Top 5 traveler’s studios for yoga in Hoi An

Nowadays, the benefits of yoga to the wellbeing of both body and mind have become more prominent. An increasing number of people are taking up yoga as a way to strengthen the body while relaxing the spirit. Some are even combining yoga with a holiday as a retreat from the daily busy routine. 

When making plans for a yoga retreat, most often, people consider the hillside temples in Bali, Indonesia or the Himalayan foothills in India, destinations well-known for the culture and development of yoga. Nevertheless, in Vietnam, Hoi An surprisingly appears to be a promising yoga scene for many yoga-enthusiasts, with a growing yoga community and increasing number of yoga centers and studios. 

If you’re traveling in Hoi An and wouldn’t want to disrupt your yoga routine, here are top 5 yoga classes in Hoi An that you can visit. 

1. Nomad Yoga 

Location: 22 Nguyen Du, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Started out as a small yoga studio in Hoi An that could only fit 10 people, from 2018, Nomad Yoga has been growing and expanding rapidly under the management of Natalie Devoy. Nomad Yoga is now considered the heart of yoga practice in Hoi An and among the most renowned yoga and wellness centers in Hoi An for both local and international travellers. 

Nomad Yoga offers the most diverse range of yoga classes in Hoi An for people of any skills level as well as experience with different types of yoga, such as Easy & Power Vinyasa Flows, Core Flow, etc. On top of that, they also provide guided Meditation yoga classes as retreats to help you achieve your mentally and emotionally relaxing state of mind. 

An exclusive factor that helps make Nomad Yoga more special than other yoga centers in Hoi An is that it follows the holistic Rishikesh style of yoga, originated from Nepal. Teachers at Nomad Yoga are also ‘nomadic’ yoga professionals from all over the world who come to Hoi An with a great passion for yoga. 

Whether you’re starting your own yoga journey or wanting to find a place to relax and nurture yourselves through yoga in Hoi An, you have found the right place at Nomad Yoga. 

2. Aum Yoga Vietnam

Location: 220 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An

Aum Yoga Vietnam was founded in 2019 by Rahul Chamoli, a 500-hour certified yoga instructor from Rishikesh, the alleged birthplace of yoga. After one full year dedicated to his passion for yoga and self-practice, Rahul came to Hoi An with the mission to share and spread his knowledge and holistic philosophy of yoga to our beautiful country. 

Their philosophy at Aum Yoga Vietnam in Hoi An is that ‘Yoga is for all’. They offer yoga classes right in the centre of Hoi An for all levels, from beginners to advanced. So no matter if you have just kicked start your yoga journey or have been quite an experienced yogis, Aum Yoga Vietnam is a must-come destination for practicing yoga in Hoi An. 

Aum Yoga Vietnam aspires to create a caring community and relaxing and peaceful environment for their students. When coming to Aum Yoga Vietnam in Hoi An, you are not just learning to do yoga; you are developing a lifelong routine of practicing yoga, while exploring your inner self as well as the world around you. 

3. Om With Em Yoga 

If you prefer a more personal and intimate yoga experience in Hoi An, maybe Om With Em Yoga is the option for you. 

Meet Emma Sothern, founder, manager and the only yoga instructor at Om With Em Yoga in Hoi An. Having been a yoga teacher for over two years, Emma founded her own yoga studio with the simple purpose of bringing joy and destress solutions to others through yoga and meditation in Hoi An, where she now considered her adopted hometown and the best place for yoga in Vietnam. 

The unique part of Om With Em Yoga is that each class is located differently in Hoi An for your best yoga experience, usually outdoors in nature. Sunrise 75-minute Gentle Hatha classes take place at An Bang beach right on the sand, upon request. Easy Vinyasa Flow and Hatha group classes are taught every Tuesday and Thursday, from 8-9 am, in a garden by the beach. And on Sunday morning, Yin classes are hosted in a cute cafe on Cua Dai street, with a cozy atmosphere suitable for meditation. 

Om With Em Yoga even offers private yoga lessons in Hoi An that caters to your liking of yoga styles and yoga levels. Her classes can be grounding but also energising at the same time, helping your body and mind connect in a mindful and relaxing way. 

4. Annen Hoi An 

Location: 471/07 Cua Dai, Hoi An, Quang Nam 

Annen Hoi An started off as a high-quality vegetarian cafe, but the business soon thrived and expanded rapidly. Today, right attached to the crowded Annen restaurant is Annen Yoga Studio, one of the uprising destinations for yoga-enthusiasts travelling in Hoi An. 

Classes are scheduled from Monday to Saturday, 6.00 am to 5.30 pm in both languages, Vietnamese and English; so if you’re from overseas, there’s no need to worry. Three sections of 90-minute class will be held in a spacious and open space next to the outdoor patio of the cafe, in what feels like a yoga retreat away from the noisy and crowded main road in Hoi An. 

Jyoti, the yoga instructor at Annen Yoga Studio in Hoi An, has been teaching yoga in Hoi An for over 6 years, after training in both Vietnam and California. Her teaching style follows the Sivananda yoga tradition that will make you feel challenged and energised, but completely at ease in the end. And afterwards, you can enjoy a delicious vegan meal in their beautiful garden. 

5. Superfit Gym & Yoga Hoi An

Location: 101 Ly Thai To st., Hoi An, Quang Nam 

If you are already a workout enthusiast and enjoy different workout routines, Superfit Gym & Yoga Hoi An is your best option when travelling in Hoi An. 

Considered ‘Best gym in Hoi An’, Superfit provides high-quality gym facilities as well as a wide variety of workout options, from high-intensity to low-impact training, including yoga. You can easily jump in a core-fit session or work on some cardio exercises before practicing yoga, based on your preference and for the same price. 

A plus point for Superfit Gym & Yoga Hoi An is that there are large separate studio places for different classes, and it rarely gets too crowded. Therefore, you can enjoy your own space and practice yoga at your own pace at Superfit Hoi An. They also offer good price subscriptions for both short and long term memberships. 


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