1. Overview About Danang City

Da Nang is a famous city, known for the title of “The most livable city in Vietnam” Here visitors can easily explore Da Nang by means of vehicles such as motorbikes, cars… Every year, Da Nang attracts millions of tourists by its majestic, civilized and modern natural scenery. Besides, visitors also can not resist the paradise of culinary culture and super hot entertainment places here.

The coastal city of Da Nang is drawing more and more local and international visitors because of its array of stunning beaches. The Danang beaches are compared to heaven’s magnificence. Any visitor who comes here will wish to return a second time due to the entrancing beauty of the grand natural surroundings and the long, green beaches.

2. The Best Time For Tourists To Travel To Da Nang

Da Nang weather is divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season is from August to December and the dry season from January to July. To avoid the effects of storms, the ideal time to visit Da Nang is around February to August. However, from April onwards, Da Nang will be in the tourist season and the price of services here will be higher than usual. Depending on each season, Da Nang will have its own fun and entertainment activities such as hunting clouds in the early morning or going to Ngu Hanh Son, visting Linh Ung Pagoda… during the day.

3. Top 7 Most Beautiful Danang Beaches For Tourists

3.1. My Khe Beach

On the Kinh River’s banks, My Khe Beach in Da Nang is located more than 10 kilometers to the East of the city’s core. With its azure waters, white beach, and golden sunlight, the sea is renowned for its poetic beauty. In addition, nature generously blessed My Khe with a lush poplar forest and upright coconut trees that soar to the sky. According to Forbes, the top business magazine in the US, My Khe beach is among the “6 Most Appealing Beaches On The Earth” because of its charming beauty. My Khe was listed as one of the top ten Asian beaches in the world by the Australian newspaper “Sunday Herald Sun.”

My Khe beach is planned and invested by the city with a full range of services. Coming to My Khe, visitors can participate in many sea sports activities such as scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, paragliding, beach soccer… Especially on summer or holidays, Da Nang always organizes annual themed cultural exchange activities according to My Khe beach. In addition, visitors can enjoy various and fresh seafood cuisine at affordable prices here, which will surely make visitors feel satisfied.

3.2. Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach is located in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District. This is one of the beaches with many wild features, so visitors can admire the impressive beauty here. This is not only one of the beautiful beaches in Da Nang, but also one of the most beautiful Da Nang beaches on the planet voted by Forbes magazine.

Non Nuoc Beach captivates visitors because it owns a 5 kilometers long running sea route embracing the foot of Ngu Hanh Son mountain. Favored by nature, the climate here is warm in winter and refreshing in summer with clear blue water and fine white sand. Visitors to Non Nuoc beach can not only immerse themselves in the wonderful natural scenery of this place but also enjoy extremely attractive recreational sea activities such as scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing, parachute…

3.3. Bac My An Beach

Bac My An beach is located in Bac My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang, about 7 kilometers Southeast of the city center. With a coastline of nearly 4 kilometers, visitors can easily go by car or motorbike to Bac My An beach with family or friends. Not only having fresh sea water, fine white sand and high-class resorts, Bac My An beach also captivates people by the wonderful sunrise and sunset scenery. In addition, visitors can also participate in many interesting activities such as windsurfing, diving to see corals, renting canoes… at this beach.

3.4. Nam O Beach

In the Lien Chieu district, Hoa Hiep ward, Nam O beach is situated approximately 15 kilometers to the North of the Da Nang city center. It is simple for visitors to get around here by vehicle, cab, or motorcycle. Nam O attracts those who are interested in photography with its untamed and poetic beauty. Many visitors come here to save their priceless memories and experiences.

3.5. Xuan Thieu Beach

Xuan Thieu Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Da Nang which has wild, natural and clean features with white sand, blue sea and whispering waves. The beach is located in Xuan Thieu ecotourism area, Lien Chieu district. Xuan Thieu Beach used to be called “Red Sea” because when dawn or dusk took place, the sea seemed to put on a charming red “cloak“, making visitors very excited.

3.6. Lang Co beach

Lang Co Beach – the 30th member of the Club “The Most Beautiful Seas In The World” (2009) is likened to a masterpiece of nature in Da Nang. The sea is about 10 kilometers, belongs to Lang Co town, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue and lies between Hai Van pass and Phu Gia pass.

A special feature when coming to Lang Co Beach is that visitors have the opportunity to visit and explore four other famous heritages of Vietnam, including: Phong Nha cave, Hoi An ancient town, Hue ancient capital and My Son sanctuary.

The most ideal time to come to Da Nang beachLang Co tourism is in the summer. Lang Co is pristine with jade blue sea water, and the long white sand which will definitely give visitors an unforgettable vacation in a lifetime.

3.7. Lang Van Beach

Lang Van Beach is a tourist destination in Da Nang that deserves to be ranked in the most pristine and beautiful population in Vietnam, with fine white, clean and clear sand. Nature favorably endows this place with a very charming village landscape (Van Village), mountains, sea and islands.

North of Da Nang city, Lang Van beach is tucked away at the base of Hai Van port. This location is compared to a wild, primitive fairy village. Most likely because Lang Van beach has always been uncrowded, serene, and less well-known. Visitors can drive or ride a motorcycle from Da Nang city to the base of Hai Van beach. On the right hand side there is a signboard to enter people’s houses to park. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk about 2 to 3 kilometers to get there.

After trekking down the train line, visitors go about 800 meters more, look on the left hand side, there will be a sign on the way down to Lang Van, which is sprayed with paint by backpackers. The road down to Lang Van is opposite that sign. Visitors can go straight to see the beach. For people who enjoy adventure and group travel, Lang Van Beach is a great choice. After a long day of work, tourists will feel at ease and serene here as they watch the sunset, sink their spirit into the void between heaven and earth, and enjoy the sea wind. A memorable experience will be an enjoyable camping trip here.

4. Conclusion

Above are the 7 most beautiful Da Nang beaches that Metta Voyage recommends for visitors. Each beach has its own beauty and character, so visitors choose the right destination for their schedule to enjoy the vacation to the fullest. Visitors can contact Metta Voyage to update more interesting tourist information!

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