1. Overview

Hoi An ancient town was once a busy international trading port. This place has an architectural heritage that has existed for hundreds of years. And recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Hue is also home to beautiful landscapes, unique architectural works of the French colonial period, famous historical relics, etc.

From Hoi An to Hue is the ideal route for you to take a cycling experience tour. With a journey from Hoi An to Hue of about 120 km, you will travel on beautiful but equally challenging roads. The bicycle will travel with you throughout the scenic spots stretching from Hoi An to Hue. This is an opportunity for you to see the unique ancient architecture in Hoi An ancient town, check-in at the famous bougainvillea house, or cross the vast beaches and bamboo forests in Hue and enjoy your time. will explore the top most famous destinations throughout the journey of this bicycle tour. Not only that, when participating in the Hoi An to Hue bike tour, you will enjoy famous specialties of two different regions, such as Cao Lau, Hue beef noodle soup, etc.

2. What is a bike tour?

A bike tour is a type of tourism that uses bicycles as the main means of transportation to explore a land or tourist destination. Bike tours often have a pre-planned itinerary, including stops, motels, and other support services. Tours can range in length and difficulty level, from one day to multiple weeks.

Bike tours are now increasingly popular and are designed by travel companies to be very flexible and suitable for all audiences and ages. For those new to cycling, short, half-day cycling programs around the city are extremely suitable. There are two main types of bike tours: 

  • Self-guided bike tour: Tourists plan their own trip, including choosing a bicycle, route, and other support services.
  • Organized bike tour: Tourists buy a tour from a travel company that will provide all the necessary services for the trip.

3. Suggested itinerary for Hoi An to Hue bike tour

3.1. Day 1 – Hoi An / Hai Van Pass / Lang Co Beach (50 km)

You will receive your bicycle and equipment, such as helmets, gloves, drinking water, etc.Listen to the tour guide instruct you on the basic principles when participating in a cycling tour from Hoi An to Hue.

You will then start your trip, and you will travel about 30 minutes to Thuan Phuoc Bridge. From here, you will cycle 15 km on flat terrain and prepare for the 10-kilometer climb to the top of Hai Van Pass. When we reach the top of this pass, you will stop to enjoy the incredible views of the coast and mountains.

After resting a bit at the top of the mountain, we will continue cycling downhill and continue cycling to Lap An Lagoon and then Lang Co Beach. There are many delicious seafood restaurants around where we will stop to enjoy a great lunch. 

After lunch, you will cycle along the shore of Lang Co Lagoon for 15 km on flat terrain before entering town. We will check in to our accommodation for the night, and you are free to enjoy the afternoon by relaxing or swimming.

3.2. Day 2 – Phuoc Tuong Pass / Ghost City / Thanh Toan Covered Bridge / Hue (62 km)

After breakfast, we will check out of the hotel and travel 20 minutes from Lang Co to the foot of Phuoc Tuong Pass. This road passes through small hills, villages, and cajuput forests for about 10 km. We will continue cycling through small coastal villages, with the road completely covered by bamboo and casuarina forests.

After that, we will stop briefly at An Bang Ghost City. Continue cycling about 5 km to Truong Ha Bridge, then turn onto the country road, passing through villages, rice fields, rivers, and bamboo forests.

Cầu ngói Thanh Toàn

And stop at Thanh Toan Bridge Pagoda, where you can rest to take photos, meet locals, and see the pagoda, school, and local market. 

And finally, we will complete the last 7-kilometer cycling leg of the trip with a trip through vast rice fields to Hue. The 2-day Hoi An to Hue bike tour has been completed. 

We can then organize transportation back to Hoi An by car, bus, or train.

4. Discover the Top 6 Best Destinations on the Hoi An to Hue bike Tour

4.1. Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang has a modern, simple, but no less impressive design. The bridge curves in a soft, graceful curve across the romantic Han River. The easiest thing people remember about the bridge is its overwhelming height and the shape of the cable-stayed wing, like a bird flying towards the East Sea. Riding from the foot of the bridge to the top of the slope, you will feel like you are watching a vivid movie as the city gets smaller behind you.

4.2. Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is also known as Cloud Pass. This pass is located on a high mountaintop, covered with white clouds all year round. At the foot of the pass, there is a vast sea stretching to the horizon. The winding pass runs along Hai Van mountain, lies across the majestic Bach Ma range, and is part of the Truong Son range. Dubbed the “Pass of the Ocean Clouds,” Hai Van Pass is considered the most beautiful pass in Vietnam and was even recognized by BBC Top Gear as the most beautiful coastal road in the world. This pass is located between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city. Hai Van is about 20 km from Da Nang city and about 80 km from Hue city.

4.3. Lap An lagoon

Lap An Lagoon is a tourist destination located next to National Highway 1A, passing through Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, and Thua Thien-Hue province. This is also one of the largest brackish water lagoons in Hue, with an area of about 800 hectares. Because of its geographical location at the intersection between Hue and Da Nang, far from the city, the landscape here is full of wild, mysterious charm that attracts tourists who are passionate about exploring.

At different times, Lap An Hue Lagoon brings different beauty. In particular, during the period from April to July, the clear blue air, little rain, and lots of sunshine will make the mountains and water here even more sparkling and magical. In particular, every time the tide recedes, the walking path will be revealed in the middle of the water, creating an extremely beautiful “water split in half” route.

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4.4. Lang Co beach

Lang Co Beach is located in Lang Co Bay, Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province. With the pristine yet beautiful nature of a bay located right at the foot of the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach soon became a favorite tourist destination for many tourists. Lang Co in the bay has a sea, Lang Co Bay has a length of 42.5 km, and the sea here is 10 km long. Not only is it a beautiful bay of Hue, Lang Co is also considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Coming to Lang Co, visitors can swim, scuba dive, or go on vacation.

4.5. An Bang ghost city

About 36 km from Hue city, along the coast, there is a famous fishing village that has attracted many tourists for many years, even though it is not a tourist destination: An Bang Village. An Bang village in Vinh An commune, Phu Vang district, originally a fishing village, is now known as the “city of mausoleums” or “ghost city of An Bang” with “super mausoleums”.

Coming here, you will see performances of local people performing traditional customs of Central Vietnam. Besides learning about the culture, don’t miss the chance to admire ornate tombs with diverse designs, from Buddhist-style temples to Gothic tombs with Romanesque columns.

4.6. Thanh Toan Bridge Pagoda

Thanh Toan tiled bridge is one of the ancient architectural relics containing ancient beauty, tinged with time, and is also a bridge with unique artistic value in Vietnam today. Thanh Toan Bridge was built according to the very popular architectural style at that time, the “thuong gia, ha kieu” style—houses above and below the bridge, meaning the bridges were covered with a roof designed like a house.

The Thanh Toan tiled bridge was recognized as a national monument in 1990. In addition, thanks to its typical traditional design, the image of the bridge was also printed on postage stamps and released in 2012 as a recognition of its historical value and long standing cultural value. Thanh Toan Bridge is currently one of the famous monuments in Hue, attracting a large number of visitors and being a highlight of Hue tourism.

5. A few notes when experiencing the Hoi An to Hue bike tour

You should follow the tour guide’s instructions to ensure the most enjoyable trip. 

The best time to travel by bicycle from Hoi An to Hue is during the dry season from March to August. So the weather will be hot, so you should choose comfortable, light-colored, simple clothes. Bring sunscreen and glasses, and have light, complete luggage.

The dishes in Hue are often very spicy. If you can’t eat spicy food, you should tell the seller in advance. If you have any special requests, such as vegetarians, allergies, or dietary restrictions, please notify the company to adjust the suitable menu. Most of the selected locations meet food safety and hygiene criteria.

You should drink enough water, especially in the hot season, and we provide you with water regularly. During the bicycle tours from Hoi An to Hue, you will also have many stops to drink tea and talk to people. 

Last but not least, prepare yourself for good health. You should exercise every day to increase your body’s endurance before starting a memorable bicycle trip.

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6. Conclusion

Above, discover the Top 6 Best Destinations on the Hoi An to Hue bike tour that Metta Voyage shares, hoping you will have the best trip. Don’t forget to visit our blog to see more exciting travel experiences.

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