On Wednesday, the administration announced that incoming and outgoing tourism will restart on MARCH 15 under new normal conditions.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam issued an order to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to announce a detailed reopening plan that will be implemented countrywide. The ministry was also urged to collaborate with the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs on a visa issuing policy proposal.

At a government meeting on Tuesday, the defense, public security, tourism, health, foreign affairs, and transport ministries agreed that once Vietnam’s air, land, and sea borders are fully reopened on March 15, all travel restrictions imposed since the pandemic began in Vietnam in 2009 will be lifted.

1. Requirements:

1.1. To enter Vietnam:

– Have a passport of at least 6-month validity
– Have a full-vaccination certificate with the 2nd dose administered within 6 months or a certificate of being recovered from Covid within 6 months (for travelers aged from 12)
– Have certificate of Negative Covid-19 Test Result (test taken within 24 hours prior to Vietnam arrival in case of rapid test, or 72 hours in case of RT-PCR test)
– Have a valid Vietnam entry paper (if required)
– Install at least 01 apps for health management as regulated by the Vietnam authorities
– Have health insurance (to cover Covid Treatment)

1.2. Upon arrival:

– If the travelers are entering Vietnam by air:
+ Those showing Covid symptoms would have to undergo a rapid Covid test when they land at the airport.
+ In other cases, they would spend one-day quarantine in their hotel or accommodation facility until they furnish a negative Covid test result (rapid test or RT-PRC test).
+ All would continue monitoring their health for 14 days as per the protocol of the Ministry of Health.
– If the travelers are entering Vietnam by land, they get a rapid Covid-test when reaching the land border.

1.3. During Stay:

– Monitor health for 14 days as per health ministry protocol

1.4. Still Unclear:

– When Vietnam reopens for tourists, what will the visa policies (procedure and countries applicable) be like?
– How will the quick antigen test be conducted upon arrival?
– Who is going to conduct these tests?
– How long will the testing take?
– How will passengers be transported from the airport to their lodging?
– How will people be treated if they become infected?
– Will those with minor infections be allowed to isolate themselves at their hotel?

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