cab package that includes both drop-off and pick-up, plus travel duration of 8 hours and costs around 800,000 VND.

You can also get here by bus. The bus ticket is 140.000 VND per passenger, round trip. The bus is quite convenient, it has a guide from the beginning to the finish of the tour, and each passenger is given free water when riding.

3.2. Ticket prices to visit Golden Bridge Hoi An

To see the Golden Bridge you will have to lose the cable care and entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills

  • Cable car ticket: 840,000 VND
  • Combo cable car + lunch buffet: 1140,000 VND

Entrance fee of Ba Na Hills:

  • Adult: 850,000 VND
  • Child: 700,000 VND based on height (from 1 to 1.4m).

This ticket covers all attractions in Ba Na Hills except for the Wax Museum and some specific games in Fantasy Park. This means that to visit the Golden Bridge, you only need to buy an entrance ticket. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office upon arrival or online at the official Sun World website.

3.3. Discovery Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills

3.3.1. Walking on the Golden Bridge

With its unique architecture and majestic surroundings, walking on the Golden Bridge will be a memorable experience for you. Because the bridge is so high in the hills, the weather is always changing. It turns from gloomy to sunny in 20 minutes, then cloudy and sunny again. You are virtually walking on air! It truly is unlike any other bridge. The Golden Bridge is an ideal place to take photos for all visitors when visiting Ba Na Hills. You will easily get many beautiful pictures shimmering at every angle.

3.3.2. Other attractions in Ba Na Hills

When visiting Golden Bridge, it will be a pity if you do not discover more interesting destinations in Ba Na Hills. Many people often immediately think of Fantasy Park while discussing Ba Na tourism. This is a fantastic park that not only attracts kids but also adults. The playground is separated into three stories and covers an area of about 21,000 m2 with a range of interesting games.

Besides, visitors can also visit Suoi Mo Garden, which combines romantic Aparang purple blossoms with fresh flowers to create a stunning Mo River garden. Guests can explore the cellar Debay and enjoy the beautiful LE JARDIN D’AMOUR garden. This is a deep underground French wine cellar. Visitors come to see the French wine cellar. Visitors will have an exceptionally enjoyable time while sipping a glass of French wine. Visitors will find it impossible to resist the sweet perfume of grapes combined with the sharpness of wine.

4. Tips to visit Golden Bridge Hoi An

4.1. Best time to visit Golden Bridge Hoi An

Golden Bridge Hoi An is in the tourist area of Ba Na situated at an elevation of 1487 meters, and the climate is pleasant all year. In the summer, the average temperature ranges between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. Except for the rainy season, which lasts from October to December, you can visit here at any time. However, the environment has changed dramatically in recent years, so please check the weather forecast before traveling. Spring and Summer is the most lovely season to get there but also quite crowded.

If you visit the Golden Bridge Hoi An in the morning, because the bridge is usually crowded it is recommended that you arrive early at 7 am. Plus, the early morning golden light adds to the atmosphere of your quiet stroll. However, the bridge is best visited around 5:00 p.m., right before sunset. Surprisingly, most people forego the sunset view because they are either hungry, weary or have already departed for home. As a result, you’ll have a less congested bridge, sunset colors, and the most beautiful light for your shots!

4.2. Things you should prepare when traveling Golden Bridge

Because of its great altitude, the Golden Bridge Hoi An is a difficult destination to visit in terms of apparel and accessories. The weather changes quickly and frequently. Spending a whole day in the Ba Na Hills will almost certainly expose you to all four seasons. So, in addition to sunglasses and sunscreen, bring an extra layer. It is not necessary to bring snacks or drinks. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, food vendors, and gift shops.

4.3. Tips to take the best Golden Bridge photos

On the Golden Bridge, there are numerous photo options. If it’s crowded, capturing the perfect shot will take some luck and patience. There are a few other approaches to consider.

When you enter this bridge from the cable car station, grab the inner railing. The sunlight will be behind you in the morning, casting the best light. This is one of the very few places on the Golden Bridge that allows you to get both hands off the bridge in one shot.

Another option for you is the flower garden on the other side of the bridge. From there, you can capture the scene of the bridge and the colorful flower garden. However, that area is often crowded due to a large number of tourists. Finally, try photographing the gardens and the bridge from within the cable car station. Despite shooting through glass, you get an elevated perspective and some fantastic shots.

5. Conclusion

Golden Bridge Hoi An is an attractive tourist destination that you should visit once in your life. Coming here, you can not only admire the poetic and majestic nature but also experience many other interesting activities. Metta Voyage hopes that you can get more useful information from this article, and don’t forget to visit our website.

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