1. Halong Bay overview

Halong Bay is an alluring tourist destination located in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. It has established a reputation in picturesque landscapes with numerous limestone islands and karsts in all sizes and shapes that may be seen in the bay. Halong Bay, Vietnam, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and named one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World in 2012.

Visiting Halong Bay, you may learn about the region’s mythical legends and take in the enigmatic scenery. Halong Bay offers you all things you need for a sea trip, including unspoiled white beaches, excellent seafood, unmatched wildlife, deep caves, top-notch cruises, and distinctive karst structures. One of the ideal ways for you to enjoy your stay here is to take in the panoramic views on a day cruise Halong Bay. Let’s discover the best day cruise to Halong Bay in this article.

2. Top 5 best day cruise Halong Bay

2.1. Alisa Day Cruise

On Alisa Cruise, each room and suite has a private balcony with views of the ocean. For your convenience, certain rooms come with a lounge area, flat-screen TV, and mini-bar. The Alisa Restaurant, situated on the second level, serves meals all day long that include both Western and Vietnamese cuisine. The chic Alisa Sky Bar, located on the third floor, serves refreshments to visitors. Alisa Day Cruise will bring you the best experience of day cruise Halong Bay.

  • Tel: +84-966121942
  • Website: https://www.alisacruise.com
  • Cruise type: Metal
  • Price: From 88.00 USD/ person

Itinerary: Tuan Chau Island – Cat Ba Island – Sung Sot Cave– Ti Top Cave

Your journey on Alisa Cruise will start from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm with many attractive destinations on Ha Long Bay. You will start at Tuan Chau Island and then move to Cat Ba Island, Sung Sot Cave, and Luon Cave. During the cruise, you will have lunch on board, join a sunset party, experience kayaking, and have an English tour guide. This will definitely be a memorable day cruise Halong Bay.


  • The Hanoi luxury bus transfer
  • Family and triple cabins are offered.
  • The new cruise ship with large, luxurious accommodations and superb amenities.

2.2. Jade Sails Day Cruise

Jade Sails is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind cruise created with the goal of creating a magnificent open area. With the exquisite and sophisticated interior, which features 02 restaurants, a lounge bar and cafe, a sundeck, a swimming bar, a spa, and a gym, Jade Sails Day Cruise allows tourists to effortlessly enjoy the alluring landscape of Halong Bay.

  • Tel: (+84) 243 938 5666
  • Website: https://www.jadesailscruise.com
  • Cruise type: Metal
  • Year operated: 2018
  • Price: From 115.00 USD/ person

Itinerary: Tuan Chau Marina – Lan Ha Bay – Brightness cave & Darkness cave– Beach Area

The Jade Sails Day Cruise will take you on a 7-hour journey of in-depth exploration through Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, where you’ll find a wealth of undiscovered natural splendors. As you go off from Tuan Chau Pier, you may explore the stunning natural landscape of the Dark and Light cave and go swimming in the tranquil region of Lan Ha Bay, where the water is incredibly pure. On the journey, you can enjoy lunch with attractive Vietnamese dishes, join the sunset party on board, kayak, free admission to destinations on the cruise and provide English speaking tour guide.


  • The Jade Sails day cruise Halong Bay is the latest and most opulent, featuring a distinctive modern vessel design.
  • Only takes 2 hours to travel by limousine car from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Marina.
  • The ship offers a 7-hour day tour itinerary that explores Lan Ha Bay in depth.
  • Including a fun sunset party, cooking demonstration, and boating Happy Hour.

2.3. Sapphire Day Cruise

There are 21 contemporary staterooms on Sapphire Cruise, and each one is a neat and comfortable 18 to 22 square meters. Every cabin has a balcony allowing you to enjoy the most excellent view from the comfort of your own room. With a carefully considered itinerary, attentive service, classic décor, friendly service, a knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide, and a renowned master chef, Sapphire Day Cruise also offers guests a wholly distinctive experience. This will guarantee tourists a happy vacation and a memorable experience on day cruise Halong Bay.

  • Tel :  (+84)24 39 26 23 28
  • Website: https://sapphirecruise.com/
  • Cruise type: Metal
  • Year operated: December 2018
  • Price: From 191 USD/ person

Itinerary: Tuan Chau harbor – Da Chong islet – Lan Ha Bay – Dark & Bright Cave

Sapphire Cruise takes visitors to some of the most remote locations, including Da Chong islet, Dark-Bright Cave, Cua Van area, … Travelers can kayak lazily on the tranquil bay, swim in the clear water, ride through the rural community, and immerse themselves in Lan Ha Bay’s beautiful environment. Along the way, you might be interested in a cooking class, a Tai chi class on the top deck, a sunset party, or a massage.


  • Every room has a balcony.
  • All of the activities include  swimming, kayaking, cooking, and night squid fishing, as well as exploring unexplored areas of Lan Ha Bay
  • Family-friendly triple cabins
  • English-speaking employee’s guidance

2.4. Orchid Day Cruise

There are 14 opulent cabins on board the Orchid Cruise, with the smallest starting at 36 sqm. All of the Orchid Cruise’s accommodations have individual balconies and complete ocean views, allowing you to take in the breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay.  in addition to the luxurious private cabins, the public area on the Orchid Cruise is also unmatched including spa services, theme parties on demand, pick-up services by limousine cars, a luxury bar and restaurant, a gym, etc.

  • Tel : + 849 8587 3537
  • Website: https://orchidcruisehalongbay.com/
  • Cruise type: Wooden
  • Year operated: 2018
  • Price: From 175 USD/ person

Itinerary: Got Pier – Lan Ha Bay – Dark & Bright Cave – Tra Bau area

Orchid Day Cruise tour lasting for 6 hours takes you across the most beautiful and secret areas of Halong Bay. It departs at Pha Got Pier, travels through Halong Bay, and then makes its way to Lan Ha Bay, Brightness cave – Darkness cave which belongs to Cat Ba National Park, Tra Bau area. The services and activities of the trip include round-trip car service, lunch, a guide, entrance fee, kayaking, visiting caves, and floating villages.


  • The newest day cruise Halong Bay leaving from Got Pier is the Orchid Day Cruise.
  • The interior is decorated with luxurious furnishings and facilities, including a restaurant and bar and a sundeck with chairs.
  • On the brand-new highway, the ship provides a 2-hour ride from Hanoi to Halong.
  • The 6-hour tour brings you to a lot of areas of Lan Ha Bay.

2.5. La Casta Cruise

La Casta Cruise distinguishes itself with a unique design. This ship’s interior design is a seamless fusion of classic and modern architectural elements with all wooden furniture. The cruise has 24 exquisite cabins and can hold up to 52 passengers. Each of the completely furnished rooms and suites has a private balcony with a stunning view of the bay.

  • Tel : (+84) 961 398 066
  • Website: https://lacastacruise.com/
  • Cruise type: Metal
  • Year operated: 2020
  • Price: 125 USD/ person

Itinerary: Tuan Chau Port – Thumb Rock – Bo Hon Island – Sung Sot Cave – Titop island

La Casta Cruise offers extraordinary travel plans of up to 8 hours, full of activities for visitors to enjoy the most popular route of Ha Long Bay, including Sung Sot Cave, kayaking to Luon cave, and discovering Titop Island, an islet of dreams with a beach formed like such a crescent moon. For those who wish to see the best of Halong Bay without spending the night on a boat, this is the perfect excursion.


  • View the breathtaking panorama of Halong Bay, which features thousands of limestone mountains.
  • Discover the mysteries of Vietnamese food with a buffet on board.
  • Kayak in the Luon cave.
  • Take part in intriguing onboard events like the outdoor jacuzzi party and the sunset in Halong Bay.

3. Tips for your best day cruise Halong Bay

3.1. Some exciting experiences on day cruise Halong Bay

3.1.1. Explore the impressive natural scenery of Halong

One of the most important experiences on the day cruise Halong Bay itinerary is to explore the beautiful and ageless marriage of the residents’ way of life with the nearby seascape. The spectacular limestone islets, enormous caves, and secret lagoons that nature has endowed them will undoubtedly leave visitors in amazement. However, a one-day itinerary should only include touring one destination in order to provide time for the remaining activities.

3.1.2. Paddle a kayak

The chance to paddle your own kayak through the tranquil water of Halong Bay is one of the highlights of an everyday cruise Halong Bay. In a single day, visitors will have the opportunity to explore more Halong Bay by paddling out kayaking and swimming on stunning beaches or in uninhabited regions. Renting a kayak is a very efficient approach to thoroughly investigate and learn about the entirely natural limestone architecture which creates idyllic beaches, cave systems, and lagoons with ancient beauty.

3.1.3. Catch the sunset on the cruise

As the sun goes down in the west, it descends over thousands of islands and warms the ocean. Throughout the year, sunsets happen about 6 p.m., and visitors can enjoy unobstructed views from the privacy of their own rooms. A nice place to enjoy the last light of the day is on the top deck! Read more about other exciting activities at Halong Cruise Day Trip.

3.2. Best time for a day cruise Halong Bay

Every day of the year, Halong Bay Cruises are offered. But the best time to go on a Halong Bay day cruise would be between September to the start of November. Because it is cold and not too sunny outside, tourists can enjoy outdoor activities. If you come in other months, Ha Long will still be a great destination but pay attention to the weather.

All of our recommendations for your day cruise Halong Bay are listed in the information supplied above. We sincerely hope it will be helpful for you as you organize the perfect trip to Halong Bay. Additionally, if you require any information or have any queries regarding the tour, kindly get in touch with us right once at Metta Voyage.

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