If you are a lover of shopping and enjoying rich cuisine, then Bangkok is the ideal destination for you. Besides, the night market is also an indispensable part of Bangkok’s night scene, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to come here. Bangkok night markets are an important part of Bangkok’s nightlife. Let’s take a closer look at the famous night markets that every visitor is looking for in the article below!

Top 10 Popular Bangkok Night Markets should visit

1. Talad Rod Fai – Train Market

  • Location: Srinakarin Road, Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square).
  • Opening hours: 17:00 to midnight, every Thursday to Sunday

The Rot Fai market, now known as the Train Market (also known as Talad Rod Fai), was formerly situated near to the defunct railroad tracks. This outdoor market offers a wide range of goods, including electrical equipment, motorcycle components, vintage and hippy design clothing, souvenirs, and collectibles. The market is painted in vivid hues thanks to the store stall roofs. The products that sell the best here are antiques or imitations of antiques. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of Thai-inspired foods like Pad Thai, Thai milk tea, skewers, and grilled sausages. Talad Rod Fai Night Market will definitely bring you interesting experiences

2. Pratunam Market

  • Location: Crossroads of Ratchaprarop and Petchburi
  • Opening hours: 24/24

It is impossible to discuss Bangkok’s well-known night markets without mentioning the extremely well-known Pratunam. Many tourists in Thailand are aware of the sizable market known as Pratunam. The majority of the things sold in this sector are fashion-related, including socks, shoes, and accessories in a range of materials and styles, especially branded goods for streetwear. A fashion item costs only between 100 and 500 baht, which is really affordable.

This market often sells cheap goods, so you have to understand that it is “sida” goods, but anyway, buying and wearing them a few times is ok because the price is so cheap but the design is beautiful. Just note that there are a lot of fake goods here, so don’t see a genuine brand but be happy, don’t be disappointed.

3. Patpong Market

  • Location: About 5 minutes walk from Sala Daeng BTS station
  • Opening hours: 18:00 – 01:00, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Patpong – one of Bangkok’s night markets is busy with customers until 1 a.m. This is a familiar dating spot for young Thai people, when it converges to countless bars and restaurants “lemon and lemon”. Tourists just immerse themselves in music, while shopping, what’s more interesting than that! You can also find a lot of food stalls with affordable prices. Get ready to recharge your batteries through the night.

4. Chatuchak Market

  • Location: Mo Chit BTS station or Kamphaeng Phet MRT station
  • Opening hours: every Friday night from 21:00 – 03:00

Chatuchak Friday night market is likened to a student night market in Thu Duc University village, because the guests here are mainly young people. The market sells all kinds of goods, from handicrafts to technology items, ornamental plants, food and drink… Coming to Chatuchak weekend market, you can find everything you need, so if you want to buy some Thai gifts as a gift, just come here.

5. Khao San Night Market

  • Location: Located at KhaoSan Road.
  • Opening hours: Open 24/7, after 23:00, there are less customers.

Khao San is a famous neighborhood in Bangkok, which is familiar to both domestic and foreign tourists. This is not only an ideal place to enjoy Thai street food, but also a place where you will easily find a lot of interesting things, from souvenirs, to dresses, shoes, jewelry… with a very attractive price. Spending an evening walking in Khao San is sure to bring back many delicious-healthy-cheap items.

6. Saphan Phut Night Market

  • Location: Memorial Bridge or Saphan Phut Pier on Chao Phraya River.
  • Opening hours: From 17:30 to 00:00 every day of the week except Sunday

Trading occurs frequently in the Saphan Phut neighborhood, which is close to Memorial Bridge. This location has grown over time to be a well-known night market in Bangkok. Here, you can purchase things for yourself such as shirts, pants, and trendy accessories… There are many counterfeit fashion goods from well-known companies available for purchase. As a result, there are many students and students in this location.

7. Khlong Lod Market

  • Address: Ratchadamnoen Klang Road
  • Opening hours: 18:00 – 00:00 the same day

It would be a mistake to visit Bangkok’s night market without going to Khlong Lod Market. Because there are many intriguing items in this market that you can discover. Here are the food stalls and stalls selling second-hand items that are the easiest to view. You can try to decide which of the many new and excellently used products to acquire. Since there are many people coming and going to buy and sell items at this market right now, its space is steadily expanding to a larger extent.

8. Talad Neon Night Market

  • Location: Petchburi Road, Pratunam
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 00:00, Thursday – Sunday

Talad Neon night market is located right in the Pratunam area, next to Platinum Fashion Mall, so you can easily come here from the center. Talad Neon Night Market is also easily identifiable through its colorful huts. Not inferior to the Rot Fai night market, Talad Neon is also a culinary paradise with all the interesting dishes in the world, cute “lost” items and many great games.

9. Changchui Bangkok Plane Market

  • Location: 462 Sirindhorn Rd, Bangkok
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 23:00

The reason the market is called Changchui Bangkok Plane Market is because right in the middle of the night market is an old Airbus plane used as a decoration. This is also the highlight of Chang Chui night market with the message: “Nothing is too old to throw away”.

The clothing shops at Chang Chui night market seem to be perfect for those of you who are passionate about hip hop or street fashion. There are undoubtedly innumerable virtual living nooks here, and the more you explore, the more you will notice really well-designed bars and restaurants. Along with serving traditional Thai cuisine, Chang Chui Night Market also houses upscale eateries, tea shops, and bars. Occasionally a band performance will take place during the weekend as well.

10. Bangkok Asiatique the Riverfront Night Market

  • Location: 2194 Charoen Krung Rd, Khwaeng Wat Phraya Krai, Khet Bang Kho Laem
  • Opening hours: 16:00 – 00:00, daily.

This is a complex of dining, shopping and entertainment. Asiatique the Riverfront is more luxurious than the usual night market because the whole area is clean and tidy. Asiatique the Riverfront is mostly a restaurant serving from international to Thai cuisine, and there is no shortage of cute little shops with desserts that just look craving.

In terms of shopping, Asiatique the Riverfront is full of fashion items, souvenirs, accessories, jewelry… However, the prices here are quite higher than other night markets. The item is mainly for tourists to choose quality souvenirs.

11. Conclusion

Above are the top 10 famous Bangkok night markets that tourists should not miss when visiting Thailand. Hopefully, the above useful information will contribute to creating a great experience for your trip. If you want to know more interesting tourist information, do not forget to contact Metta Voyage!

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