Phu Quoc is one of the famous tourist destinations located in the Gulf of Thailand, with various activities. Below are 10 things to do in Phu Quoc island that visitors should not miss. 

1. How to move to Phu Quoc?

Depending on economic conditions as well as free time, visitors will choose a method of transportation that is suitable for them. The two main modes of travel to Phu Quoc are by plane and by car or train.

1.1. Traveling by plane 

Visitors can completely buy air tickets directly from Tan Son Nhat airport to Phu Quoc airport. This is the fastest and most convenient way to move, and it doesn’t take much time. Besides, for visitors traveling from Hanoi or the northern provinces, visitors can also travel by plane from Noi Bai airport to Phu Quoc airport directly.

1.2. Traveling by train and passenger (for tourists near Phu Quoc)

In addition to the means of transportation is the plane, visitors near Phu Quoc can completely travel by car and boat to go to Phu Quoc island. The advantage of this method is the low cost, but it takes a lot of time and the trains to the island are not always available to visitors.

2. Where to stay when coming to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is known as an island paradise with extremely luxurious and modern resorts. However, many people choose to stay at close and rustic homestays. Therefore, a lot of homestays in Phu Quoc sprang up, helping visitors have more diverse choices. Here are 5 homestays that Metta Voyage recommends for tourists

2.1. Lotus Home

Lotus Home is a homestay close to the sea with an extremely beautiful panoramic view, with bungalows on the water for visitors to have a relaxing time. All rooms have direct sea views. Inside the room is decorated with lanterns creating a warm space. Besides, the Homestay also has a culinary kitchen for guests to comfortably cook delicious dishes.

  • Address: 5 Cay Sao, Ham Ninh Commune, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
  • Price: From 500.000 to 1.000.000 VND/a night

2.2. Chill House By The Beach

Chill House By The Beach has a total of 12 rooms with an impressive design style, simple but modern and full of necessary amenities, with separate toilets for all rooms. Visitors can watch the sunrise every morning after waking up from the window. In the afternoon and evening, you can go for a walk on the beach and check in for beautiful sunset photos.

  • Address: Quarter 9, Tran Phu Street, Duong Dong Town, Kien Giang
  • Price: From 850.000 to 1.000.000 VND/a night

2.3. S’ Bungalow – Homestay Phu Quoc

Unlike other homestays, S’ Bungalow Guesthouse is built in the shape of a dome, providing guests with a unique experience. The bedroom is designed with a small and extremely warm space, making visitors feel extremely comfortable and pleasant. In addition, the Bungalow has an outdoor swimming pool to help visitors cool off.

  • Address: 100 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong City, Phu Quoc
  • Price: From 300.000 VND

2.4. Langchia Homestay

Langchia Homestay attracts visitors with a somewhat minimalist and idyllic appearance, but the room is as modern as a hotel room. Langchia takes care of each room very carefully, equipped with necessary electrical and household appliances to help guests feel more comfortable in their room.

  • Address: 91/2D Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
  • Price: From 280.000 VND

2.5. Banana Homestay

Banana has a variety of room types including standard rooms, double rooms, family rooms and overwater bungalows to suit the diverse needs of tourists. In addition to accommodation services, this place also serves food, tour services for tourists.

  • Address: 5 Cay So, Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
  • Price: From 400.000 to 650.000 VND/a night

3. 10 Things To Do In Phu Quoc Island

3.1. Swimming in Sao Beach

Bai Sao is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc with fine white sand and clear blue sea. Swimming in Sao Beach is one of the must-do experiences in Phu Quoc Island. This place also has many food services, lunch break in a hammock, fresh water bath quite fully, suitable for the diverse needs of visitors.

3.2. Diving and seeing Coral

Snorkeling is a must-try activity for visitors visiting Phu Quoc. This region, which has a very diversified marine ecosystem, contains the most coral reefs in Vietnam in terms of variety, with 17 different species. Visitors simply need to face down in the water to be able to view the coral, which is abundant and variety, and only 1 to 3 meters above sea level.

3.3. Visiting Ham Ninh Ancient Fishing Village

Ham Ninh ancient fishing village is an interesting destination with wild and peaceful beauty. Residents here live mainly by pearl diving, catching sea cucumbers, and spreading crab nets. Coming to the ancient fishing village, do not forget to experience the unique dishes here.

3.4. Watching the sunset on the sea

Sunset is one of the experiences that visitors cannot miss when walking on Phu Quoc beaches. Make sure your camera and phone are always by your side, you won’t want to miss any beautiful sunset moments here.

3.5. Visiting pepper garden

One of the fantastic suggestions for a tourist’s discovery excursion is to visit a pepper garden. Visitors can register with the lusciously green pepper garden here. Also, customers can purchase easy and delicious pepper as gifts.

3.6. Enjoying dried seafood

Coming to the waters of Phu Quoc, one thing that visitors should not miss is enjoying dried seafood. The ideal way for tourists to truly experience the flavor of the sea will be to serve them with a range of dried seafood, such as salted herring or spiced sweet herring. Seafood here is extremely diverse with affordable prices, so visitors can freely choose.

3.7. Enjoying fresh seafood

Besides dry seafood, visitors also try their hand at fresh seafood dishes prepared on the spot at Dinh Cau night market. The fresh seafood stalls attract visitors by the sweet aroma, the food here will surely satisfy even the most fastidious guests.

3.8. Playing with Phu Quoc dog

The Phu Quoc dog was originally trained by the locals to assist in hunting, but was later tamed to watch the house. Taking pictures with Phu Quoc dogs is one of the great memories that visitors should not miss in their journey to discover Phu Quoc.

3.9. Visiting Phu Quoc pearl facility

Visiting Phu Quoc pearl facility is also an extremely interesting experience for tourists. Visitors will be able to witness firsthand the process of cultivating pearls and making beautiful jewelry. Besides, this is also an opportunity for visitors to choose for themselves luxury and quality gifts from pearls.

3.10. Check-in Phu Quoc Heaven Gate

Another well-known check-in location in Phu Quoc is Heaven Gate. Those who enjoy Phu Quoc tourism are accustomed to this type of encounter. Visitors not only have magnificent images, but also a very ideal and romantic site to watch the sunset, thanks to an unusual structure of a human face sliced in half that has been created on the beach.

4. Travel tips need to be prepared when coming to Phu Quoc

4.1. Necessary documents for the trip

To have a perfect trip, visitors need to prepare the necessary documents for the journey such as identity card, citizen identification, passport to check in at the hotel or airport. In addition, visitors should also prepare vehicle documents so that they can easily register and travel by their own vehicle during their trip. Documents can be easily lost, so visitors should also pay attention to storing and preserving them carefully.

4.2. Money and ATM cards

For the trip, cash and ATM cards are essential. Online payment options are currently growing in popularity. Visitors should nonetheless have cash with them in order to make small purchases or pay for services.

4.3. Clothes

For the trip, cash and ATM cards are essential. Online payment options are currently growing in popularity. Visitors should nonetheless have cash with them in order to make small purchases or pay for services.

5. Conclusion

Visitors to Phu Quoc can enjoy the region’s tourism, culture, and cuisine in addition to its stunning beaches. The top ten things to do in Phu Quoc Island, according to Metta Voyage, are listed above. Visitors will not be let down by this location. If visitors need more information, please contact us for more information!

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