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1. Overview about Six Senses Nha Trang

Six Senses Nha Trang is an international standard 5-star resort located in Ninh Van Bay, Khanh Hoa province, about 55 kilometers from Nha Trang city center. If Ninh Van Bay is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world, then Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is the focal point, in the most beautiful location on the bay.

Six Senses Nha Trang is located on Ninh Van peninsula – one of the famous peninsulas in Nha Trang. The scenery here will leave anyone who visits in awe. Kayaking, snorkeling, guided climbing, outdoor movie watching, and being entirely immersed in a wild, rustic environment are just a few of the activities that guests can enjoy while staying at this five-star resort.

Six Senses Nha Trang is a resort community made up of villas tucked away among cool green trees and enormous gray rocks, like a fairyland, on the Ninh Van Peninsula. The entire resort has 59 villas, with direct sea view, independent space and luxurious interior. Each accommodation has an outdoor swimming pool, stone steps leading to the sea and a lovely courtyard where guests may rest, unwind and sunbathe.

2. Time To Visit And Travel At Six Senses Nha Trang

Nha Trang‘s climate is divided into two distinct seasons, the dry season from January to August, the rainy season from September to December with an average annual temperature of about 26 degrees. Visitors can come to Ninh Van Bay from June to September, the weather is sunny and cool. This is also the right time for visitors to experience scuba diving, surfing, climbing and many other outdoor sports activities. However, in the rainy season of Nha Trang, there is no shortage of beautiful sunny days. At this time, visitors can fully enjoy the cool atmosphere of October and November or immerse themselves in sudden rains. All create a very comfortable and peaceful scene.

3. Room Types At Six Senses Nha Trang

There are nine different room types at Six Senses Nha Trang, all of which have an outdoor pool, a big living area, and a private wine cellar with all of the finest facilities. In the bedroom, visitors can unwind in the natural setting while the sea breeze calms their minds. Each room in this house has its own set of features and standards.

3.1. Hill Top Pool Villa

The Hill Top Pool Villa has a private pool design, overlooking the great East Sea while facing the magnificent Nha Trang mountains. The bathroom includes a separate vanity and a handmade wooden bathtub, while the bedroom features built-in cupboards to make it feel big. The villas are situated at each end of the bay on the slope above the resort, with individual entrances and staircases, guaranteeing total seclusion.

  • Area: 158m2
  • Quantity: 10 Villas

3.2. Beachfront Pool Villa

Beachfront Pool Villa is built with sustainably sourced natural materials, it has huge private spaces with private gardens, private pools and access to the beach. The villa has a separate bedroom and living room with an outdoor bathroom, a sofa, a personal vanity and a lovely handcrafted wooden bathtub. Each villa has a wine cabinet.

  • Area: 176m2
  • Quantity: 24 Villas


3.3. Rock Pool Villa

Rock Pool Villa is built on a rocky mountain range at the Western end of Ninh Van Bay. Nestled in the calm waters of the East Sea, Rock Pool Villa is a quiet retreat from the area’s busy regions, tucked among the mountains at the western end of the bay. Each home has a private pool carved out of the rock.

The home is elegantly and generously designed with a separate bedroom and living room area. The cottage contains a handmade bathtub, a built-in bathroom, a built-in wardrobe, and a separate vanity. Visitors are guaranteed complete solitude because the villa is located separately and the steps are situated on a hillside.

  • Area: 187m2
  • Quantity: 4 Villas

3.4. Water Pool Villa

The Water Pool Villa overlooks the beautiful coral reef of the bay, with wooden steps leading directly to the sea, making it a great launch pad for diving enthusiasts. Villa facing the sunset to catch the tropical sunset, designed a separate area for sunbathing, and has a private swimming pool. On the ocean, the villa’s tiered construction features open-concept bathrooms and outdoor showers. The property, which is on the eastern side of the bay, is reached by a lovely hillside staircase that guarantees complete seclusion. Visitors will feel intoxicated while reclining in this tranquil haven.

  • Area: 154m2
  • Quantity: 5 Villas

3.5. Family Beach Pool Villa

The two-story Family Beach Pool Villas were constructed using sustainable and all-natural materials. They provide expansive private spaces with access to the beach, private gardens, and pools. There are separate living and sleeping quarters in each of these villas, along with two bathrooms, sofas, personal vanities, and gorgeous handcrafted wooden bathtubs. There is a tiny wine cupboard in each villa.

  • Area: 207m2
  • Quantity: 11 Villas
  • Bedroom: 2

3.6. Two Bedroom Hill Top Pool Villa

The two-bedroom Hill Top Villa has a private pool and was constructed from sustainable and natural materials. The property has views of the expansive East Sea in addition to the towering Nha Trang mountains. The internal bathroom of the two-bedroom villa includes a handcrafted wooden bathtub, a separate vanity, and built-in wardrobes to create a roomy feel. The villas are situated at each end of the bay on the slope above the resort, with individual entrances and staircases, guaranteeing total seclusion.

  • Area: 267m2
  • Quantity: 3 Villas
  • Bedroom: 2

3.7. The Rock Retreat

The Rock Retreat is built between majestic rocky mountains in a private bay. The entrance to the villa is designed with wood glued to the mountainside – about a twenty minute walk and enjoy the view from the main restaurant and bar, or by private boat. The private swimming pool harmonizes with the surrounding horizontal rocks in a very natural way. In addition, the villa also has wooden stairs leading directly to the sea. Located in the villa area are the living area, dining room, beauty treatment room and the master bedroom adjoining the bathroom inside, which has a handmade bathtub and sauna. In addition, the villa also has a professional butler service on request 24 hours a day.

  • Area: 271m2
  • Quantity: 1 Villa

3.8. Hilltop Reserve

Hilltop Reserve is nestled in the pristine rainforest and unspoiled scenery of Ninh Van Bay. This premier villa complex offers absolute privacy and stunning bay views to the West of Nha Trang city and surrounding mountains. There is a cobbled road leading to the villa, which can be reached by buggy or mountain bike.

The layout of the spacious pool and the easy access to sun loungers in the villa area make it the ideal choice for visitors to develop a good tan, and the air conditioning in the common rooms and play areas helps to create a tranquil environment for guests’ comfort and relaxation while they are here.

  • Area: 727m2
  • Quantity: 1 Villa
  • Bedroom: 3

3.9. The Water Reserve

The brand-new Water Reserve home, which has three bedrooms and faces west for sunset views, is located on the shore of a secluded bay. The Water Reserve can be reached by speedboat or a private walkway. It has a private infinity pool that blends perfectly with the skyline and adjacent rock formations. The home also features a pier with direct access to the ocean.

Between the ensuites is a two-story living room with a dining room on the ground floor, and both the master bedroom and second bedroom have en suite bathrooms with handmade bathtubs and showers. The upper floor of the living room can be converted into a third bedroom with bathroom and shower. There is also an outdoor cinema and wine fridge. Besides, the butler service (GEM) is also available 24/7.

  • Area: 900m2
  • Bedroom: 3

“Good service!

Wonderful retreat for a relaxing break far away from everything. We loved everything at this peaceful hideaway. The room, the view from the hilltop reserve pool, the restaurants, the staff, just great. We stayed in the Ocean Pool Villa and had a beautiful view. A bright and airy room, not far from the hilltop reserve. A luxury dream” reviewed on the Tripadvisor platform.

4. Five Experiences To Try At Six Senses Nha Trang

4.1. Snorkeling To Explore Coral Reefs at Six Senses Nha Trang

Guests can borrow tools and diving equipment for free at the resort, enjoy diving in the water and admire the magical beauty under the blue ocean. There will be a guide to follow closely to ensure the safety of visitors.

4.2. Experience Spa Treatments At Six Senses Nha Trang

Visitors will receive thoughtful and heartfelt attention as they ascend the stone steps to the resort on the hill. Traditional Vietnamese therapies, body treatments, and a restorative journey are all available at Six Senses Spa. Visitors will be able to comfortably and pleasantly feel every instant as it passes while listening to soothing music and flowing water. It also has an outdoor fitness area and a yoga studio.

4.3. Watching An Outdoor Movie At Six Senses Nha Trang

Outdoor cinema is considered a “specialty” of the luxury resort Six Senses Nha Trang. Located at the bar “Drinks by the Beach”, guests will experience watching movies in the windy sky, listening to the sound of waves and enjoying their favorite movies. There are starry nights, the wooden pier area at the bar will turn into a beautiful sea cinema.

4.4. Cruising On Ninh Van Bay

Visitors will board the ship to travel through nature and take in the breathtaking views of the bay. Every couple should try this romantic activity. Guests can sip and share private stories in the stunning surroundings on board the lovely boat, which will be complemented with chilled wine bottles and complimenting nibbles. Visitors will have a lot of lasting recollections from this encounter.

4.5. Enjoying A Luxurious Breakfast On The Pool

Breakfast is served on a wooden boat floating on the water. Guests will have the opportunity to take a dip in the cool blue water at the private swimming pool, then enjoy breakfast in a romantic setting. Immersed in nature with the morning sun here will give visitors beautiful pictures. An exciting experience that visitors should not miss!

5. Conclusion

Six Senses Nha Trang is famous for its many unique and fascinating experiences in the midst of a rare sea of ​​forests. Six Senses Nha Trang not only has a diverse system of accommodations, suitable for the flexible needs of visitors, but here, visitors can also experience professional and unique 5-star services. Contact Metta Voyage immediately to update more interesting information about Six Sense Nha Trang!

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