As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay is regarded as a must-see location for foreign visitors to Vietnam. It has spectacular cave systems in addition to almost 2000 islands and islets. As a result, visitors may unwind and take in the gorgeous surroundings and spectacular splendor of the mountains and sea.

There are so many fascinating things to discover that it can be challenging for you to travel in Halong Bay day trip.

1. Recommended Halong Bay charter helicopter day trip itinerary

08:00: The guide will pick you up at your hotel and transfer to Gia Lam Heliport.

09:00: Take a helicopter to Halong Bay for 1 hour 45 minutes and then enjoy its amazing view for 8 minutes before landing.

09:45: Landing Halong Heliport on General Giap hill. Pick up guests and move to the harbor.

10:00: Your guide will welcome you on board and begin a 5-hour cruise to admire the stunning beauty and limestone caves in the area. You will be served a hearty seafood lunch on board,

15:00: Back to the port. Transfer back to Halong Heliport to fly back to Hanoi.

16:15: Meet at Gia Lam Heliport and back to the hotel in Hanoi

Services include:

  • Daily departure
  • Private chartered helicopter
  • Private boat cruise in Halong Bay

2. Recommended Halong Bay cruise day trip itinerary

7:30 Transfer to Ha Long City for a 3-hour drive through the Red River Delta. Upon arrival, you’ll board our boat for a 4-hour exploration of the complex, to the stunning caves. You will be served a hearty seafood lunch by the staff while enjoying the scenery.

Services include:

  • Daily departure from Hanoi
  • Private tour with English speaking guide
  • Private pick up and drop off services

3. Favorite places for Halong Bay day trip

3.1. Visiting Floating Village

There are only four fishing communities left, and they are Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Dam Cong, and Ba Hang. The residents still engage in a variety of activities and jobs, including as pearl-making, weaving, and fishing, despite not always living there.

You can visit these villages to find out more about the way of life and culture of Vietnamese fisherman. Ba Hang fishing village is perhaps your best option if you want to take in Ha Long’s serene and peaceful ambiance. There are numerous houses in this picture-perfect village where traditional occupations have been passed down from one generation to the next.

3.2. Swimming in Monkey Island

Monkey Island is a great place to go swimming because it is so close to Ha Long Bay. Tourists can swim in crystal-clear emerald water with gorgeous background on this island.

On this beautiful island, you may also capture unforgettable pictures of the stunning scenery and adorable monkeys, or you can simply relax on the beach and take in the fresh air.

3.3. Visiting Pearl Farm

The most well-known pearl farming community in HaLong Bay is located here, and it is also a popular tourist destination where you can go and see how pearls are harvested and turned into jewelry and other items. A lagoon with sloping limestone islands surrounds the craft village. You should try the really distinctive experience of visiting the pearl craft village.

3.4. Visiting Titop Island



Ti Top Island is renowned for its lovely climate and picturesque surroundings. Ti Top Beach is a must-visit location for tourists traveling to and through Halong Bay, especially those who appreciate nature in Vietnam.

Ti Top Island offers swimming and climbing opportunities to the top of the island, which is the greatest site to take in the splendor of Ha Long Bay. For many people, this is one of the highlights of their trip to Halong Bay, and for good reason. Furthermore, after ascending, you can reward yourself with a cool, rejuvenating plunge in Halong Bay’s waters.

3.5. Ha Long tourism by boat


You can take one of the following routes to visit Ha Long Bay; the longer the route, the more expensive it is.

  • Route 1 (4 hours): Tourist Port – Thien Cung Cave – Dau Go Cave – Dinh Huong Island – Ga Choi – Ba Hang.
  • Route 2 (6 hours): Tourist ship port – Dinh Huong Island – Ga Choi – Sung Sot Cave – Ti Top Island .
  • Route 3 (8 hours): Tourist Port – Thien Cung Cave  – Dau Go Cave  – Sung Sot Cave – Ti Top Island – Hang Luon.
  • Route 4 (8 hours): Tourist Port – Sung Sot Cave – Ti Top Island  – Cua Van Fishing Village – Ba Trai Dao.
  • Route 5 (10 hours): Tourist ship port – Sung Sot Cave – Ti Top Island  – Bai Tu Long Bay.

4. Right time to visit Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay will experience perfect weather during the summer, just like other tourist spots. From April through August, the weather is quite lovely and cool as a cucumber. From the early hours of the morning to sunset, there is barely any rain.


Ha Long Bay is also pleasant in the fall. You may go swimming from September to November because the weather is primarily sunny and mild. Additionally, there are fewer storms now.

When visiting Ha Long in June or July, storms are frequently hitting the North. When it rains a lot, the scenery is gloomier, and tourist ships are even forbidden from the sea in order to transport visitors to the bay and have them spend the night there.

5. Quick tips for Halong bay 1-day trips


  1. The greatest time to visit Ha Long Bay is when it’s dry, not too hot outside, and especially when there aren’t any storms or raindrops. Visiting Ha Long Bay is best done in the spring and summer.
  2. It could be challenging for you to plan a vacation by yourself from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. It makes sense to reserve a day-long Halong Bay excursion. You only need to enjoy the travel in order to avoid wasting time or money.
  3. Select the appropriate travel agency: Even if you are a foreign visitor with well-thought-out plans, a poor choice in travel agencies can wreck an entire vacation. My recommendation for the finest day trip is to use a Hanoi-based travel service that picks up and drops off guests at their hotels.

You should look up reputable tour companies online and study reviews from previous clients. Before leaving, you can send them an email to get the details you need, such as tour costs and schedules.

  1. Choose a 6-hour (or even 8-hour) schedule on the bay rather than 4 hours when many vintage yachts are operating if you are visiting Halong Bay for a single day. You’ll have more time to take in the breathtaking scenery!
  2. Clothing: If you intend to go swimming, you will need at least three sets of clothes—one each for everyday wear, evening dress, and casual wear. Bring shorts, a skirt, and a short-sleeved shirt if you’re traveling between May and October. Bring extra sweaters and coats the rest of the year because Ha Long Bay can get pretty chilly.

6. How to book a Halong Day Trip from Hanoi?

6.1. Online booking websites

You should read material on websites like Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor. These forum pages allow you to read about other people’s experiences and get knowledge of a list of trustworthy business names.

You can locate the timetable on these forum sites by yourself. Customers who have used trustworthy travel agencies may even bookmark or reference their websites.

6.2. Travel Agencies

It would undoubtedly be simpler if you conduct a Google search for a reliable travel agent in Hanoi. After that, you can seek direct guidance from them at their Hanoi office. You will therefore always get the greatest information at the best pricing.

6.3. Cruise operators

You can easily purchase tickets directly from the cruise operator if you have already decided on your preferred trip before visiting Halong Bay. Before paying, don’t forget to haggle for a low price and double-check the schedule and inclusions of the ticket.

However, you have selected a few alternate cruises so that, in the event that all of the tickets for your top pick are sold out, you can quickly purchase an alternative.

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