The 5 most popular types of yoga in Vietnam that you should try

1. The benefits of yoga are no stranger on the road – we all know that practicing yoga is the training of not only your body but also your mind and soul There are nearly 20 different types of yoga available in the world at the moment, from ancient practices from a long time ago, […]

Yoga Nha Trang Vietnam: Where should I practice?

Yoga is slowly, but steadily becoming a vital part of the modern-day world. If you have a trip to a remote place, it’s always hard to adapt to a different time zone. That’s equally true for our bodies and minds. Surprisingly, Vietnam is one of the most “fitness-friendly” countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is a […]

Yin Yoga Vietnam: Best Guide To Healing Soul

It is quite common for us to practice Yang yoga (Ashtanga, Vinyasa) which mainly aims at nurturing ‘superficial’ muscles. Meanwhile, Yin Yoga Vietnam, another yoga concept first introduced in the late 1970s all over the world and 1990s in Vietnam, focuses on the deep connective tissues of the body. So specifically what is Yin Yoga […]

Topas Ecolodge: Best wellness retreat tours for Yoga Sapa Vietnam

Do you like walking along the yellow terrace or trekking on the highest mountain top of Asia? Or swimming on the warm water pool and doing a yoga retreat in the wild jungle next to the peaceful stream? A yoga Sapa Vietnam can help you to do all of that. Topas Ecolodge with the wellness […]

Yoga retreat Vietnam beaches – Why not?

Worldwide famous for having the most magnificent natural scenery, Vietnam beaches are ideal locations for a yoga retreat. If you are all exhausted and stressed, probably it is time to reconnect yourself by nourishing, restoring and resetting your body, soul and mind – or in short, a yoga retreat. And nothing it’s better than deepening […]

Top 5 centers of yoga in Hanoi Vietnam for foreigners

Top 5 centers of yoga in Hanoi Vietnam Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and leading towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Rather than just being free from illness, wellness is about balancing your physical, mental and social well-being. What better way to do that than yoga? Yoga comes with numerous benefits […]

Why everyone needs a Vietnam yoga detox retreat

There is hardly anyone out there who doesn’t suffer from some kind of anxiety, stress and depression due to today’s bustle lifestyle. There is no better way to heal your mental and physical health by joining a Vietnam yoga detox retreat where you find balance physically, mentally and spiritually. Contrary to the common thought that […]

How yoga saves you from Vietnam’s burning summer

There is no doubt that Vietnam is an amazing destination – beautiful landscape, friendly local, exceptional food. With stunning seashores, massive national parks and excellent service,  a summer vacation in Vietnam is ideal. But the tropical weather of Vietnam can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to deal with the exceeding temperature. Summer […]