1. Overview

My Son Sanctuary is famous for its beauty and profound cultural value and is among the top 10 most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. My Son is a magnificent, massive architectural work representing culture and Cham people’s souls. Time may have damaged the building somewhat, but its value remains intact. As an invisible link between the past and present, here visitors can freely admire architectural masterpieces and ancient beliefs and learn about the history and flourishing development of the Champa dynasty’s past, as well as discover some fascinating experiences through My Son tour from Da Nang.

If you love historical values and are passionate about discovering architectural and artistic values at the historical site of My Son Holy Land, don’t miss the My Son tour from Danang. With this tour, you can experience a half-day tour or a 1-day tour and depart from Da Nang, which will take visitors on a journey to discover the history and culture of the ancient Champa kingdom. My Son Sanctuary tour is also very popular with domestic and international tourists, attracting thousands of tourists to this place with its majestic and mysterious beauty.

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2. Some details about My Son Sanctuary tourist area

My Son’s relic site is located nearly 68 kilometers from Da Nang city, about 20 kilometers from Tra Kieu (Simhapura capital), and about 42 kilometers west of Hoi An ancient town. My Son Tower is located separately in a valley with a diameter of 2 kilometers, surrounded by majestic mountains. This place owns more than 70 ancient temples from the time of the Champa kingdom, lasting for more than 15 centuries (from the 4th century to the 22nd century).

My Son Sanctuary is the place for worship ceremonies of the Cham Pa dynasty and the tombs of kings and royal relatives. Every time the Champa kings ascended the throne, they chose this place to perform ceremonies and worship. After a period of heavy war destruction, a number of temples collapsed. However, it was later restored to its original appearance. Besides, a number of large and small towers were also added to harmonize with the architecture at that time.

With outstanding historical, cultural, artistic, and architectural values, My Son Tower in Quang Nam was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage on December 4, 1999 (in the Republic of Morocco). According to rankings in Vietnam, My Son Sanctuary was honored on the list of 23 national monuments of special importance.

    • Address: Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province
    • Tel: (+84) 235 3731 309 – (+84) 235 3731 361
  • Ticket price to visit My Son Sanctuary

Foreign guests: 6.16 USD VND/ticket/person

Vietnamese guests: 4.11 USD/ticket/person

3. How to Travel from Dang to My Son Sanctuary

To go from Da Nang to My Son, you can travel by bus, motorbike, or car. You follow Highway 1 to Nam Phuoc town for about 39km, then go west on Road 537 for about 9 km to Tra Kieu. From Tra Kieu, you move about 12 km more to the 3-way intersection, then turn left, follow the signs, and go another 9 km to reach My Son. To reach the My Son Sanctuary heritage site, you need to travel another 5 minutes on the mountain road, then walk along the stone road to get there.

However, if you experience the My Son tour from Da Nang, you do not need to worry about transportation; the tour organizer has already planned the schedule, which includes a car to pick you up from Da Nang city and tickets to visit My Son, eat lunch, have a local tour guide, etc. The journey from Da Nang to My Son Sanctuary has many eye-catching scenes that will make everyone’s journey of discovery more meaningful and attractive. You can experience a tour combining exploring My Son and Hoi An Ancient Town or some famous beaches here, such as Cua Dai, An Bang, which is also an interesting experience.

4.  Explore The Top 8 Best Experiences On The My Son Tour From Da Nang

4.1. Experience traveling on an electric vehicle

The first experience in the My Son tour from Da Nang is that when you arrive at the My Son tourist area, you will experience traveling on an electric vehicle to go inside the relic site. From the ticket gate to the inner area containing the temples and towers, it is not a short distance for those who intend to walk. Therefore, the My Son Quang Nam temple tower area provides a system of 12 electric cars with 4 to 16 seats. The bus takes visitors through a 2-kilometer-long road with winding slopes and tall, winding hills on both sides to reach the relic site.

4.2. Experience the thousand year old road at My Son Sanctuary

A highlight when visiting My Son Sanctuary that tourists should not miss is the thousand-year-old road in My Son Sanctuary. This is the road discovered by Indian experts during the excavation and restoration of this relic. This road is a deep underground road, up to 8 meters wide, on both sides are built two parallel walls, intricately carved with many delicate shapes, and it is worth admiring this beauty. It is known that in the past, this road led straight to the heritage center, where there was a large gate tower used for worshiping kings, royal family members, and noble dignitaries of ancient Champa.

4.3. Visit the mysterious My Son temple tower

My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam is an architectural complex of the Champa people.  Currently, My Son Sanctuary also has more than 32 exquisitely carved temples, with Sanskrit and Cham characters. Characteristics of this type of architecture are carved stone statues, statues of the god Siva, and statues of female dancers dancing in the Champa style. The architecture of My Son Sanctuary is greatly influenced by Hinduism. All temples and towers are made of brick and stone and face east; this is the direction of the rising sun and is considered the place where the gods reside. The special thing is that each temple tower at My Son worships a different king or god. Because of this, each project is considered an important piece of the puzzle for each dynasty of Champa. Coming here, you can not only observe with your eyes but also touch the architectural works to feel the beauty and learn about the history of this temple complex.

4.4. Take pictures with Champa costumes

When mentioning famous virtual living locations in Kinh Ky, it is impossible to ignore My Son Sanctuary. One of the things to remember when traveling to My Son Tower in Quang Nam is taking pictures in the traditional costumes of the Champa kingdom. You rent costumes and can take pictures with the dancers.If you don’t want to, choose clothes that are suitable for the temple area to create more sparkling photos.

4.5. Watch a Cham dance performance

The My Son Sanctuary relic complex is not only unique with architectural features imbued with Champa culture, ancient dances that attract the curiosity of tourists, or cultural imprints that have not been explained until now, but also because of the ancient vestiges of a culture with a long history. Champa art is an intangible activity that is vividly recreated at the My Son temple tower area in order to give viewers a clearer sense of the unique cultural and artistic values of the Champa kingdom. Visitors will enjoy the Apsara Dance with the sound of Paranung drums, Saranai trumpets, and the magical scene of dancers on stage. This dance is currently used to perform in important art programs in Quang Nam province as well as serve tourist groups visiting My Son Sanctuary.

4.6. Explore the Traditional Kate Festival of the Cham People

If you join the My Son tour from Danang in July every year, you will explore the Kate Festival. This is one of the important festivals of the Cham people, an opportunity for the Cham people to remember their ancestors and grandparents and pray for the proliferation of all things. Besides, the Kate Festival is also the crystallization of cultural values in the community life of the Cham people. Participating in the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to explore many traditional rituals of the people here, such as praying for peace, water procession, palanquin procession, etc., and enjoy extremely attractive traditional musical instrument performances.

4.7. Visit the museum at the My Son Sanctuary relic site

My Son Museum is located in the My Son Sanctuary complex next to Khe The stream. Construction started in June 2004 and was completed in March 2005. The museum is home to a collection of artifacts that provide insight into the history and culture of the Champa people, the original inhabitants of the area. This place has a system of stone statues of gods as well as carved patterns in the beliefs of the Champa people. The construction, sculpting, and carving techniques of the Cham people have truly reached their peak; they are meticulously decorated and lifelike, showing respect to the gods.

4.8. Enjoy specialty dishes

To make your trip more complete, on the My Son tour from Da Nang, in addition to the above experiences, you will be taken to local restaurants to enjoy the specialties of Quang Nam land. Quang cuisine with many delicious and unique dishes will will definitely impress you of which the following dishes are most prominent: Quang noodles, Cao Lau, banh dap, banh to, Quang Nam green eel porridge, be thui Cau Mong, Phu Chiem noodles, etc.

5. Some notes when participating in My Son tour from Da Nang

You should book the My Son from Da Nang tour early to avoid running out of tickets and choose reputable travel companies for the tour. 

My Son Sanctuary does not support worshiping or incense-burning activities. Therefore, tourists should avoid these activities. 

You should bring sunscreen, hats, jackets, umbrellas, etc. 

Preparing a pair of sports shoes will also help you move more comfortably when you have to walk a lot. 

Tourists should pay attention when coming to the monument to maintain general hygiene by not littering the sightseeing paths or arbitrarily moving or touching the exhibits. 

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6. Conclusion

Above is to discover the top 8 best experiences on the My Son tour from Da Nang that Metta Voyage shares, and we hope you will have the best trip when you come here. Don’t forget to visit our blog to discover many other exciting travel experiences.

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