1. Overview of Asia Park Sun World Danang Wonders

Da Nang is a convergence of resorts, entertainment areas, and famous landscapes. Then experiencing fun activities at Asia Park Da Nang, located right on the banks of the Han River, is also very interesting.

Asia Park is a unique entertainment and culinary complex in the heart of Da Nang city. Asia Park has an area of up to 880,082 m2, and the whole work is designed by the famous American architect Bill Bensley.

Asia Park Sun World Danang wonders is a combination of new and unique features of entertainment models in the world with the characteristics of Asian culture. It consists of three main areas:

  • Gateway to Asia Park Da Nang and an outdoor amusement park area with a modern scale.
  • Cultural park area with architectural works and art simulations of 10 Asian countries.
  • Sun Wheel area: the area of interference between traditional and modern features.

2. What’s attractive about Asia Park Danang?

The most impressive thing here is that Asia Park Danang owns many records that will surely make you overwhelmed and excited, namely:

The largest suspension roller coaster in Vietnam with a height of 34m and five continuous 360-degree turns.

Top 10 tallest solar wheel in the world with a height of 115 m.

The amusement park has the largest hanging roller coaster in Vietnam, with a height of 34 meters and five continuous 360-degree twists.

The park has the highest free-fall tower game in Vietnam, with a height of 47m from the ground to the top.

The sky train is ranked the most modern and highest in Vietnam at the moment.

In addition, at the Asia Park, there is also the cultural convergence of 10 miniature Asian countries on the campus, including India, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Nepal.

3. Where is Asia Park Danang located, and when is it open?

With its location in the center of Da Nang city, moving to Asia Park is relatively easy and convenient. If you are in Da Nang, you can come here by basic means such as motorbikes (you can rent motorbikes for between 4.3 USD – 6.4 USD/day), car, taxi, or bus. Depending on the conditions and preferences of each person, choose the appropriate form.

4. Ticket price to Asia Park Danang

In addition to free entry for all visitors, Asia Park also offers preferential tickets for visitors who want to experience unlimited services and high-class games:

Latest Da Nang Asia Park ticket price 2023 (refer to website: https://asiapark.sunworld.vn/)

Ticket TypeAdults over 1m4Children from 1m – 1m4Children under 1m
All in One Ticket (All Games)8.5 USD/ ticket4.3 USD/ ticketFree
Sun Wheel ticket4.3 USD/ ticket2.1 USD/ ticketFree
Indoor Playground Ticket (FEC)1.5 USD/ ticketFree
Tickets for individual games

(in the time frame 19h00-21h00)

2.1 USD/game

4.3 USD/3 game

1.3 USD/ game

2.6 USD/3 game


5. Interesting experiences are not to be missed at Asia Park Danang.

5.1. Trying the attractive games at Asia Park

Dubbed “Asia in miniature in the heart of Da Nang”, Asia Park attracts a large number of visitors thanks to its attractive games as well as unique architectural works from many cultures. Typical games here are:

  • Ninja Flyer: Players will lie down and fasten their seat belts to fly in the air.
  • Journey to the West: a 2-minute revolving cruise in the air.

  • The Flying Kirins: The ship will go out to sea, moving fast and slow as if surfing the sea, bringing a feeling of excitement and surprise to the 120s.
  • Paradise Fall is the first air glider in Vietnam.
  • Golden Sky Tower: You will be soaring into the air at a height of 47 meters and then free-falling at a speed of nearly 70 kilometers per hour.

  • Queen Cobra: the largest suspension roller coaster in Vietnam, with a speed of 80 km/h and free-swinging legs.
  • Singapore Sling: This game will take you up to a height of 30 meters and then rotate you to 360 degrees.
  • Sky Treasure: You will sit in the train and run on the zigzag tracks, which wind up and down at speeds sometimes extremely fast and sometimes slow.
  • Monorail: This is the overhead tram system of Asia Park, one of the most attractive entertainment places in Asia Park Danang, allowing visitors to the park to admire the panorama.

5.2. Games for kids at Asia Park Danang, such as:

  • Dinosaur Island: Dino Island is very attractive to children because they can explore the funny and fancy prehistoric dinosaur world.

  • Festival carousel: like the ferris wheel you played as a child, but much bigger and more beautiful. You will be sitting on colorful horses under shimmering lights.

  • Happy Choo Choo: A tiny train is moving on the tracks for children to explore the world and the colorful ocean.
  • Garuda Valley: This is a roller coaster game for children that is very enjoyable for the little ones.
  • Kabuki Trucks: With the game Kabuki Trucks, your whole family will be sitting on the wheels of extremely lovely and cute convertible cars.

5.3. Explore the PEC indoor game zone – Asia Park

Asia Park’s PEC will make you admire it for its novelty, modernity, and fun. Right from the moment you step in, you will hear exciting sounds, always drawn from electronic games such as the soft play area, the shooter, or the sun blaster ball game area—moments of real relaxation.

5.4. Explore Sun Wheel Square in Vietnam area

This is the heart of Da Nang Asia Park, with a large area with a capacity of up to 10,000 people, where important events in Vietnam often take place. The square has a giant wheel with a height of up to 115 meters that can carry 200 people at once. The wheel is considered a modern work of art from Asia, with a huge size and a system of 13,000 sparkling LED lights.

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5.5. Visiting the cultural park

Cultural Park is the most interesting place in Asia Park Danang because you will admire the unique architecture, culture, and cuisine of 10 Asian countries: Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Vietnam. Some unique architectural works, such as:

  • City Gate: Bearing the typical characteristics of Hue citadel, The Gate—Asia Park attracts viewers with its ancient and splendid nature.

  • Dragon Lake in Japan Zone: The Japanese area in Da Nang Asia Park has the Dragon Lake project inspired by the famous story “7 Dragon Balls”. Although it is only a simulation, the scenery here will give visitors the feeling of traveling in the land of cherry blossoms.
  • Clock Tower next to the “sun wheel” The Clock Tower of Asia Park Da Nang has a height of 29m and nine faces, each of which represents a special culture of the Asian region. This place has a monumental and ancient architectural style, and at night it will be extremely sparkling and beautiful.

  • Maitreya Buddha statue in Vietnam area: The Maitreya Buddha statue is a happy symbol of Asia Park Da Nang. The statue has a height of 4.7 meters, weighs 20 tons, and is cast from monolithic stone. Next to the statue is the quiet Han River.

5.6. Attractive cultural festivals

Not only are the games from gentle to adventurous, Asia Park Danang is also a gathering place for fun festival activities from time to time. Here are some outstanding festivals held at Asia Park Danang.

  • International Lion and Dragon Award: This is a festival held around August or September every year. The festival features competitive performances from lion and dragon teams from Singapore, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, etc.


  • Music Festival: From 6 p.m to 8 p.m every Friday through Sunday, Asia Park Danang will hold music performances by popular bands and singers.
  • Children’s festivals: Asia Park Danang always has fun events dedicated to children with different themes, from Children’s New Year to Mid-Autumn Festival, or simply lantern festivals, festivals, an ice cream festival, etc. At the children’s festivals, young people and children will experience folk games and activities from Vietnam and around the world. 
  • Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2023: DIFF 2023 is scheduled to take place from June 3 to July 8, 2023, at the fireworks stage on the Han River, with the participation of 8 artillery teams, including 7 international teams (England, Italy, Poland, France, Australia, Canada, Finland), and the Vietnamese team from Da Nang.

6. What to eat at Asia Park – Asia Park Danang?

  • Draft Beer Asia Park: Draft Beer Asia Park is one of the branches of the famous Draft Beer Danang system. This place specializes in serving premium draft beer from domestic and foreign brands. In addition, Draft Beer also serves a variety of dishes, most notably delicious grilled dishes prepared by professional chefs.
  • World Buffet Restaurant: The restaurant is decorated with wooden furniture and designed in Asian architectural style. The restaurant space is spacious, with a capacity of less than 700 seats from the garden to the air-conditioned room.

You will discover the cuisine of the whole of Asia with more than 100 typical dishes from many countries, such as Vietnam, Korea, China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.

  • MoMo Coffee: MoMo Coffee, with a variety of delicious drinks and cool ice cream flavors, will be the ideal destination after an exciting tour. The cafe has a very unique and quiet Japanese architectural style.
  • Asia Park Night Market: Asia Park Night Market is designed according to Korean night market standards. This restaurant serves kimchi street food, which is popular in Vietnam. 

Tourist attractions near Da Nang Asia Park include: the Danang 3D Painting Museum, the Helio Center Danang, the Danang Children’s Cultural Palace, the Dragon Bridge, the Museum of Cham Sculpture, the Han River, and a yacht experience.

7. Notes when going to Asia Park – Asia Park Danang

When you buy an entrance ticket, you will be given a bracelet by the staff (the color depends on the type of ticket for adults or children). Remember not to tear it down because there is a code on it and you will use it to join the games.

Choose games that are appropriate for your age, interests, and, especially, health status.

Should prepare hats and, of course, indispensable selfie tools such as cameras, phones, etc.

You should wear flat shoes with soft soles or sports shoes for comfort when visiting Asia Park because it is very large and there are games that are not very gentle.

Asia Park Danang is a popular destination well worth exploring. If you have not been here before and want to have a complete experience, contact Metta Voyage to schedule your trip to the fullest!

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