1. What is a private tour?

“A private tour” simply means the tour that is customized exclusively for you and your own party. A private tour where all ground services are provided by your very own personal guide with a private vehicle and chauffeur. This simply gives you the flexibility to design your trip according to your specific requirements. You will feel more comfortable and the service is personalized so you can experience Vietnam the way you have always dreamed.

You are looking for a Vietnam tour that affords you the opportunity of enjoying the peak of your trip – scenic landscape, an experienced and reliable guide, unearth your traveling dream and spend your vacation with your loved ones? Vietnam private tour is the way out! 

2. Why choose a private tour to Vietnam? – 8 benefits of private tours 

2.1. Enjoy a Personalized Experience on Vietnam private tours

Private tours mean you customize your trips according to your wish and do not depend on other people. If you join a group tour, maybe you will not be able to visit the places you want or spend more time on your favorite activities but following the itinerary of the group. It is such a waste of time and even not fulfill your wish. You can get advice from friends, ask for reviews, or travel consultants to complete your trip in your own way. It would take time but as a result, you will enjoy it most and get your own experience. Il will be much more encouraging and relaxing than group travel tours, which are hard to find if you join a group tour.

2.2. Get Excellent Value For Money And Travel Time

In fact, Vietnam private tours are seemingly a bit more expensive than group tours. Of course! Because it is the experience and knowledge you gain in a private tour that is worth much more compared to group tours. You’ll be provided unique and specific information about Vietnam, ask and discuss with your guide as much as you want during the trip.

Every second of your trip becomes more and more worthwhile. That gets you the value for what you paid for. Contact a Tour Operator, they will help you customize your trips to enjoy the fantastic parts of Vietnam. 

2.3. Get higher flexibility for Vietnam private tours

As mentioned above, Vietnam private tour is yours, whatever you want, adding or deleting any places or activities is up to you. The planned sightseeing tours changed during the trip in case you feel tired, and you want to recalibrate the activities of the day. If you go with a large group, you will have to follow the program, not having much time to stop to take photos or get closer to the local culture and people. You always have to pay attention to the guide to catch up with the group, so as not to get lost. Therefore, flexibility is a big benefit of Vietnam private tours. Just tell your guide what you prefer and he will try his best to arrange the program for you

2.4. Avoid Overcrowded And Urgent Trips

When traveling with a large group, participants have limited time to plan for the next excursions. But with a private tour, you would have sufficient time to prepare everything. 

If you don’t like a crowded trip and meeting a lot of strangers, just want to spend time with your loved one or explore new lands alone, Vietnam private tours are for you. Following a group will make you always rushed and uncomfortable. On contrary, private tours help you to avoid that unpleasant situation and make your own journey less stressful and more quality

2.5. Gain excellent value services

Quality over quantity: even if your trip is slower, fewer people and the price is a bit higher, you’ll gain some added-valued services that are worth your money. It is only with the private tour you can explore and get into the real part of the cities and people. For instance, a private tour would make you get closer to the local life, and provide you with deep comprehensive knowledge of Vietnam. 

2.6. Decide your ongoing journeys

With a Vietnam private tour, you’re free to decide how long to stay, where you’ll visit next, and change some activities you’re not interested in. As mentioned above, in a group tour, you have to follow the common itinerary. During your own program, you are able to cut it short and leave for more exciting destinations whenever you like. Vietnam private tour offers you the demand-tailored journeys and provides you with many extraordinary facts and stories about the sites, which can never be found on a group tour and independent traveling. 

2.7. Discover and integrate closely with the locals

Vietnam private tours give you a chance and more time to blend with the local’s lifestyle. Getting to know about other countries’ cultures is certainly a purpose of the trip. In a group tour, visitors can probably only observe and listen to their general sharing. On the contrary, when you go privately, you will be able to participate in cooking with them, working with them, listening to them confide, and telling more about their lives and perspectives. Getting closer to the locals, you’ll find that the Vietnamese is very friendly and welcoming. 

2.8. Be well taken care of by an experienced tour guide

A friendly and experienced guide can make your trip more enjoyable. Instead of having to look after a large group of guests, they only focus on your small group. Through confiding and talking, you will feel more comfortable and familiar. The tour guide can understand your personality and needs to be able to guarantee you an enjoyable trip. 

3. Why should you choose Vietnam on your travel list? 

If you’re planning your vacation in Southeast Asia, Vietnam should be right on that list! Vietnam – is one of the most popular destinations with thousands of years of history, various cultures, majestic natural scenery, and hospitable locals. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s famous tourist destinations have all opened their doors to welcome visitors back with new promotions and products. Check out below 5 simple reasons to spend holidays in Vietnam:

3.1. Stunning Natural Landscape

Despite as a small country, Vietnam has almost every kind of natural landscape within one country, becoming a “hit” in Southeast Asia. From highlands, valleys, forests, national parks, and temples to beaches, bays, and islands, Vietnam is undoubtedly a great destination that enables travelers to enjoy different kinds of tourism. Halong Bay attracts visitors by its majestic islands and islets. Hoian Ancient Town is picturesque with amazing architecture;  Sapa is misty and romantic just like a girl waking up in the morning. Traveling Vietnam from North to South surprises travelers all the time in a different way.


3.2. Authentic and exquisite cuisine

“Pho”, “Spring rolls”, and “Bun Cha” are very well-known in the world when talking about Vietnamese cuisine. But, it goes beyond that and varies by region with different food and ingredients. North, Central, and South, each region have its own dining style and different characteristics. It can result from the differences in geography, culture, climate, and taste, but above all, it contributes to bringing richness and diversity to the cuisine of Vietnam.


A fascinating culinary experience in Vietnam that you should try is a dinner with an excellent seafood menu served onboard the traditional junks in Ha Long Bay. There is nothing better than a romantic and memorable dinner in the middle of the World Natural Heritage Site, isn’t it? Thus, why don’t you visit Vietnam this time not only to see, do, and touch, but also to smell, taste, and memorize?


3.3. Fascinating culture

Vietnam is home to ethnic minorities with 54 groups that create cultural diversity. Coming to Vietnam, tourists will not only explore the stunning and primitive natural beauty but the unique culture of the locals as well. North Vietnam is a region with a range of ethnic groups, tourists will have a chance to meet, interact and discover the life of the locals. You’ll have a chance to learn about their costume, unique musical instruments, and authentic cuisine, and experience a working day with them. The ethnic minority groups here still well remain their traditional lifestyle as well as cultural activities and festivals or ceremonies. Their heroic story will be an interesting part of the journey. To talk about Vietnamese culture, we need more than 1 article. Just come and explore!

3.4. Friendly and hospitable locals

People – that’s Vietnam’s precious treasure. Many tourists find Vietnamese people open, welcoming, enthusiastic, and incredibly engaging. That’s true! Vietnamese people are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. You are always greeted with smiles. Everyone seems willing to offer help, especially travelers and tourists. Ethnic minority people in Sapa especially always consider you as a friend, even if you are on your first visit to their home with a local guide. People in Hue are royal-like in attitude but welcoming, while Hoi An people are known as honest. Local farmers in the Mekong Delta always welcome you to their families with enthusiastic smiles. You will meet new friends and feel like you have found a family away from home. Most travelers express their deep impression of Vietnamese people and that’s why we’re always proud.

3.5. Affordability

Thinking about the cost differences between the countries, Vietnam’s affordable cost could be another reason to visit Vietnam. Vietnam is an ideal destination for budget travelers. There is almost a place for every budget if you travel to Vietnam. And even high-end adventure travelers often enjoy experiencing the local street food, which is both delicious and cheaper than in many other countries. In fact, although Vietnam is suffering from high inflation, with prices rising monthly, it is still a more affordable destination than many other nations. 

4. How to book a private tour in Vietnam?

Vietnam – is an ideal country in Southeast Asia with beautiful landscapes, diverse culture, and friendly people. Private tours give you freedom, independence, and flexibility to enjoy your dream holidays. Now, let us assist you to book a private tour in Vietnam. Just follow 7 easy steps below: 

  • Direct us to get more information about Vietnam
  • Send us your inquiry
  • Get the first draft itinerary
  • Customize your trip 
  • Make payment through a secure system
  • Get ready for your trip
  • Ask us any questions about the preparation

Metta Voyage is proud to be a Tour Operator specializing in organizing safe and professional private tours in Vietnam. If you’re looking for a private holiday with family, contact us to customize your trip now!

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