1. Overview:

1.1. About Ha Giang:

Ha Giang is a province located in the Northeast region, favored by nature for its population of forests, mountains, rivers, and diverse ecosystems. Ha Giang is also the place to keep the long-standing historical relics as well as the unique cultural beauty of 22 ethnic groups in the northern highlands. All have created an attractive attraction that makes travel believers constantly seek out self-sufficient travel experiences in Ha Giang to fully conquer this beautiful mountainous region.

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is an ideal place for those who love to travel or like to experience the Ha Giang Loop. Coming to Ha Giang, you are easily captivated by the majestic mountains, fully enjoying the subtle fragrance of the flowers that cover the small villages.

1.2. What is Ha Giang loop?

Ha Giang Loop is one of the best road trips in Southeast Asia. The riders will experience the 350 km-long road in the northern mountainous region.

Ha Giang Loop

1.3. The best time to visit Ha Giang

If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Ha Giang, October to April are considered the best months to visit Ha Giang, as this is the dry season when it will be easier for you to drive.

2. How to get to Ha Giang?

If you live in the south or central region, you can take a plane to Hanoi. To get to Hanoi, you can take a sleeper bus to Ha Giang

There are many reputable bus operators, such as Hung Thanh, Bang Phan, Quang Nghi, Hai Van, and Limousine, with a variety of bus trips from 16:00 to 21:00 for you to choose from and fares ranging from 8.5 USD to 15 USD per bed.

From Hanoi to Ha Giang, passengers usually take 7–10 hours to travel, depending on the route and the mode of transport they choose.

Motorbike rental locations in Ha Giang:

Ha Giang has a continuous, steep mountain terrain with many very narrow roads and sharp corners, so motorbikes are the most popular means of transport for tourists. Motorbike rental services in Ha Giang are very diverse; they will provide you with a detailed map of the loop, along with lots of useful information and suggestions throughout the process. They also offer free motorcycle lessons for those who are not confident riding a motorcycle here. Some reputable motorbike rental locations in Ha Giang:


Hong Hao motorbike rental

  • Address: 10 Pham Hong Thai Street, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang City.
  • Tel: (+84) 353 982 928

Hang Thuong motorbike rental

  • Address: 15b Pham Hong Thai Street, Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang City.
  • Tel: (+84) 836 399 888


  • Address: Group 1, Cau Me Village, Phuong Thien Commune, Ha Giang City
  • Tel: (+84) 338 023 344 

Giang Son motorbike rental

  • Address: Group 1, Cau Me Village, Phuong Thien Commune, Ha Giang City
  • Tel: (+84) 988 470 863

– Motorcycle rental prices at shops range from 150k–250k per unit per day depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

3. Things to know before you ride a motorcycle to experience the Ha Giang Loop

Most of the locals do not speak English. If you are not Vietnamese, we recommend you learn a few key phrases in Vietnamese. Use the Google Translate offline app on your mobile phone and consider buying a Vietnamese travel phrasebook.

Make sure to have offline maps and offline service apps. 

Good wifi is easy to find in hotels, homestays, and restaurants.

There’s no need to accelerate on a roundabout; make sure you know the corners by pressing the brake.

The weather can be very erratic in the Ha Giang area, so be prepared to experience all the elements of your adventure. 

There are ATMs in larger towns like Ha Giang and Dong Van if you need to withdraw some cash. 

It is recommended to fill up the gas tank twice before the trip, once in Ha Giang and once in Dong Van.

4. What to prepare for the Ha Giang round?

Ha Giang’s climate is usually cool all year round, and the nighttime temperature is often low, so even if you go to Ha Giang in any season, you should remember to bring a warm suit to be able to get through a cold night in Ha Giang. 

Prepare a waterproof windbreaker, bring a raincoat, sunscreen, etc.

Comfortable pants that are not too tight like jeans, khakis, fabrics, ect.

Light sports shoes that fit your feet and are waterproof are preferable. 

Masks, scarves, glasses, Travel gloves, Travel backpacks to store a lot of things and nylon to cover the backpack in case it rains

5. Where to Stay in Ha Giang

Homestay is the ideal choice for you when you come to Ha Giang and want to have the closest and most authentic local cultural experiences at a reasonable cost. Many homestays are set up by locals and provide the service of cooking meals together with the host, or the host personally cooks for the guests. Homestays are available in almost all areas of Ha Giang. Some suggestions for beautiful homestays that are popular by area:

  • In Quan Ba: Dao Lodge Homestay, Ly Danh Homestay, Hong Thu Homestay
  • In Ha Giang City: Lang Tay Homestay, Kiki’s House, Ha Giang Homestay, Bui Ty Ha Homestay
  • In Yen Minh: Bong Bang Homestay, Ha Anh Homestay, Eco Homestay, Tay Coc Pang Homestay
  • In Meo Vac: Vá’s Homestay, Dream Old Guest House, Auberge de MeoVac, Lo Lo Homestay.
  • In Dong Van: Dust Homestay, Dong Van B&B, Ngai Lung Homestay.

Homestay in Ha Giang

Prices for reference homestays in Ha Giang range from 4.3 USD to 17 USD per day.

Homestay in the peak seasons, such as the ripe rice season and the buckwheat season, often has a situation of “burning out” rooms. To choose a suitable and affordable place to stop, you should book the accommodation service 1-2 months in advance when you go.

6. What to eat in Ha Giang

Ha Giang egg rolls: they look like Hanoi rolls, but Ha Giang rolls are a very different culinary experience. Price: 1.2 USD – 1.7 USD/piece.

Ha Giang egg rolls

Men Men Ha Giang: Men men is another name for the traditional steamed cornmeal rice dish of the Mong people. You can buy meat at highland markets that usually take place every Sunday.

Au Tau porridge: Au tau porridge, also known as bitter porridge, is made from poisonous tubers that are abundant in the northern mountainous areas. Delicious Au Tau porridge must be eaten very hot with green onions, perilla, and raw egg yolks; minced meat is the right post. Price: 0.8 USD – 1.7 USD/bowl. 

Au Tau porridge

Bac Me Lam Rice: Bac Me is famous for its delicious sticky rice, which is grilled on charcoal in bamboo tubes covered with banana leaves or fresh dong leaves. Price: 0.6 USD – 1 USD/tube.

Grilled moss: For the Ha Giang people, fascination is a precious dish because they love the rocks outside a lot, but the delicious rot is very scarce; they have to be eaten seasonally and only choose non-green rot. There are many dishes made from donuts such as donuts, reserve dry donuts, but the most special must be the focal pies, chives and spices that characterize the dish very strangely. Price: 0.8 USD – 1.3 USD/piece

Buffalo meat in the kitchen: With a delicious taste, typical of the Northern mountains and forests, and kept for a long time, kitchen buffalo meat is an attractive dish often brought back to the lowlands by tourists. Price: about 34 USD/kg

Thang co: one of the most famous rock and roll specialties. The main ingredients of this dish are the meat and organs of buffaloes, cows, and horses, which are stir-fried and then simmered for many hours with typical mountain spices and cardamom. Price: 2 USD –13 USD/piece.

Thang Co

Thang den: Dessert cake is a favorite “play” of Dong Van people in the winter. The cake will be boiled and then soaked in apricot sugar water with ginger to have a sweet and spicy warmth, and the filling is made from coconut, peanuts, and sesame. The cake is served hot, sprinkled with a little coconut water, and topped with roasted peanuts. Price: 0.2 USD – 0.4 USD/bowl.

Vascular triangle cake: Vascular triangle seeds, which are half the size of a common pea, will be harvested, dried, and then ground by hand until slimy before being baked. The cake will be steamed before baking to create a beautiful, crispy brown crust with a soft inside that is very suitable for eating spicy along the way or gathering as a gift for relatives. Cakes are often sold at markets with prices ranging from 0.4 USD to 0.6 USD per piece.

Vascular triangle cake:

7. Recommended 3-day itinerary for Ha Giang Loop

Day 1: Ha Giang City – Quan Ba ​​- Yen Minh Pine Forest – Dong Van Stone Plateau – Pao’s House – Meo King Palace

Breakfast in Ha Giang City before departure The first destination you will visit is Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate is 43 km from Ha Giang city center. Heaven Gate is 1500 meters above sea level and is considered the gateway to the journey to discover the Dong Van rock plateau. Standing here, you can fully see the majestic beauty, the interference of heaven and earth, of the Northwest mountains and forests.

To the Yen Minh pine forest: You will see a straight line of pine trees and a very pleasant atmosphere. The pine forest also becomes an interesting camping site for many young people. Checking into the Yen Minh pine forest will make you mistakenly think you are in romantic Da Lat.

To the Yen Minh pine forest:

Tham Ma Slope: Dubbed the most dangerous road in Ha Giang When you cross Tham Ma Doc, you will provide Dong Van Da Plateau with a wharf. You can check in with majestic nature and winding slopes below, and with ethnic babies. At the same time, you can take a short break to eat and drink before continuing the journey of discovery.

Pao’s house: Pao’s house is a place located in Lung Cam Cultural Tourism Village. The house is made from precious wood, and along the road to the village there will be a garden of buckwheat flowers and yellow canola flowers. Pao’s movie house is the ideal place to check in. And this place still keeps the daily necessities of the Mong people. Price: 0.4 USD/ticket/person.

Pao's house:

Dong Van Old Town: Dong Van Old Town is the convergence of many ethnic Tay, Hoa, H’mong, Nung, Dao, and Kinh who came to settle down in the early 20th century. Up until now, the old town has retained its ancient beauty glass and a nostalgic atmosphere with typical house features and a mossy yellow color of time.

Moving along the road to Dong Van town, you will see the Dong Van Karst Plateau looming up with majestic mountains.

Dong Van Karst Plateau

The Meo King’s Palace: The Meo King’s Palace is considered the most “expensive” in terms of both historical and monetary value. Beautiful feng shui and building materials are all rare woods. The Meo King Palace owns the architecture and culture of the Mong, China, and France. When visiting, you should move gently and avoid speaking loudly. Price: 0.4/ticket/person

The Meo King's Palace

Evening, You will rest at Homestay in Dong Van town. You enjoy Thang Den in Dong Van’s old town. Price: 0.6 USD per bowl; rest and prepare for the day 2 journey.

Day 2: Dong Van Old Town – Lung Cu – Yen Minh

Check out the homestay and have breakfast at Sister Thu’s egg rolls in Dong Van Old Town. Price: 1.3 USD/bowl. After that, you move on to Dong Van Market. The exit to the market is right opposite the old town; you cross the street and join the weekly Sunday morning market.

Lung Cu flagpole: Continue moving more than 26km to conquer Lung Cu flagpole. Here you will have to climb quite a long ladder, and you have two options to choose from: climbing on foot or renting a tram. 

Lung Cu flagpole

Continue to buy tickets to check in at the flagpole. Price: Tram ticket 0.4 USD – 0.6 USD/ticket – Ticket to visit Lung Cu Flag Tower 0.4 USD/ticket.

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After lunch, you move to the hill of buckwheat flowers. Along the way back from Lung Cu, there are a few Triangle flowers hills.

Triangle flowers in Ha Giang have their own unmistakable attraction. The pale pink petals, adorned with dreamy purple colors, make the whole hill seem to be covered with a carpet of brilliant colors. Flowers grow on hills, on the way, at the foot of the mountain, on the pass, and even bring that intense vitality to the cliffs full of thorns and dangers. Flowering time will last from September to December, but the most blooming time will be on the right holiday.

Triangle flowers in Ha Giang

In the evening, you will reach Yen Minh Town. Check-in homestays are booked in advance. In the evening, there is an exchange between people at home—singing, getting acquainted, baking corn and potatoes—until 22–22:30. Have dinner in town with au tau porridge. Price: 1.5 USD/bowl. Then rest.

Day 3: Yen Minh – Meo Vac – 0 km milestone – Ha Giang city

Check out homestay, breakfast, and then you will move to the Meo Vac District Area:

Ma Pi Leng Pass: With a 20-kilometer-long curvy and rugged pass, Ma Pi Leng Pass is known as one of the “four great peaks” of the northern mountain range, connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac. From the top of the pass, you can see the whole majestic scenery of the jade-green Nho Que river winding around the mountains.

Nho Que river

After that, you will go to Milestone 0 km to check in. Perhaps you would think that landmark zero would have to be on the border between Vietnam and China, like other landmarks located in the wilderness. But with this milestone of km0, it is located in the center of Ha Giang city, where the population is crowded and many people pass by.

Arriving in Ha Giang City, before the end of the journey back to Hanoi, you can stop to enjoy “Che” dishes at the bee shop at 295C Nguyen Trai, Ha Giang City.

The price of 1 cup is quite cheap, mainly with the following dishes: Bee Che, sweet potato Che, sticky rice yogurt, pomelo Che, and sticky camo yogurt have created the brand. Price: 0.6k/cup After that, return the car and prepare to return to Hanoi.

Pomelo Che

8. Conclusion

Above are some of Metta Voyage’s stories about the experience of discovering Ha Giang Loop. I hope this information will help you make your upcoming trip perfect!

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