1. About Metta Voyage  

Founded at the end of 2019, Metta Voyage is a DMC & Tour operator that specializes in providing high-quality travel services in Southeast Asia. We offer a wide range of travel packages, tailor-made tours, group tours, and quality services (airport transfers, hotel bookings, visa services, etc.) designed to meet the preferences of all travelers when traveling to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar).

In 2023, Metta Voyage will recruit representatives in our focus markets (US-UK, North European countries, East Asia countries, and Australia)

2. Our team

We come together regardless of age or experience because of a similarity and a great passion for travel. We are proud of having the most passionate people on our staff. We’ve always been more like a close family than colleagues. With a common purpose, we are committed to providing travelers with authentic and memorable travel! There’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect tour for you

3. Key Tasks

  • Identify and connect new travel agencies or agents to Metta Voyage’s travel consultant who can create the travel tour booking for Metta Voyage
  • Generate new business relationships by using email, Linkedin, or online/offline meeting 
  • Manage existing relationships with key accounts

4. Our benefits:

  • Flexible time as your choice
  • Unlimited commission with a fixed commission rate for the accounts you bring to the company 
  • Join our travel product and process training, and increase your knowledge and experience in the travel industry. 
  • Join our business development training sessions to increase your skills. 
  • Become our ambassadors in your market, and be in charge of all travel accounts 
  • Join our travel network worldwide (the travel association, the hospitality network
  • Increase your personal branding and resume in the travel industry 
  • Participate in relevant trade exhibitions, promotions, and other lead-generation events.
  • Travel on our itinerary to provide our customers with the greatest possible experience.

5. Our requirements:

  • Development and execution of action plans to meet sales objectives.
  • Work constantly to produce new leads, expand into new markets, and grow new businesses.
  • Establish and maintain strong working connections within your regions.
  • Must be diligent and persistent in lead creation and client development.

6. How to apply:

Please send your CV to [email protected] or contact us at +84929876620 (Whatsapp)