Hoi An not only attracts millions of visitors each year with its ancient yellow houses, but also captivates people with its peaceful, clear blue beaches. Join Metta Voyage to discover the top 3 ideal Hoi An beaches for a perfect summer in the section below!

1. Overview about Hoi An beaches

Besides architectural works and folk art activities with rich cultural values, the sea is also a great tourism potential for the city in particular and the province in general. Hoi An Beach stretches for more than 7 kilometers with an important strategic location. The beaches in this area are extremely stunning, which attracts lots of visitors. On renowned travel websites, several beaches are also rated as having Asia’s most picturesque vistas. 

Services near the beach are currently expanding at an increasing rate. It has been expensive to invest in and construct hotels and resorts. Public works projects are additionally licensed for business registration.

After fully admiring the ancient features of the old town, visitors can find the following top 3 most beautiful Hoi An beaches. Surely the sea landscape will bring many new feelings to you.

2. Top 3 Hoi An beaches for a perfect summer

2.1. Hoi An Cua Dai Beach

Address: Cam An ward, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province

2.1.1. Overview of Cua Dai beach

Cua Dai beach is one of the must-see attractions in Hoi An for all tourists and is only around 5 kilometers from the ancient town’s core. This beach is frequently compared to a springtime beauty who is kind, reserved, and extremely lyrical. The beach is very large and is surrounded by a strip of silky, ivory sand, crystal-clear water, undulating waves that reflect the sun during the day and the moonlight at night.

Every moment at Cua Dai beach has its own beauty, making visitors forever remember the peaceful moments when standing in front of the poetic scenery here. If you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An, you should definitely try to visit Cua Dai beach to admire the beautiful scenery here directly.

2.1.2. What to eat when traveling to Cua Dai Hoi An beach?

Not only does the magnificent scenery keep visitors here, but when they come here, they also have to admire the cuisine at Cua Dai beach. Hoi An beach tourists coming here will enjoy famous culinary dishes, specialties such as grilled stingray with lemongrass and turmeric, fried squid with fish sauce, steamed chipotle with lemongrass… Visitors can eat and drink to their heart’s content at very affordable prices.

Some delicious places to eat in Cua Dai that tourists can visit are:

  • Be Nhi seafood restaurant (Address: Au Co Street, Cua Dai beach)
  • Hon Restaurant (Address: Lac Long Quan Beach, Cua Dai Beach)
  • Bao Han Restaurant (Address: No. 17 Cua Dai, Cua Dai beach, Hoi An)

2.2. An Bang Beach Hoi An

  • Address: Cam An ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province

2.2.1. Overview of An Bang beach

An Bang Beach was once ranked among the best 100 beaches in the world by CNN, a renowned American television network, and among the top 20 beaches in Asia by TripAdvisor.com. With widespread coverage, An Bang is even more well-known to foreign visitors, helping to advertise Hoi An beach travel to people throughout the globe.

Among the beaches in Hoi An, An Bang beach is considered a paradise for sea lovers. An Bang beach has a peaceful beauty, highlighted by turquoise sea water stretching as far as the eye can see. The beach is wide for visitors to freely splash around. In addition, the smooth and clean sand beach is an ideal place for visitors to bask in the bright sun. At An Bang beach, there are many bars, restaurants and services to serve tourists. You can sunbathe here or rent skateboards, canoes, handballs… for entertainment.

2.2.2. What to eat when traveling to An Bang beach in Hoi An?

In addition to using the entertainment services here, visitors also do not forget to enjoy the cuisine at An Bang beach. Restaurant services here are also very developed, so it will not be difficult for visitors to find Hoi An specialty dishes.

Some delicious places to eat in An Bang that tourists can visit are:

  • The Deck House Restaurant & Bar (Address: Left side of An Bang Beach, Hoi An)
  • Tra Que Vegetable Village (Address: Cam Ha – Hoi An City – Quang Nam)
  • Shore Club (Address: West end of the beach, An Bang beach, Hoi An city, Quang Nam)

2.3. Ha My Beach

  • Address: Dien Duong ward, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province

2.3.1. Overview of Ha My beach

When talking about Hoi An beaches, perhaps many people do not know about this place compared to famous beaches like An Bang or Cua Dai. However, in return, this place with its wild beauty like a picture of nature has increasingly asserted its position and has gradually attracted a large number of visitors and also a group of  certain loyal tourists.

The beach with the gentle and beautiful name “Ha My“, with the beauty of a gentle teenage girl, was voted by the Telegraph as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia in 2017. The aforementioned significant event signaled a significant shift of this Hoi An beach, and over time, more people became aware of it and began to visit. Swimming in calm, clear blue water in an area that still has its original wildness is perhaps the major and most alluring pastime at Ha My beach.

2.3.2. Some delicious places to eat at Ha My beach that visitors can visit are

If you go to the beach, you definitely cannot miss seafood dishes. And the seafood in Ha My beach is delicious – nutritious – cheap. Every day, local fishermen still set out to sea to catch fish, ensuring that the shrimp, oysters, squid, chips, crabs, mussels, and other seafood available here is always fresh, delectable, and affordably priced. The most well-liked delicacies include steamed egg squid, clam porridge, steamed chipotle with lemongrass, and roasted crab with tamarind.

  • Thu Ha Seafood Restaurant (Address: Ha My Beach, Dien Duong, Dien Ban)
  • Papa Shark Beach Restaurant Hoi An (Address: Ha My beach)
  • Tu and Tuan Seafood Restaurant (Address: Ha My beach)

3. The ideal time to go to Hoi An beach

There are two different seasons in Hoi An’s weather. Typically, the dry season lasts from January to July. At this time of year, the weather is bright with a rather high average temperature. Additionally, the dry season hardly ever experiences storms, heavy rain, or choppy seas, making it ideal for travelers to enjoy Hoi An beaches

However, this is also the time when tourists come to Hoi An most crowded. Sometimes you will encounter crowding on the roads with a stuffy atmosphere. This can affect your mood during your trip. Tourists should avoid going on holidays or weekends to comfortably enjoy the beauty of the sea to the fullest.

4. Some other places to visit in Hoi An

4.1. Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An’s fame is not by accident; those who have visited here must be in awe of the traditional and antiquated beauty of a historic city. Hoi An is unlike any other place in the world because of the rows of yellow-painted houses, the bougainvillea trellises, the alleys lined with street merchants, etc. Tourists should come to the old town to stroll on beautiful streets and experience sitting on a boat releasing flower lanterns on the Hoai River at night. Hoi An ancient town will definitely bring visitors a memorable experience on their journey

  • Address: Minh An ward, Hoi An city 

4.2. Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An – a paradise of fun and entertainment activities, an ideal place for those who love adventure and wish to challenge themselves. This is the intersection of traditional culture and modern, world-class entertainment activities that tourists must visit.

  • Address: Vo Chi Cong Street, Binh Minh, Thang Binh, Quang Nam

4.3. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

When visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village, guests can observe high-end pottery items made by seasoned artisans. Visitors to Gom village have the opportunity to not only see but also take on the challenge of making their own Thanh Ha pottery item.

  • Address: Pham Phan – block 5, Thanh Ha ward, Hoi An city
thanh ha pottery village

5. Conclusion

Above are the top 3 famous Hoi An beaches that tourists should definitely visit when coming to Hoi An ancient town. Although Hoi An is more known for its classic lanterns or beautiful old mossy roofs, if you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the clear blue water of Hoi An beach, it will be a complete and memorable trip. Contact Metta Voyage to update more interesting travel information!

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