Referring to Ninh Binh, visitors will immediately think of famous places such as Trang An, Bai Dinh, Tam Coc… Below, Metta Voyage would like to suggest to tourists the top 10 ideal destinations for Ninh Binh Private Tour.

Ninh Binh

About 100 kilometers from Hanoi, Ninh Binh is the right choice for travelers who do not have much time but they want to explore the majestic nature. Famous for tourist attractions such as Trang An, Bai Dinh, Hang Mua, Ninh Binh attracts millions of tourists to visit here every year. Metta Voyage would like to suggest the top 10 ideal destinations for Ninh Binh Private Tour that visitors should not miss.

Top 10 ideal destinations for Ninh Binh Private Tour

1. Hoa Lu Ancient Capital (Ninh Binh)

  • Address: Truong Yen, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 24/24
  • Ticket: free

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is located in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, this is a particularly important national historical relic complex of Vietnam. This is also one of the four core areas of the Trang An world heritage complex recognized by UNESCO. This relic includes King Dinh temple, King Le temple and many other works. Currently, Hoa Lu ancient capital is a favorite destination of many tourists, especially those who want to learn about history as well as go to a ceremony to pray for good luck.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

According to historical records, Hoa Lu was the first capital of the main feudal dynasties in our nation, and it left its mark on history by bringing the nation together to fight the Tong and expel the Chiem invaders. Hoa Lu became the Ancient Capital until King Ly Thai To relocated the capital in 1010 to Thang Long, Hanoi.

2. Temple of King Dinh

  • Address: Truong Yen Thuong, Truong Yen, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 24/24
  • Ticket: free

The Temple of King Dinh Tien Hoang is an important relic belonging to the special protection area of ​​Hoa Lu Ancient Capital heritage complex. The temple is located in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh. King Dinh Temple together with King Le Temple are ranked “Top 100 famous 100-year-old buildings in Vietnam“. Like other relics in Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, King Dinh Temple is located in the Trang An world heritage complex that was recognized by UNESCO in 2014.

Temple au roi Dinh Tien Hoang

The main axis of King Dinh Temple, which has an Eastward orientation, was built in the style of local and international affairs. Ma Yen Mountain, which resembles the saddle of a horse, is in front of the temple. The palace of the former capital Hoa Lu was just above the King Dinh temple. The archaeological crew also discovered a brick yard here that featured a pair of phoenixes playing together and old lotus designs. The words “Dai Viet Quoc Quan Thanh Chuyen” and “Giang Tay Quan” are inscribed on the surface of the bricks, demonstrating that they are Dinh-Le dynasty bricks

3. Temple of King Le

  • Address: Truong Yen Ha, Truong Yen, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 24/24
  • Ticket: free

King Le Dai Hanh Temple is a national historical and cultural relic belonging to the special relic area of ​​Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Ninh Binh province. The temple worships King Le Dai Hanh, Queen Duong Van Nga, and Le Long Dinh, in addition to a tablet to worship Princess Le Thi Phat Ngan and General Pham Cu Luong. The temple is located 300 meters from the temple of King Dinh Tien Hoang, belonging to the East citadel of the ancient capital Hoa Lu, now the ancient village of Yen Thanh, Truong Yen commune, Ninh Binh.

Temple de King Le

4. Kim Son Ninh Binh

  • Address: Kim Son, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 24/24
  • Ticket: free

Ninh Binh is not only famous for its natural caves, but also owns beautiful and pristine Kim Son beach – an attraction not to be missed. When coming to Kim Son beach, visitors will discover mangrove forests with unspoiled ecosystems. Kim Son Sea is one of six biosphere reserves of Southeast Asia recognized by UNESCO. This place has extremely favorable conditions for developing eco-tourism, resort and scientific research.

Visitors will be able to walk with friends on the long sea dike, visit sedge fields, shrimp ponds and explore protective forests. Between the natural beauty, the spaciousness of the sky and the generosity of the people will surely make a deep impression on visitors.

Kim Son Ninh Binh

In addition to the beautiful beach, Kim Son is also famous for natural attractions and cultural relics such as:

  • Phat Diem Church.
  • Trieu Quang Phuc worship relic.
  • Ngang Beach – Con Noi.
  • Mat weaving village.

5. Tam Coc – Bich Dong

  • Address: Ky Lan Mountain, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City, Ninh Binh Province
  • Opening hours: 24/24
  • Price: From 60,000 VND to 150,000 VND

Tam Coc – Bich Dong, is also extremely famous with the name “Ha Long Bay on land” or “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong“. This is a key scenic spot of the country. This area features a network of caves, limestone mountains and corresponding historical sites such as Vu Lam palace of the Tran dynasty located in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. In which, Trang An – Tam Coc landscape complex is ranked as a special national relic complex and has been recognized and ranked as a world natural heritage by UNESCO.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong

6. Bai Dinh Pagoda

  • Address: Bai Dinh Pagoda, Gia Sinh, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 06:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m
  • Ticket: From 30,000 VND to 300,000 VND

Located 15 kilometers from Ninh Binh city, Bai Dinh pagoda is the largest temple complex in Vietnam with many records established such as having the largest Dai Hong in Vietnam, owning a tallest and heaviest bronze Buddha image in Vietnam. This is also a temple having the largest set of three statues in Vietnam, the largest well in Vietnam as well as the largest number of stone arhats in Vietnam.

Bai Dinh Pagoda

This is a pilgrimage destination for tourists who have the heart to worship and prostrate. The scenery is like a fairy-tale place of Bai Dinh Pagoda, making anyone who comes here can feel the purity and peace of the space here.

7. Mua Cave

  • Address: Ninh Xuan, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 06:00 a.m to 07:00 p.m
  • Price: 100,000 VND/person

Mua Cave is a tourist destination in the complex of Khe Dau Ha ecotourism area, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh. Here visitors will experience climbing with 486 white stone steps, admiring the whole beauty of Tam Coc from the top of the mountain.

Visitors can take in the full splendor of Ninh Binh’s Tam Coc area from the top of Mua Mountain. Legend has it that King Tran frequently visited this location to enjoy the dancing and singing of beautiful women and concubines before leaving Hoa Lu to found Am Thai Vi. As a result, this location is known as Mua Cave.

In addition, in the middle of Mua Cave is an ancient blue artificial lake with many shady trees. On the top of the mountain, there is a gentle Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara statue looking down at the land of Ninh Binh. Coming to Mua Cave, visitors can feel the peaceful beauty here that makes everyone have to recover.

Mua Cave

8. Trang An

  • Address: Ky Lan Mountain, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City, Ninh Binh Province
  • Opening hours: 06:00 a.m to 04:45 p.m in Summer and 07:00 a.m to 04:30 p.m in Winter
  • Ticket: From 80,000 VND to 300,000 VND

Located 7 kilometers from the center of Ninh Binh city to the West, Trang An is one of the famous Ninh Binh tourist destinations that tourists must definitely visit. This is an eco-tourism area located in the Trang An World Heritage Complex – which preserves and contains many wetland ecosystems, forests on limestone mountains, archaeological sites and cultural and historical relics. In 2014, Trang An eco-tourism area was ranked as a particularly important national relic by the Vietnamese Government and recognized by UNESCO as a dual world heritage.

Compared to a “Ha Long Bay on land“, Trang An attracts tourists by its diverse system of limestone mountains and natural caves. Visitors coming here will enjoy the enchanting natural picture and have moments of tranquility with a unique cultural and spiritual space.

Trang An Complex

In addition to simple check-in, visitors can choose to experience the peaceful atmosphere here by cycling, boating on Van Long lagoon, Thung Nang, watching lotus flowers and animals being preserved… With the above magnificent scenery, it can be said that although there will be many other hot-hit check-in places unearthed, Trang An is still the most beautiful Ninh Binh tourist destination that should be visited once in a lifetime.

9. Tuyet Tinh Coc

  • Address: Truong Yen, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 08:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m
  • Ticket: 20,000 VND/person

Am Tien cave is one of the national relics belonging to Hoa Lu relic complex. As a travel enthusiast, this is definitely a destination that visitors cannot miss when they want to enjoy the peaceful and poetic natural scenery. This place has a wild beauty separate from the outside world. The beautiful scenery like a fairyland gives visitors a different feeling compared to other landscapes in Ninh Binh. And tickets to visit Am Tien cave are 20.000 VND/person.

Tuyet Tinh Coc

10. Van Long tourist area

  • Address: Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, Gia Van, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh
  • Opening hours: 07:30 a.m to 06:00 p.m
  • Ticket: 20,000 VND/person and 60,000 VND/a ferry ticket

The Northern Delta‘s largest wetland natural reserve, Van Long, is situated in Ninh Binh province’s Northwestern Gia Vien district. This area was designated a natural reserve in 1999 and is now included in Vietnam’s list of special-use forests and wetland protected areas.

Not only a nature reserve, Van Long wetland is also a place with attractive landscapes. Van Long is known as “The bay without waves” because when traveling on a boat, visitors will see the water surface as flat as a giant mirror. The ink painting clearly reflects each strong feature of the limestone masses bearing the shape of their names such as Meo Cao mountain, Mam Xoi mountain, Hom Sach mountain, Da Ban mountain, Nghien mountain, Mo Coi mountain, Co Tien mountain… And the ticket price here is 20.000 VND/person.

Dam Van Long

Above are suggestions for destinations that tourists should definitely not miss when traveling to Ninh Binh. In addition, to be more convenient for moving and exploring, visitors can completely book a private tour according to their needs. Especially for foreign tourists visiting Vietnam, booking a tour is a great option. Because it not only helps ensure the safety of visitors but also saves time and schedules. Some private tours that visitors can refer to:

Hopefully, the suggestions on the top 10 ideal destinations for Ninh Binh Private Tour above will help visitors give more options for their trip. Contact Metta Voyage immediately to update more interesting tourist information!

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