1. Overview

Ba Na Hills tourist area is a tourist destination that everyone wants to visit at least once in their life. That is the reason why it seems that most tourists when traveling to Da Nang choose to go to Ba Na Hills tour to be able to admire and explore the wonderful beauty of this paradise.

The Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang departing daily will give you many attractive experiences, such as: enjoying the majestic mountain scenery of Ba Na from above by the cable car route that holds four world records; enjoying the special climate of four seasons in one year; Admire the magnificent scenery of buildings bearing bold European architecture in the ancient French village, Enjoy breathtaking views on the Golden Bridge, experience countless games exciting at the world-class indoor amusement park Fantasy Park, buffet meals with hundreds of delicious dishes and many other experiences, etc.

2. Information about Ba Na Hill Tour From Da Nang

Ba Na Hills tourist area is a resort combined with high-class entertainment, bringing impressive experiences in climate, beautiful scenery, and many festival activities, entertainment, and diverse cuisine. form. You can travel to Ba Na Hills at any time of the year. However, the most beautiful and favorable time is from March to September. At this time, there is very little rain and a lot of sunshine, so it will be easier for you to visit and take photos. Ba Na Hills is more than 25–30 km from Da Nang city center and located at an altitude of 1,487m above sea level. Travel time to Ba Na Hills Temple is about 1 hour from Da Nang city center.

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    • Address: An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, Vietnam.
    • Open: 08:00 a.m – 22:00 p.m
  • Reference ticket price:

– Entrance ticket

Ticket type AdultChildren 

(1 meter -1.4 meters )

(Under 1 meter)
Out-of-Province Tourists37.16 USD30.97 USDFree
Danang Tourists24.58 USD20.65 USDFree

– Note: This is the price of the GATE TICKET to Sun World Ba Na Hills (including: round-trip cable car, visiting and experiencing architectural works such as Golden Bridge, Fantasy Park, Moon Castle, etc.).Note: No, including tickets to the Wax Museum, Debay Wine Cellar, and prize games.

– Buffet tickets

Adults (over 1.4m): about 14.45/ticket.

Children (from 1m to 1.4m) cost about 8.67 USD/ticket.

Children under 1 meter are free.

– Tickets to visit the wine cellar: 4.13 USD – 12.39 USD/ticket. Children under 1.4 meters can visit the wine cellar for free, but they are not allowed to use beverage packages at Debay Wine Cellars. Visitors under 18 years old should only use non-alcoholic drinks as prescribed.

– Tickets to visit the wax museum

Adults (from 1.4m): 4.13 USD/ticket.

Children under 1.4m are free.

3. How much does it cost to go to Ba Na Hill from Da Nang for 1 day? Should I choose to go on my own or go on a tour?

To choose to go to Ba Na Hills on your own or with a tour, then we would like to suggest you the cost for a Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang on your own and by tour for your reference:

3.1. Travel expenses to Ba Na Hill from Da Nang one day are self-sufficient

If you choose to travel to Ba Na Hills on your own, the cost will include:

Car rental: The cost of renting a motorbike in Da Nang is 4.13 USD/day, going from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills will add about 2.89 USD for gasoline. Total is 7.02 USD/day. If you take a taxi or rent a car, the cost will be many times higher.

Food costs: This fee is difficult to calculate accurately because it depends on your diet. However, if you go to Ba Na Hills for 1 day and you choose to eat at a buffet, you will spend 15 USD/buffet ticket at the restaurant.

Cost to go to Ba Na Hill to buy a cable car: about 39.13 USD

Cost of entertainment at Ba Na Hills: If you visit the Wax Museum and visit the wine cellar, the lowest cost will be temporarily calculated at 8.26 USD.

Finally, the total suggested cost for traveling to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang on your own will be 66.89 USD/person, other incidental costs are not included.

3.2. Cost of Ba Na Hills tour from Danang one day and services included in the tour

If you go to Ba Na Hills on a tour, you only need to pay once; all the remaining services will be taken care of by the travel company from A to Z. With a price of only about 39,22 USD to 61.93 USD per person (depending on when you register for the tour or depending on the travel company you choose, prices vary), you will enjoy all of the premium travel services below:

The cost of going on a tour is considered by tourists to be cheaper than traveling on their own. 

Tourist cars pick you up and drop you off at your door with experienced drivers with clear qualifications. 

A fun and enthusiastic tour guide will introduce you to all the information you need about the famous tourist destination of Ba Na.

Cable car tickets, buffet tickets at luxury restaurants 

Free mineral water and cold towels 

Sightseeing tickets at locations included in the Ba Na Hills tour from da Nang one day itinerary.

3.3. So when going to Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang, should you choose to go on your own or take a tour?

Depending on the viewpoint each person chooses, each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, based on the comparison of the cost of going to Ba Na Hill on your own and by tour above, you can easily realize that taking a tour will help you save a lot while you still enjoy the high-end travel services and bring you the most complete experience. Going to Ba Na Hills on a tour is the option most people choose today.

4. Suggested itinerary of Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang one day

Around 7:30 a.m., the car and tour guide will pick you up at meeting points from hotels, airports, train stations, bus stations and private addresses within Da Nang city according to the pre-announced time to depart for Ba Na Hills. Arriving at the foot of Ba Na Mountain, visitors check in at the Time Gate, a structure with unique architecture, paving the way for the journey to the magical land atop Nui Chua.

Then you will take the cable car to go to Ba Na Mountain. Sitting in the cabin, you will see the panoramic view of Ba Na Mountains and Da Nang City from above. Coming to Ba Na Hills, visitors will experience the unique landscapes and architectural works in Ba Na:

  • Strolling and checking in at the Golden Bridge is a poetic masterpiece in the middle of the mountains and forests and immerse yourself in the blooming flowers at Le Jardin D’amour flower garden.

  • Another attractive place is Debay Wine Cellars. The place displays hundreds of rare wines with production processes following French architecture. At the end of the wine cellar is a display area and a small bar for you to enjoy or buy. 
  • Visit Linh Ung Pagoda on top of Nui Chua. Here, you can admire the majestic Shakyamuni Buddha statue with a height of 27m, it is located at the highest position in Southeast Asia and is covered with a mysterious layer of mist.
  • Travel by mountain train to admire the majestic nature and enter the magical Moon Castle. You will experience modern virtual reality technology with the “Flying Eye” Airship cinema to see the Moon Kingdom from a completely new perspective. 
  • Explore the Sun God Waterfall area with its unique and impressive beauty. This work is an architectural complex of 43 statues with themes of Greek mythology.

  • You will join the Fantasy Park amusement complex, which has more than 200 diverse free games and many attractive games for adults and children. 
  • Visit the French Village, freely check-in, and take souvenir photos with the spatial landscapes and architecture that make you feel like you are living in the French capital.

Especially at noon, you will enjoy a 5-star buffet on the Ba Na Hills Tour from Da Nang one day. The 200-dish menu offers a variety of 3-region cuisine mixed with Asian and European dishes to help you always feel delicious.

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Around 4:30 p.m., you will be able to ride the cable car down the mountain. The tourist car takes you back to the original pick-up point and ends the 1-day Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang.

5. Experience Ba Na Hills Tour from Da Nang, what do you need to prepare and keep in mind?

Ba Na is very large; apart from the cable car, there is no other means of transportation to help tourists travel. Almost all attractions require you to walk, so you should use low-cut shoes and sandals to avoid foot pain and facilitate movement. 

Although Ba Na is considered a place with a cool climate, it is still quite hot at noon. Don’t forget to bring hats and jackets and apply sunscreen before going.

The weather on Ba Na Hills will change from time to time. In the afternoon and evening, it will be foggy and colder. Remember to bring a light jacket in case it gets cold. 

Have your camera or fully charged phone ready to make sure you don’t miss any moment in this travel paradise.

Avoid bringing valuable objects or jewelry. 

Ba Na Hills does not have stroller rental services for babies or strollers for people with disabilities. You should prepare it at home in advance and bring it with you if your family needs it.

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6. Conclusion

Above is the most useful information about the Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang that Metta Voyage shares, and we hope you will have an interesting trip on this tour. Don’t forget to visit our blog to learn about many other exciting tours.

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