There is hardly anyone out there who doesn’t suffer from some kind of anxiety, stress and depression due to today’s bustle lifestyle. There is no better way to heal your mental and physical health by joining a Vietnam yoga detox retreat where you find balance physically, mentally and spiritually.

Contrary to the common thought that only yoga practitioners are interested in yoga retreats, the truth is that everybody needs a yoga detox retreat at a stage of life. And Vietnam is an ideal location for a yoga detox retreat that many have been yearning for. Here’s why.

1. Time for yourself

The differences between a standard vacation and a retreat are huge. It is true that a retreat allows you to enjoy deeper and longer-lasting relaxation. Normal holidays can sometimes be extremely exhausting with all the relatives visiting, excess transportation and unhealthy eating. According to a report of the Wall St Journal in 2013, less than 10% of tourists on normal holidays feel complete relaxation and 58% didn’t gain any stress relief at all.

That is what yoga detox retreat aims to solve. On a yoga detox retreat in Vietnam, you have your personal time to step back, go inwards and let yourself think through. While regular holidays are mostly about activities, a yoga detox retreat focuses on your wellbeing and your well-being only. It is time for you to relax, listen to your inner voice and find out about your own wants and needs.

Vietnam is an ideal location for people who are looking for a yoga detox retreat destination. Imagine letting your mind at peace while floating around the picturesque UNESCO-recognized Halong Bay of Vietnam and immersing yourself in nature. If you are also passionate about “doing” than just simply sitting in one place, you can participate in different exciting outdoor activities such as visiting cultural destinations, squid fishing, exploring Southeast Asian nature, kayaking and swimming at the hideaway beaches of Lan Ha Bay. If you truly want to take good care of yourself, don’t hesitate to join a yoga detox retreat in Vietnam right away.

2. Healing atmosphere 

Yoga alone is wonderful but the surrounding also plays an important part in your practice. A yoga detox retreat encourages you to step away from all pressure and stresses that drain you out. This is the time for you to leave the bustling world behind and just focus on your wellbeing only. It is time for you to refresh, renew, re-inspire and rest. That is why finding a serene location is necessary.

It is not a coincidence that most retreat centers are located on beautiful and/ or sacred land and very often in nature. Vietnam is home to ancient and spiritual healing traditions, however, yoga detox retreat traveling is not too popular in this land. That is why the spirit and purpose of the yoga retreat is well-preserved and not terribly-commercialized in Vietnam. That is the true value of the yoga detox retreat in Vietnam.

Practicing yoga is great for your mind and body, but practicing yoga at sacred settings will amplify your practice so much more. Vietnam is a combination of natural wonders and cultural heritage. Vietnam is a diverse country where you can find modern cities with skyscrapers but there are also peaceful rice terraces of the highlands, the ancient pagodas, sandy beaches and towering limestone islets of Halong Bay. Whatever type of yoga detox retreat you prefer, Vietnam truly has it all. The healing atmosphere of Vietnam makes it a perfect destination for your next yoga detox retreat.

3. Healthy and local food

The best part of a yoga detox retreat in Vietnam is having the chance to eat healthy food prepared by nutrition experts. The healthy meals are not only tasty but it will nourish, nurture and inspire your whole body, mind and spirit. A yoga detox retreat in Vietnam will be the foundation for you to build your meal plans once you return from the trip. Just remember that you are what you eat so be selective while choosing what food to enjoy. After this yoga detox retreat, you will have new ideas and inspirations for your own homemade dishes.

According to the UK travel website The Culture Trip, Vietnamese cuisine has been listed among the top 10 healthiest cuisines in the World. The appetizing taste of Vietnamese food is vibrant, tasty, light and fresh with most dishes using herbs and chili. This is what makes Vietnam the perfect destination for a yoga detox retreat.

Healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Vietnam’s food is dynamic and even surprising. During your yoga detox retreat in Vietnam, you can enjoy the mouthwatering Vietnamese cooking by chefs who have excellent and impressive knowledge and love for organic and healthy food. Cooking classes are also offered in this yoga detox retreat in Vietnam.

4. Stress relief 

The fact is that nowadays most people suffer from stress, depression, low energy and digestive problems. Modern lives are inarguably pressured. As a result, you will easily suffer from stress. This will affect your health negatively through lack of energy, headaches and insomnia. The unbalanced.

A yoga detox retreat is likely to solve your health problems by getting rid of toxins that make up different things including poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. However, this won’t be a worry when you are on a yoga detox retreat in Vietnam because all you need to care about now is yourself.

A yoga detox retreat in Vietnam will ensure to detox all the toxins out of your body to help you feel much lighter, boost your energy levels and create a good sleeping habit. You get to practice yoga with professional yoga trainers, do meditation to discover yourself deeply and fully, enjoy healthy and organic food to cleanse your body and learn more about the outside world.

At the end of a yoga detox retreat in Vietnam, you will gain invaluable insights about your health, diets and detoxing. It will be the foundation for you to cope with stress after getting back from vacation.

5. Experts

There is no vacation like a yoga detox retreat where you are advised by professional doctors, therapists and nutritionists. Your meals, yoga practice and meditation sessions are all designed by experts whose knowledge and experience are credible. A yoga detox retreat often includes initial health consultation so that the experts can tailor a suitable diet and practice for your condition and needs. For the best result, you will need a specific type of detox that fits your body and mind.

And nothing can ensure that better than a yoga detox retreat in Vietnam. A successful yoga detox retreat will assist you to gain clarity, seek the inside truth and even find the answers that you’ve been searching for.

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