1. Overview

Battambang is a city in northwest Cambodia known for its rich history, art, and architecture. The city is also home to a thriving culinary scene, with many restaurants serving everything from traditional Cambodian dishes to international cuisine. The following are the top 10 restaurants to satisfy your cravings in Cambodia that you must take advantage of.

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2. Top 10 battambang restaurants

2.1. Flavors of India

Flavors of India is a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, diverse menu, and very affordable prices. The cuisine is bold with Indian flavors, and especially if you like Nepali cuisine, the restaurant is also a good choice. Some dishes most popular with tourists are chicken tikka tandoori, butter chicken (spicy), mango lassi, boiled rice, and tandoori roti.

  • Address: Street 121, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel:  +855 53 731 553
  • Open time: From 10 AM to 11 PM
  • Cuisine: Indian, Asian, and Nepali

My favorite restaurant in Battambang.

I ate here a few times and never had a bad meal. The mutton dishes are really good, and my wife was always happy with the veggie choices. Very clean-tasting food and always cold beer” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.2. Nary Kitchen

Nary Kitchen is a family-run restaurant, a small space but highly appreciated by visitors. Popular dishes here are spring rolls, fish amok, chicken Lok Lak, and banana tapioca pudding. The restaurant’s highlight is that it also has a cooking class, you are taken to the market to buy fresh ingredients, and the teacher explains everything step by step to make your dishes.

  • Address: 650, Group Prek Mohatep, Svay Por, Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 12 763 950
  • Open time: From 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Cuisine: Asian and Cambodian

 Still perfectly tasty food after 6 years

We returned to this place after 6 years (see previous review in Jan 2017). The same friendly couple was running the restaurant, same place, and more important the same tasty food. Thankfully the restaurant does serve raw lime marinated lemongrass loaded beef salad, spicy sour and fishy mango salade, and several delicious curries” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.3. Coconut LyLy Restaurant 

Coconut LyLy Restaurant is designed to be close and lovely. Favorite dishes by tourists are spring rolls, mushroom amok, and a lime/vanilla cream pudding. Besides selling dishes, this place also has a cooking class. The family was reviewed nicely and taught tourists a lot about food, Cambodian life, weather, and many other things.

  • Address: 111 street, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 16 399 339
  • Open time: From 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Cuisine: Asian and Cambodian

Amazing cooking class and food!

We ate here every night in Battambang, and the food was very good. The cooking class was also amazing! The owners are very nice and love sharing their culture with you” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.4. Jaan Bai Restaurant

Jaan Bai Restaurant is a social enterprise restaurant that serves modern Cambodian cuisine. Kampot pepper, Thai green chicken curry, brown rice, and cocktails are favorites here. Especially the restaurant’s mission is to support youth in Battambang by providing them with hospitality training and employment opportunities.

  • Address: Street 2 Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 78 263 144
  • Open time: From 11 AM to 10 AM
  • Cuisine: Asian, Cambodian and Fusion

Delicious. A must-visit when in Battambang! 

We ate here twice. The food is amazing. It’s all fresh and interesting, with a modern spin on traditional dishes, and beautifully presented. Wines by the glass are also decent. Great staff and a great space. Don’t miss it” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.5. Bar Ang 

Bar Ang is a great spot for those looking to enjoy some drinks and tapas-style dishes. The menu features a mix of Western and Asian-inspired dishes, as well as a variety of cocktails and wines. Some of the most popular dishes chosen by tourists are pineapple juice, Khmer curry, or fried aubergine.

  • Address: 458-406St Ochar Village, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 87 965 087
  • Open time: From 11 AM to 9 PM
  • Cuisine: Healthy and Cambodian

Delicious food and wonderful people

We came off the boat from Siem Reap and just wanted some food and a beer. We ended up having such a lovely evening. Both John and his wife are so nice. They give us travel advice, water, and very good jokes. The food is fresh; they have a farm and grow almost everything we eat. The curry was the best I had in Cambodia, also made with coconut from their garden” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.6. La Pizza

As the name suggests, La Pizza is a pizza restaurant that serves thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas. The menu also features salads, pasta dishes, and Italian-inspired fare. The restaurant space has a very comfortable location on the riverside with indoor and outdoor seating.

  • Address: 59 street 159 D, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 96 360 7417
  • Open time: From 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Cuisine: Italian, Pizza and European

Real pizza

This restaurant is the real deal! We were surprised to find open oven-fired pizza in Battambang! Great toppings exceeded our expectations” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.7. Woodhouse 

Woodhouse is a restaurant and bar with a cozy atmosphere, and it is a steakhouse specializing in Australian beef. So if you want to chill and relax with the best music in your good meal, just choose this restaurant. Some dishes such as burger, pasta, mango salad, or Khmer curry are the most popular with tourists.

  • Address: Street 2.5 Number 77, Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 93 312 685
  • Open time: From 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Cuisine: Bar, European, Asian and Cambodian

Good Western and Cambodian food

I always go there when I visit Battambang because they have nice wines by the glass and ice-cold beer. The Staff speak English, especially the Cambodian manager. Nice background music and clean tables make for a good atmosphere” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.8. The Place, Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

The Place, Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is a great spot to take in the views of Battambang while enjoying some cocktails and international cuisine. The menu features dishes like burgers, tacos, and pasta dishes. It also has comfy beds for you to rest or hide after tired days.

  • Address: 53 Road 3, Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 96 759 8568
  • Open time: From 7 AM to 11:55 PM
  • Cuisine: Bar, Cafe, International, European and Asian

Great atmosphere

We came here just passing by as we were looking for somewhere cheap to eat and it was exactly what we wanted. The food was good, the place was lovely and was quiet enough to have a good atmosphere!” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.9. Smokin’ Pot 

Don’t be put off by the name – Smokin’ Pot is a popular cooking school that also offers daily cooking classes for tourists. Participants can learn to make traditional Cambodian dishes like fish amok and Khmer curry. Also, authentic Cambodian food is always served to order with the freshest ingredients.

  • Address: Street 1.5, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 12 821 400
  • Open time: From 9 AM to 10 PM
  • Cuisine: Asian and Cambodian

Best Khmer food and cooking class ever!

This cooking class is a great experience and a must-do in Battambang! If you like to know about Cambodian food and culture, this is the place to go. First, we went to the local food market to buy the ingredients for our dishes, and then we headed to Vannak’s home, where we cooked Khmer curry, Lok Lak, and Amok the traditional way. His family is lovely, and he is a very good teacher” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.10. Green Mango Cafe and Bakery

Green Mango Cafe and Bakery is a great option if you’re looking for a spot for breakfast or brunch. The menu features dishes like eggs benedict, pancakes, smoothie bowls, and a selection of baked goods. The green space is very suitable for those who are looking for a comfort zone and love nature.

  • Address: Street 135, Krong Battambang, Cambodia
  • Tel: +855 17 315 450
  • Open time: From 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM (closed on Sunday)
  • Cuisine: Armenian, Cambodian and Eastern European

Cozy, tasty boutique restaurant

It is a really cozy and neat restaurant. The service was excellent. If you are tired of finding local Cambodian food and other cuisines, check out this place because they have a diverse menu. Don’t miss the Borito Thursday offer!” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

In short, there are 10 restaurants with different spaces and cuisines in Battambang; some even have extremely interesting cooking classes for visitors. The similarities are the dishes’ unforgettable flavors and the restaurant owners’ hospitality.

In conclusion, Metta Voyage believes that the cuisine of Cambodia, especially in Battambang, is the must-try thing for you when traveling. Almost all the restaurants use fresh and locally sourced ingredients. So, the best price with the best flavor will make you satisfied.

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