In surveys by many travel magazines such as Telegraph, DailystarVietnam travel reviews always ranks among the safest and most attractive travel destinations. Join Metta Voyage in the article below to evaluate what makes Vietnam tourism so attractive to tourists!

1. Overview about Vietnam travel

The Southeast Asian nation of Vietnam boasts a fascinating past, many different cultural traditions, and breathtaking natural beauty. Vietnam is renowned for its delectable cuisine, historic pagodas and temples, thriving cities, and stunning natural scenery.

Ha Long Bay, a breathtaking natural wonder made up of thousands of limestone islands and islets rising from the turquoise seas of the Gulf of Tonkin, is one of the most well-known sights in Vietnam. Travelers from all over the world must visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ancient relics like the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi and the historic village of Hoi An offer a look into the country’s illustrious past. Vietnam’s history is also profoundly interwoven in its culture. Additionally, Tet – the Lunar New Year celebration, and other traditional festivals and holidays are celebrated throughout Vietnam.

With its distinctive fusion of flavors and ingredients that represent its history and culture, Vietnamese food is another hallmark of the nation. Spring rolls, banh mi, and pho are some of the most well-liked foods.

Vietnam has advanced significantly in recent years in terms of both economic growth and social development, although still being a developing nation. Travelers from all over the world are welcome there thanks to its inhabitants, who are renowned for their fortitude, friendliness, and hospitality.

2. Why is Vietnam reviewed as a safe destination for tourists?

2.1. Stable politics

Politics has a profound impact on the safety of a country. In multiparty countries, political upheavals often occur. The protests will cause chaos on the streets, causing casualties and affecting the lives of many people, including tourists.

Vietnam has only one leading Party, the Communist Party of Vietnam. Under the Party’s leadership, our country has achieved many remarkable achievements. Because protests do not often occur, Vietnam is a safe destination for all tourists.

In a country with stable politics like Vietnam, tourists can freely have fun and shop without worrying about political upheavals.

2.2.There is no terrorism

Every nation in the world has a terrible fascination with terrorism. Terrorist murderous attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries have terrified everyone.

Meanwhile, there has never been a single terrorist incident in Vietnam during the course of thousands of years. Security order is always completely assured in Vietnam, especially during significant political events or visits from foreign presidents. As a result, vacationers can travel without concern for their safety. This is yet another important factor in Vietnam’s rise to the top of the list of safe travel destinations worldwide.

2.3. Theft rate is relatively low

Social evils such as pickpocketing, prostitution, drugs, etc. always make tourists feel insecure. In Vietnam, the rate of theft and violence is relatively low. You can absolutely walk alone at night without worry. In addition, Vietnam is also an ideal place to travel for women because of the safety of this country.

2.4. Friendly people

Visitors will feel safe and at ease while vacationing in Vietnam since the locals are warm, approachable, and open. You won’t have to worry about running across scowling or irate people when you ask for directions or go shopping. The Vietnamese people, on the other hand, are quite respectful and completely abide by the proposed legislation, therefore there are very few instances of them causing trouble or abusing foreigners.

3. Top Vietnam travel reviews

3.1. The first Vietnam travel review

“If you are looking for a unique and authentic way to discover the ancient art and culture of Hanoi’s traditional handicrafts, you should definitely visit King Craft Viet. King Craft Viet is a local company that specializes in eco-friendly products made from natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth. From there, you can learn about the history, techniques, and skills of the artisans who create these beautiful and functional items.

I had the chance to see how rattan is harvested, processed, and woven into various products such as lampshades, lanterns, trays, baskets, and furniture. The tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable, and she explained everything in detail. She also taught me how to make my own rattan lampshade, which was a lot of fun and very rewarding. I was amazed by the creativity and craftsmanship of the artisans, who can transform simple materials into stunning and durable products.

We visited the King Craft Viet showroom, where I could see and buy more of their handmade products. They have a wide range of designs, from traditional to rustic to modern, that suit any taste and preference. I was impressed by the quality and variety of their products, and I bought some as souvenirs for my friends and family. I also learned that King Craft Viet is committed to social and environmental responsibility, as they support local communities, use sustainable materials, and promote fair trade.

I highly recommend this destination to anyone who wants to experience the rich and diverse culture of Hanoi’s handicrafts. It is a great way to learn about the history and heritage of Vietnam, as well as to support local artisans and businesses. You will not regret it”

The above Vietnam travel review is written on TripAdvisor platform!


3.2. The second Vietnam travel review

“The boyfriend of mine and I spent fifteen days eating our way through Vietnam and this was a complete blast. The guides of ours on all three legs had been extremely amiable and also easy to get together with. They’d outstanding information about the local food, taking us through the whole food experience from hands-on preparation to how to savor it the regional way O.O 

The food was tasty, local, and fresh the same as we needed them to be. Additionally, we’d want to send the thanks of ours to our travel advisor – Ms. Rita, for creating this incredible journey and accommodating to the whims of ours when we wished to be slightly daring with the food choices of ours”

The above Vietnam travel review is written on TripAdvisor platform!

4. Some famous tourist destinations in Vietnam

4.1. Da Nang City

Da Nang consistently ranks first among the most livable cities in Vietnam. The stunning My Khe beach, the Dragon Bridge, which is both special and significant, the charming people, the Linh Ung pagoda, which is situated on the windy Son Tra peninsula, the dreamlike Ba Na tourist area, and numerous contemporary buildings that are sprouting up in the middle of the coastal city are all features of this lovely central city that draw domestic and foreign tourists to visit and reside.

In Da Nang, people are extremely friendly and prices are reasonable. This place is the bridge connecting a tour to the beautiful Central region. Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An always has its own color with rich cuisine: banh xeo, Quang noodles, fish ball vermicelli, fish sauce vermicelli, rice paper rolls. pork, noodle soup, seafood, all kinds of sweet soup…

4.2. Da Lat City

Da Lat is a rare city that enjoys consistently cool temperatures all year round. Da Lat is perfect and has the admirable “3 nos”: no cyclos, no air conditioning, and no red lights. Visitors to this unique city are enthralled by the surrounding natural beauty, which doesn’t require any maintenance. Everyone wants to stay here after visiting because of the welcoming atmosphere and consistent four seasons throughout the year.

People call Da Lat the city of thousands of flowers because the flowers bloom brilliantly all year round. There are flowers that can only live in Da Lat such as Lavender,… and only Da Lat can gather the full fragrance of flowers in Vietnam like that. Come once and try living here, you will definitely never regret it!

4.3. Nha Trang City

As one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Vietnam, Nha Trang is somewhat more vibrant and bustling than Da Nang, a city known as the “jewel” in the heart of Central Vietnam or “vacation paradise” in the hearts of many tourists.

Because the beaches in Nha Trang are consistently clear and blue, extending to the horizon, people visit the city frequently. The pleasant weather that prevails here throughout the year, combined with the sunlight and wind that blows in from the azure sea, adds to the allure of the surroundings. The city’s infrastructure has been well-invested, resulting in few instances of traffic congestion and vast, open highways.

When traveling to Nha Trang, in addition to the beach, you can visit famous tourist destinations such as the tourist paradise Vinpearl Nha Trang, visit 4 islands – Hon Mun, Hon Tre, Hon Mot, Hon Tam, Bai Chong. Besides, you will admire Ninh Van bay, Van Phong bay, swim in Dai Lanh beach, bathe in Thap Ba hot springs, Long Son Tu pagoda…

5. Conclusion

Traveling in addition to visiting beautiful scenery and experiencing high-class services, any tourist wants to live in a safe environment. Vietnam is an ideal destination because it has all the elements: beautiful scenery, unique cuisine and safety. Therefore, if management is done well, in the future, the number of international tourists coming to our country will grow even more strongly. Tourism will become Vietnam’s leading economic spearhead. In addition to the above Vietnam travel reviews, contact Metta Voyage to update more interesting travel information!

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