Yoga in Hanoi Vietnam: Where Is The Best Place? (Updated 2023)

With the development of society, people’s healthcare needs are increasing. Therefore, the choice of quality health care services is chosen by more people. There are many forms of healthcare today, such as spas, tourism combined with healthcare services, gym exercises, meditation, etc. And yoga is a form of health care today that is known and […]

Life-changing When Experience Yoga In Laos 2023

Laos is a country steeped in Buddhist culture. Many monasteries, sacred buildings, and many temples where devotees go to pray and make offerings. Besides, a huge number of monks and novices in saffron-colored robes characterize the country. Deep Buddhist solidarity among the population is omnipresent in Laos. In Laos, you not only can learn yoga, […]

Yoga North Vietnam: The happiness yoga journey

Vietnam is an amazingly vibrant country, known for its bustling cityscape and tranquil mountains and seas. If you are a yoga lover who is additionally keen on exploring the sights and sounds of Vietnam, you will consider doing a yoga retreat at one of the various places in North Vietnam that have attention on health […]

Top 5 centers of yoga Mui Ne Vietnam for wellness tour

Mui Ne is a beautiful place in Vietnam and very suitable for leisure trips as well as wellness tours. Let’s check out the top 5 centers for yoga Mui Ne Vietnam and why you should choose this place for your next destination. I. Mui Ne, the paradise of leisure travel in Vietnam 1. About Mui […]

The best yoga resorts in Vietnam

Vietnam is home to ancient and spiritual traditions of healing with historical roots that are thousands of years old. Beautiful yoga resort locations from sacred mountain peaks to hidden islands make Vietnam the perfect destination for rest, reflection, and revival. If you are a yoga lover and also want to explore the sights and sounds […]

The 5 most popular types of yoga in Vietnam that you should try

1. The benefits of yoga are no stranger on the road – we all know that practicing yoga is the training of not only your body but also your mind and soul There are nearly 20 different types of yoga available in the world at the moment, from ancient practices from a long time ago, […]

Buddha Yoga Dalat: Things you may not know about mindfulness

Yoga is one of the most common methods to keep your body fit. Many people use yoga to become thinner and more good-looking. However, that’s not all. Practicing yoga when being in mindfulness could bring many more benefits than you expected. Buddha Yoga Dalat can help you achieve it. Let’s find out! Imagine what could […]

Yoga Nha Trang Vietnam: Where should I practice?

Yoga is slowly, but steadily becoming a vital part of the modern-day world. If you have a trip to a remote place, it’s always hard to adapt to a different time zone. That’s equally true for our bodies and minds. Surprisingly, Vietnam is one of the most “fitness-friendly” countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is a […]

The ultimate guide to yoga training Vietnam

The yoga training Vietnam has developed massively for the last few years because of the good benefits that yoga brings. Not only does yoga help build strength and flexibility, reducing muscle pain and magically cure lots of physical health problems, it also connects deeply within your mind by meditation and relieves stress, raising mental awareness […]

Aqua Yoga – A unique workout trend under water

Aqua Yoga – underwater Yoga is different from other normal Yoga exercises in that the principles and movements of Yoga will be applied and practiced in the water environment. Besides, the combination of breathing and relaxing the whole body will bring great results. So what are the benefits that Aqua yoga exercises would bring to […]