1. Overview about Pu Luong Retreat

Puluong Retreat is located in Pu Luong National Reserve, in Ban Don, Thanh Lam Commune, Ba Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa, about 2 hours drive from Tho Xuan Airport (Thanh Hoa). In addition to moments of peaceful rest at Ban Don, visitors have the opportunity to visit and admire famous tourist attractions such as Hieu Waterfall, Kho Muong Bat Cave, May Waterfall

Puluong Retreat is the best eco-model resort in this land of Thanh. This place brings a fresh and cool atmosphere with a view of hills and terraces that is extremely dreamy and beautiful. Not only that, Puluong Retreat Thanh Hoa always takes care of everything from furniture, design space to comfortable services and quality of service.

2. The best time to travel to Pu Luong

Late May – early June: This is the time when the fields in Pu Luong enter the new crop, so everywhere will be covered with a gentle and fresh green color of new rice.

September or October: This is the most ideal time because at this time, all the fields and terraced fields are dressed in iridescent gold. Coming here, you will admire the rich natural picture of Pu Luong.

You can visit Pu Luong at any time of the year if you don’t arrive during the “golden times” mentioned above, because the air here is airy and fresh all year round.

3. How to move to Puluong Retreat

Pu Luong Retreat is located in Pu Luong nature reserve, in Don village, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, about 156 kilometers from Hanoi. If departing from further provinces and cities such as Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang … visitors need to take a plane to Noi Bai airport (Hanoi) and then move to Pu Luong Retreat. Visitors can also catch a direct flight to Tho Xuan airport (Thanh Hoa) then move to the resort.

Some suggestions on how to move to Puluong Retreat for visitors:

Coach: If visitors travel by coach from Hanoi, it will take visitors about 4 to 5 hours to get to Pu Luong. Visitors can contact the phone number 0986 538 385 of Hoang Phuong operator to book a coach ticket to Pu Luong directly with the listed price on weekdays is 200,000 VND/ticket/pax.

Taxi: Taxi is a fast – compact – convenient means of transport, it is proactive in terms of time and location. However, if tourists choose to travel by taxi, they should actively contact and schedule an appointment with the taxi company, to avoid the case when it is time to go but cannot catch the car. Reference price ranges from 1,280,000 VND/way/4-seat car or 1,980,000 VND/way/7-seat car.

Shuttle service of Pu Luong Retreat: Pu Luong Retreat offers shuttle service from Hanoi. Therefore, visitors can completely choose this service so that they do not have to worry about anything more about moving. The resort’s Shuttle Bus will pick up guests from 7 a.m to 07:45 a.m at the following 3 locations:

  •  No. 76 Ngo Quyen
  •  No. 204 Tran Duy Hung
  •  Crossroads of Giang Van Minh – Kim Ma (direction of Kim Ma – Cau Giay)

The shuttle service fee will definitely be a bit higher than the bus ticket. However, in return, visitors are transported to their destination very conveniently and smoothly.

4. Room system at Puluong Retreat

Currently, Puluong Retreat has 26 rooms overall, divided into the Puluong Retreat and Pu Luong Village classes. In instance, every room type in this hotel has a breathtaking view from above, maybe overlooking hills, valleys, or terraces that exude a varied sense of serenity and relaxation.

4.1. Puluong Retreat

4.1.1. Deluxe Valley-Front Pool Room

  • Area: 42m2 including 12 rooms
  • Each room includes 1 double bed or 2 single beds
  • The private balcony has a breathtaking view of the valley with majestic rice fields
  • 1 long sofa by the window (can be converted into an extra bed), 2 balcony couches, 1 work desk

4.1.2. Valley View Suite Bungalow

  • Area: 50m2 including 3 rooms (Valley View Suite Bungalow is a rare room class)
  • Each room includes 1 double bed or 2 single beds
  • Private balcony, 270 degree panoramic view with entire valley in front, infinity pool on the left and rice fields on the right
  • Outdoor bath
  • 1 long sofa by the window (can be changed into an extra bed), 2 loungers on the balcony, 1 fireplace, 1 small wooden table and chairs in the room, 1 work desk

4.1.3. Valley View Bungalow

  • Area: 42m2 including 8 rooms
  • Each room includes 1 double bed or 2 single beds
  • The private balcony has a spectacular view of the valley with rice fields into the majestic mountains
  • 1 set of small wooden tables and chairs in the room, 2 loungers to rest on the balcony

4.1.4. Comfy Traditional Stilt house

  • Area: 80m2 including up to 16 beds divided into outdoor area and house on stilts
  • The house on stilts is designed to cater for a group of 16 travelers, 8 bed areas (1 double bed or 2 single beds).
  • In the evening, staff will close the curtains and hang mosquito nets
  • 4 outdoor bathrooms and 2 outdoor rooms

4.2. Pu Luong Village

4.2.1. The Valley Home

  • Comfy Traditional Stilt House: designed with 18 beds, 4 bathrooms, and 4 bathrooms in the stilt house fashion.
  • Private Room: including 2 rooms are designed in the style of private rooms located right next to the house on stilts. Note, these two types of private rooms will both share a toilet and bathroom with the Comfy traditional stilt house.

4.2.2. The Panoramic Home

  • Comfy Traditional Stilt House: Designed in the style of a stilt house including 12 beds, 02 toilets and 2 bathrooms.
  • Private Room: consists of only 1 room designed in the style of a private room located right next to the stilt house and all share a bathroom and toilet with Comfy traditional stilt house.

5. Outstanding utility services at Puluong Retreat

5.1. Outdoor swimming pool

Puluong Retreat features 2 outdoor pools with medium depth suitable for both adults and children.

  • The swimming pool at the campus with a depth of 1.5m, a shallow water area of ​​0.5m is suitable for children. Customers can easily access the swimming pool for fun and entertainment without having to go far.
  • The infinity pool has sweeping views of the majestic natural scenery with valleys and rich terraces. The average depth of 1.5m is suitable for adults.

5.2. Cozy cuisine restaurant

The resort’s highest point has a Cozy restaurant installed. It consists of two levels and has a straightforward rustic style and ornamentation made solely of conventional bamboo, wood, and cork, which gives it a very unique, close-knit atmosphere.

The first floor is divided into 2 areas, indoor and outdoor dining areas with a capacity of 40 guests. Here guests can choose from a buffet or a set menu with a variety of Asian and European dishes. In particular, the highlight is the traditional dishes of the Thai people such as upland sticky rice, lam rice, bitter bamboo shoots, Co Lung duck, wild boar, stream fish, hill chicken

5.3. Luxury Bar

The 2nd floor of Cozy restaurant is a nice little bar, it is set up as a mini museum of Thai ethnic crafts. After having a meal, visitors can come here to check-in or discover the Thai ethnic identity or sip a glass of wine in a very cozy and special space.

6. Review about Puluong Retreat of visitors

Good Service!

Nice view. The restaurant is very delicious. Staff are very caring. Especially, Mr. Phuoc – the restaurant manager is great, friendly and attentive. The receptionist Gam is very cute and the other staff are also very lovely.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

Good Service!

Three days to Pu Luong Nature is like heaven. The food was very good, we ordered one but the restaurant accidentally made two so they always gave it to us. The roasted duck with honey leaves and bitter soup were delicious. We booked a regular room but we were upgraded to the room with the best view. But the best thing is to soak in the pool and watch the sunset gradually descending on the hill.e distant mountains and in the heart of Pu Luong nature reserve.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform

7. Some tourist destination near Puluong Retreat

7.1. Hieu Waterfall

Visitors to Pu Luong will be able to see Hieu waterfall, a spectacular waterfall peak. Hieu waterfall, one of Thanh Hoa‘s most stunning and impressive waterfalls, is tucked away in the breathtaking mountains and forests, alternating between ancient forests, quaint villages, and lush terraces.

7.2. Kho Muong Bat Cave

Ban Kho Muong is a Thai ethnic village of 60 homes that is situated in the Hua Muong valley of the Pu Luong National Nature Reserve. Visitors to Kho Muong get the opportunity to explore a region rich in Thai ethnic identity, witness traditional stilt homes, take in the pristine landscape, as well as visit the area’s most well-known cave, the Bat Cave.

7.3. Cham Stream

When visiting and staying at PuLuong Retreat, guests shouldn’t forget to go bamboo rafting and take in the beautiful, lyrical scenery of Pu Luong Cham stream! Visitors can sit on the raft and take in the serene and lyrical surroundings, which feature verdant scenery and refreshing water. Visitors may easily travel to this destination because it is only 11.7 kilometers from the resort.

8. Conclusion

Hopefully, the detailed information about Pu Luong Retreat above will help visitors easily choose the best resort for their vacation. Contact Metta Voyage to update more interesting tourist information!

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